3 important reasons to wear a pollution mask

Has it ever occurred to you how fortunate you might be wearing a mask in public? I’m not talking about the metaphorical mask we all wear daily to hide our actual selves, but rather the pollution mask selling like hot cakes in the market. Yes, those white, black and multicoloured masks which enable you to go unnoticed by your friend even when you are standing right in front of their nose!


As Delhi is suffering from the inevitably sickening air quality laden with thick smog, Delhiites have been left with no choice but to comply with the norms of society — trying on a mask and carry on surviving. Coming back to the fun of carrying around the masked look, I’d love to share 3 important reasons for you to put on a pollution mask every time you step out.

  1. Well, of course, it protects your lungs from harmful pollutants and the extremely minute 2.5PM
  2. We often engage in conversation with people on the go, and it’s not always a very pleasant experience to listen to their yap-yap, which inadvertently may produce a couple of yawns, but if you do yawn you’d be labelled rude, and if you don’t yawn right on the face of your communicator, you’d struggle to cover up with awkward hand gestures, and flare your nostrils to breath in as much oxygen your lungs require to bear with the boring content. When wearing a mask which takes care of filtering the polluted air and allowing you to breathe freely and without scary thoughts of choking to death, it also helps you in concealing a big yawn!
  3. I have always had a habit of breaking into smiles and little laughs, for no reason at all, and undoubtedly onlookers may consider me crazy. But believe it or not, the pollution mask which covers almost 75% of your face would bury most of your facial expressions including the sudden and uncontrollable laughs in weird situations, saving you from all the awkward looks.

Even though your lip-colour might get smudged when you laugh or yawn like a hippopotamus, remember how friendly it is otherwise to cover up your expressions.


Infant evolution

There was a time when kids were so naive that you could make them believe in almost anything you said – like my cousin (as a toddler) demanded to know why she wasn’t invited to her parents’ marriage, on watching their marriage video and witnessing a little me running about. It struck her, that if I was there during the marriage why wasn’t she? My uncle’s story seemed very convincing to her – ‘you were so little that I had you in my pocket… Or else it would have been difficult to look for you in the crowd’. Nobody was surprised that she bought it back then.

Innocence and the wide-eyed attention to everything were synonymous to children till some years ago. Now, it’s about competition and recognition from the very early years of life.
We as kids would actually think that the government was a person, maybe the prime minister was nicknamed the government, for the way people used to talk about him/it. ‘The government is not doing this or that’, ‘the government has done this’, ‘the government has taken a bold step’ .. etc. Some even used a distorted nickname – gorment – and they still do. Upon somewhat comprehending the relevance of government, I did try for years to correct people’s diction, but they are just too stubborn to learn something new. Furthermore, the moment some of the uber enthusiastic, and pseudo-intellectual beings mispronounce my name, I lose patience and start to imagine great doom coming their way.

Mom had once been to this theatrical show, where a couple of characters representing the underprivileged of our society had a hearty exchange about gorment!
‘Tumi gorment a dekhiso?’ (Have you seen government?)
‘Ha dekhisi! Mota-shota, shosma pora, kalo gaari kori hoosh kori soli gelo.’ (Oh Yes, I have. He’s a fat spectacled man who swooshed by in a black car)
In contrast to the aforementioned details of naiveness and innocence, now we get to see kids talking about politics (something I’m yet to grasp and argue about in my twenties!). And the baby starts walking just minutes after birth in Brazil! It might not be a very distant future that all babies start walking the way the Brazilian did and went viral on the Internet – a celeb is born(literally). But, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center, babies sometimes take steps when they are upright with their feet on a solid surface, and the reflexive urge to do this generally lasts for about the first two months of their lives. (https://www.romper.com/p/baby-appears-to-walk-after-birth-but-theres-a-medical-explanation-for-it-60933)

The transformation isn’t just happening psychologically but physically as well. It doesn’t seem to be far for us to reach the preconceived evolutionary level that the MTS ad had shown a couple of years ago.

Just the other day, at a cafe I noticed a super-excited selfie freak mom trying to make her baby pose for a selfie with her. The child was just too occupied in looking elsewhere admiring some silly majestic looking ice coffee on the opposite table. When the dad comes, he tries to take a pic of the mom and the baby… Now suddenly the baby decides to bite his mom on the chin, interesting pose, huh!? Upon a brief explanation through sign language and eye gesture, the child looks towards the camera, tilting its head and waits for a second. As soon as he assumes the click of the shutter, he starts to nibble on his mom’s chin again! Such smart babies. They know when to pose, how to invent new angles and set a selfie trend!

This takes me back to our childhood when we looked so lost staring at the camera, we did not know what was happening till we were three or four. And now, the strike of fast-paced evolution gives babies as young as a few months the ability to pose for photoshoots! Not only do they come ingrained with the knowledge of selfies and other important things, but also they get to play with these multi-keyed gadgets – a luxury we were not entitled to! I’m a little jealous.


Mommy matters classified

I don’t call her Mommy, but Maa and she’s often cranky. While sometimes her actions and comments make me roll over laughing. She doesn’t particularly display a very good sense of humour, but when she exhibits one it keeps me delighted for years. I would like to narrate some incidents here:
When I was about ten years, one night while dining, she was accusing me of something I haven’t done or may be something which I had done that had offended her. She was folding the dry clothes and bed sheets standing on the doorway to the bedroom facing the dining table and shouting at me. Obviously I was sitting with a face painted with guilt, trying to be as invisible as much as possible and was wondering when she would shut up. Then a miracle happened, suddenly her accusations turned into fearful screams. It was a flying cockroach that had decided to land on her shoulder and save my night of humiliation! She dropped the accusations and the bed sheet and was rotating and scratching herself, while the screaming continued. My dreaded face suddenly turned into a victorious one, I could sense it, and I was laughing madly. My trauma was over, and it was now her turn to face some amount of embarrassment!
One day, several years ago, mom and I had a controversy over something, (we always have controversial thoughts, our choices never match) and she was so angry that she started to hit me with a very old wooden stick, kept at one corner of the door for reasons unknown to me. She hit me once on the leg and successfully I prevented the blow from harming me, the pressure was shared between my hands and the poor victimized leg of mine. But with the second blow, the stick broke into two pieces! One was in her hand while the other flew out and rested on the floor a couple of meters away. Her expression was priceless. She looked angry, puzzled, bewildered and she paused for a while to think what could be done next. Whenever I think of that face I just can’t resist myself from grinning with pride. Pride over what, I don’t know, because I cannot claim that I am so strong that the wooden stick gave way. But it was due to age, the withering age of the poor stick, little did it know that one day when it was old it would be used as a weapon against the mighty Lahari!
Recently, one day we had decided to sell off the old newspapers and plastic bottles at a store nearby which buy these stuff and send them to factories for recycling. Maa had some knee problems for which she couldn’t walk very fast, or carry heavy things. I had taken out the bags one by one and kept them at the staircase landing. We had to walk down the steps to the road and take a rickshaw. Then I went upstairs to lock the door, when I came back, what I saw :

Maa pulled up one heavy bag from its place and placed it on the first step, she turned to tell me something, and I saw the fat bag glide slowly down, before I could shout out a warning down it went “Dhap… Dhap… Dhap… Dhap…. Dhaasshhh” rhythmically, the bag rolled down and all the papers fell out of it. I didn’t know whether the situation was serious or funny. The falling was definitely funny but Maa’s knee ache was serious and that she had increased the workload by herself was even more serious. Anyways I burst out giggling, and the staircase echoed my giggles and someone downstairs opened the door to find out the cause of the sudden outburst of laughter. Then looking at the fallen bag for a moment she started laughing too. Guess what, it seemed I was waiting for a permission to laugh out even louder, and so I did.
Maa does not like pizzas much, she only tasted pizzas every time I forced her to. Just a few days ago there was some pizza advertisement in the television which said you could get the nicest Pizza there for ‘only’ Rs 50, now of course we know, there were extra added taxes… And Maa muttered while chopping vegetables on the table, “er cheye bhalo ponchas taka chibiye khawa!” (It’s better to chew on a 50 rupee note!)

Walking on the streets is not always a bad idea; you often come across many extraordinary sights worth noting in your memory. While heading back to the metro station from the office I am interning at, today I witnessed some very cute scenes of action. On the wide footpath, dwell a lot of less fortunate people. They sleep, eat and enjoy their simple lives there. There lay a little boy wrapped up in his tattered shawl sleeping, and towards him was approaching an even tinier figure or rather one of the fabled cloth ghosts with its baggy hands up on the air. The boy was suddenly up and looked terrified in his trance, but with the faintest of his presence of conscience he tried to look into the straightened striped clothing towards him intending to scare him. No doubt it was his younger sibling, a very small figure walking, almost strutting blindly towards the little elder brother covered fully in his disguise. The horror in the face of the elder child was worth watching, though I couldn’t catch a glimpse of the younger one’s face, but the intelligence he/she showed was very worthy. You may be rich or you may be poor, but every kid enjoys their share of good time with their siblings. Then again moving ahead in my journey towards the metro, I caught a glimpse of a very small head, with comparatively large eyes, and a very pink pair of open lips in the shape of an ‘O’ which is even smaller than the tip of my finger! The head of this baby was covered with an orange woolen hood, and the baby looked so engrossed in looking at everything, everything its eyes could get hold of! As if it had to scan and experience all visual pleasure with that outing it had on its mother’s arms.
I know these sights are quite obvious and common, but how often do we actually stop by and notice what is around us? Rarely! But sometimes when we do we cherish that decision in the core of our heart and recapitulate that we haven’t become all mechanical, deep down we all fall prey to emotion and very humane.

Having a bad day? Watch out for kids

Journeys in local trains are horrible, no wonder, but if you have some time to spare to look away from the ugly floors, ignore the unwanted gazes, and struggle to make space for balanced stand, you might get to view some outstanding scenes!
Today, unwillingly again like every time I had to take a local train to visit the doctor, and witnessed some memorable sights. Since the train was very crowded we had to fight and get on board. Then getting a place to stand I somehow clung to the hanging holders for support, beside me stood a lady with her husband. She was a bit shorter than me, and could not find any proper grip, so what shall be the best way to get support?? She simply clipped her fingers to her husband’s trousers belt hooks, and pulled the trousers along with him every time the train halted with a jerk!! The sight was quite funny, but something else worsened my mood. A man old enough to be the father of 5 kids of my age was staring at me like a baboon. I was so reminded of a particular social ad in which the girls who get subjected to such unwanted sleazy gaze make the beholder behold their own disgusting face tactfully by mirrors or sunglasses. The first thought I had was to hit him right on his fat nose, but then I decided to apply my cold stare, it worked partly, because these guys are trained and experienced in sleaziness. So at last I gave up all my “goodness” gestured a “f**k off” at him. I so wished to go back and blind him!!
Well, things went well the rest of the day, and while returning we got a nearly empty train compartment there were only about seven women scattered around. The train dragged on to the next station, and a lady got up with her little son. The boy had a small packet of fried peas in one hand and the other was tightly grabbed by his mother. They walked about here and there for a while uncertain where to sit, because all the seats except 3 where empty! They finally occupied two seats facing each other. The boy thought he needed the window to be open, so he swiftly pulled up the glass pane, and as soon as he did this his mother scolded him, and said he might catch cold from the cold wind coming in. So he attempted to shut the pane down, but little Hercules wasn’t as mighty as he thought himself to be, so unfortunately he was not successful in keeping the cold wind from coming in, so they both moved a bit inwards in their seats. Then the boy started chewing the fried peas one by one as if he was keeping count of them! It’s fun to watch the actions of children; he started to imitate his mother. The lady had taken off her sandals and was resting her feet on the other side of the seat, so he took off his shoes too and jumped carefully onto his mother’s side of the seat and tried to lay out his tiny legs and rest the on the other side just like her. But the gap between the two seats was actually larger than the length of his legs so he could not keep balance. Failing at this attempt several times he finally crossed over to his original place. By this time his packet of fried peas were finished, and he needed rest. The best way to rest in an empty train compartment? Lay out flat on the seat and sleep. he supported the head on his little joined hands and laid straight on his back on the seat and stared out of the window with wide open eyes. This position remained unharmed for about….. a few seconds. Then he turned to an arch position it seemed as if he was trying gymnastics while laying down and looked at me, his face upside down and a big yawn occurred to make him change his sleeping position! Then he lifted his left leg on the head rest of the seat and kept his right leg hanging and swinging from the seat! But because of the woolen clothing, his left leg continuously slid down… so he gave up this position and tried something more experimental. Now he put both his legs on the head rest and allowed them to hang onto the back side of the adjoining seat. But suddenly he slipped and was almost about to fall; now his mother calmly told him that if he did not sit properly he would probably fall off the running train. Fearing to fly off from a running train he sat up quickly and gazed out of the window trying to concentrate on the road lights running backwards. It is obvious that a kid will never find interest in dullness; he would rather run around doing nothing than to sit and stare at the darkness outside. He was the perfect example. After some futile sessions of concentration he jumped up on his seat and started spot jumping! Then he climbed onto the top of the headrest and crossed over to the adjoining seat and repeated the process until his mother called him back to discipline. All this exercise made him pull out his red monkey cap. Believe me he was so cute and little, he didn’t even know how to undo a cap. He struggled with the cap from every direction and finally managed to pull it out and develop a deep red colour of frustration on his chubby face. I so enjoyed watching him today that I could not resist myself from writing this experience down.

Innocence can drive off sadness

Children are really a bundle of joy. They can fix your mood anytime anywhere. Be it a human child or a kitten or a puppy, they always provide you immense joy with just an innocent look or act.
One day in the evening while I was returning from college I run onto a friend with whom I chatted away on the road for about 20 minutes. By the end of our long talk, since we were meeting after almost a year due to lost connection, I saw a toddler walking past us with her mom. The lady was talking over the phone most probably; while the little girl was in no mood of walking, she was being dragged on to keep up with her mother’s pace. She looked so cute, about three years of age this little girl was dressed as a garden princess. She wore a red and white polka dots frock and had a beautiful bow round her tiny head. She walked with such bubbly graceful steps that anyone nearby would love to dance along with her down the road. All the way long she was staring at us with such joyfully wide open eyes. Her little head turned with her change of direction as she went past my right to my left, and she was turning back at every step. By then we had finished talking and had to move on to each other’s way. So I turned and walked the way this cutie was walking, and even then she was sweetly staring at me, so I smiled at her and waved my hand at her. Her suppressed smile opened up to a hearty laugh and she waved back at me. She looked back at her mother perhaps for permission to talk to a stranger, but by then I had entered into my apartment and they had walked further away so I could not watch her graceful steps any more. It would not be possible to describe in words the sudden fresh feeling and liveliness I experienced even after the day’s tiredness!
A toothless chuckle from a tiny onlooker can be so much joy. He was sitting on his mother’s lap and playing with a strand of her hair, when I got up the bus and sat beside his mother. He looked up at my face with awe. Then he kept observing me for a while, then again he got busy with chewing his mother’s hair and pulling them. But as soon as the bus stopped at a traffic signal, his discomfort was very much visible. He started moving frantically and tried to get down on the floor, but his mother held him tightly and pulled him back to the seat every time he tried to slide down, suddenly he notice me back. I smile at him; I got back no such greeting from the other side. Then suddenly he put his little fisted hand forward hesitantly and touched my wristwatch which was glistening in the sunlight. Then gathering enough courage he bravely pulled it along with my hand and gave a hearty laugh as the glistening thing came close to his eyes and he could scrutinize it carefully with his large questioning eyes. This smile gave me consent to be friends with him and press his chubby chicks lightly. His smile burst out into a laugh turning his cheeks red like cherries.DSC_0319
Just the day before yesterday, on my way to college I was very late and hence tensed. All my tension just disappeared within a click on seeing a beautiful little yellow striped kitten carefully fiddling with a ball of paper on the pavement. It had a wonderful and pleasing complexion, and had very tiny hair standing at its back and the small tail was straight up in the air, like that of a scorpion. Kittens are so close to immense joy providers. They are soft, cozy and lovely little bundles of happiness. When I see them play together or sleep over one another, I feel as if there’s nothing on earth that can make me sad. How I wish I had my camera along when I was cuddling with the three beautiful kittens on a friend’s terrace yesterday. I so wished to carry them back home with me, even my friend agreed and also offered me his rabbit free with the 3 kittens! They are just so adorable; no one can suppress their desire to keep them. It is a treat for the eye to watch their heads go sideways and up and down when you try to lure them with a woolen ball dropping and rolling it in front of them.
To fill you day with joyful laughs try and get to keep babies or kittens around you!! It would definitely help.

Today all of a sudden I cried a lot, but now I am feeling better. We all take time to understand the rules of life, but once we get to know them we never forget them. Life is not short or boring, life itself has lot to offer you, it is your job to see the right things waiting for you and never let go of an opportunity. Today while I spilt a lot of my precious tears I understood or rather realized it once again that I am in a much happier state than many others, after I watch ‘Lootera’ in the evening. Now it may sound silly to gain wits from a film, but it is very true in my case. I may not have acquired everything I have wanted to but I did get some of my wishes fulfilled. There are many who lead worse lives than me, some do not have homes to live in, some don’t get food to eat, while some get every luxurious thing in life, but the most inexpensive thing which can never be bought, live a life without love. Many of us having all of this whine about not having a dress like our neighbour has, or not having a boyfriend to go out on a date with and such other unimportant things.
What is it if you could not continue your relationship with the man/woman of your dreams? At least you got to experience the love and care he/she gave you, and of course the inexpressible feelings of falling in love, once in life. Think of the souls who never had anybody to love them but just got wasted away their entire life. You definitely live a better life than them.
May be you had expected more from life, but never let go of your faith in yourself, because a shattered love story can never be an end of your life, but it can always be a new beginning. Now, new beginning doesn’t mean that you’ll have another man or woman in your life but it can mean that you start accepting and dealing with life all together in a different way. The wound in your soul is the very instrument that has made you strong and taught you to live a new life.
I might not have got what I thought I deserved, but then I have to accept time and life that way it is. I cannot change the rules of the universe. And I might always have a melancholy memory buried deep in my heart and that may also become fresh at different intervals of time, but I have learnt to live freely and with God’s grace I have successfully divided myself into two beings. One, that is always lost in his thoughts but never lets another soul understand my mind, and the other, which counters every action my one part does. The latter part is the part that the world sees and examines, while the former is the part that is meant only for me to enter into. No one can ever penetrate into this part of me without my permission.
There’s always such two parts in every one of us. We just have to secure one of them with our mental passwords.


Yesterday before leaving my home I was working at the desk, eyes fixed on my computer as usual. Perhaps I was checking some of my recent photographs just then I heard a noise. Mind it I heard a ‘noise’, not a mere sound, I ignored it but the noise continued. I assumed it was a bird perched at the window, that it was, but this little bird was too loud, and attention seeking! As soon as I turned to look at the source of the sound, I discovered a Martin sitting at the window grill, fluttering its tail and squeaking loudly staring intently at me. It seemed as though this tiny bird was out of companionship and wanted me to spend some time sharing my photographs and chatting with him. No sooner than it noticed me looking at it, it simply turned its head sideways as if to ignore me! I found this action quite funny. To test the bird I turned back to my computer screen, and it began squeaking again very loudly. I turned and it looked away, as if it was playing hide and seek with me, only the intensity of the hiding was limited to the eye contact we might make!

Oh goodness what timing! It was so fast, sporty and attentive, that it kept record of the very sudden movement of my head and turned its face away from me in just appropriate time. I tricked it twice and what happiness I got from that little game we shared! I took time in facing the noisy bird, and it seemed impatient and kept on and on squeaking until suddenly I turned towards it and it was caught red handed staring widely at me! And to manage the situation it quickly faced to its left, but then realized that it was a wrong decision and that I could watch it more vividly. So then immediately it rotated it head half way round the window and faced its right. Then this weird surprise game continued for a while until we both lost interest on the uncommonness between us and my little bird and friend for minutes flew away.

To Think is so Tough

Thinking is such a complicated process. I think that what I think I understand, but actually what I think is often not fully understood by me!! Who says some people have simple minds? Mind itself is a very complex matter, well I exactly cannot say it is a matter at least not a feasible matter, for yet no one has come up with the actual location of the human mind, or what it looks like. We might assume it resides in our chest or in our head, but we are not sure, and how can anyone be? When we cannot find out the mere reason of our survival how can we find out such a minute detail of our Psychology- the undefined branch of science? The thought process and the process in which we find out solutions for our problems are not quite clear to us, yet we think that we know ourselves the best. But do we really know so much about our own self?

Once I started to think about a story I have read recently, but thoughts piled upon more thoughts, and heaven knows from where I collected so many thoughts. Thoughts that seem like you have never thought of before, or things of which you have heard but not imagined well enough to prepare mental images of, but still they reside in you and haunt you or disturb you or sometimes even connect you to important links in your general thought process.

Once if you sit quiet and try to search your memory, you’ll see it has much greater capacity than your computer, and just then you’ll recall “After all man had made the computer, so that’s natural”, but it is not. Knowing so much we do not rely on us but on machines, why is that so? Well to that I have no solid answer, (but I guess we are too lazy) because even I am in the process of finding matters related to the heart.

There are things about us that we think no one knows, or cares about. But there are also things that people know about you that you are yourself unaware of. That is why it is said that the human mind is a complicated thing to discuss about..

Suppose you are desperate to come to a solution regarding a matter that has been bothering you for a long time. How would you do that? It is not an easy job to know your mind, and as far as stuff like “Close your eyes to know your choice” are concerned I don’t think they really work. Then what? Why leave it to time? Wouldn’t you like to know and discover yourself more? Ask yourself the questions, what you actually like? Who is that whose speech calms your mind? etc. You will get the answers from within. But this won’t happen in just a click, it will need time, but not immense time. If you want to do something with all your gratitude and strength then you will be successful, and then you will find that which is often in need to the happiest looking people- Happiness Or immense Mental Peace.

Play games with your mind and with your loved ones. Mind it loved ones doesn’t necessarily mean your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be your mother, father, teacher, best friend or anyone whom you trust and rely upon. You should also build yourself up to know them, and what is in their minds about you. Ask them directly, “What do you think, what kind of a person am I?” and make sure you have made yourself strong enough to hear the truth, because if that person realizes that on hearing the truth you can despise him/her or get detached from him/ her, they will never confess. And for you, the honest confession and judgment is more important, so cast aside your ego and indulge into their version of truth. Since truth is never one, it has many versions and perspectives , all can be true or all can be false, it only depends on the person who has perceived it and realized it. That which is true to him may not be true to you, but put yourself in his position to find out. And trust me you will definitely get to understand people and with time also develop a quality of judging them in some little time. Ask yourself questions, and the correct answers to them are always the first answer. Believe me I have tried it several times and my first answer has been the correct one. Remember if you are not happy yourself you can never make others happy, no matter how hard you try you will fail. So I would suggest without failing try and win the game. Start with yourself, be your own doctor (Mental doctor or psychoanalyst, I am not referring to a physician) and mend your mind.

What is it to have a princess for your best friend?

You have her all the time by your side, ready to help you in need, guide you like a sister and enlighten you like a teacher, scold you like a mother and love you without any expectations- that’s called “an ideal Friend” which is of course rare to find. But I guess I have one.

It is not just the help that makes me love her so much but the endless trust and the clean understanding we have on each other. She knows when to stay quiet and when to talk, when to ask and when not to. She knows it all so well. We speak almost at the same time with the same thoughts popping out of our minds, and also we have so many similarities yet surprisingly we have many more dissimilarities which perhaps makes us dig up even more about each other. But that doesn’t count much these days because I have somewhat lost myself in the world of aesthetics, it seems as if I like everything or nothing!!

Back to my best friend, she is called Leima, which in Manipuri translates as “Princess”. It would be an honour to proclaim that the name definitely suits her. Be it in case of beauty or quality ‘she IS a princess’. With her sweet smile, pink cheeks and smooth fluttering hair she’ll surely win your heart, and with her confident look and less but firmly spoken words she’s prove her intelligence. A little chat with her will shatter your believe of “Beauties are brawns”. She is not just beautiful but also holds a dignity which many even in their 40s can’t acquire! Her bounty of knowledge really inspires me, previously I never bothered reading or researching much about news or any other stuff, either I found it boring or I did not have people to talk to about the matter. But with the development of our friendship my quench for information got a boost up, and both of us gathered and shared things which we could not or rather did not share with others. I got to learn things about cricket from her (though I forgot many as I don’t have that love for the game), since she is the best person, I know, to consult regarding cricket. And thanks to her for saving my spoken English, for after I passed out school, I hardly had anyone to talk to in English until we became friends.

Princess is so much like the fabled ‘snow white’. When she’s there you can feel the beauty in the world and enjoy it with mindless laughter and endless talks, but the days she misses college I have that pathetic feeling as if I’m not getting a proper suggestion or I’m missing out some important notes which she would have pointed out to.

That’s not all; this girl is a very talented photographer, precisely one of the best portfolio photographers. I never had very pretty looking pictures of mine until she started clicking me, and what work! Watch her click portraits and you’ll get to know how to make people look beautiful; it’s all in the angles you choose. She is God gifted with those senses.

Like there are virtues there are also some flaws in people. Leima doesn’t have much of the latter, except for her horrifying handwriting, of which we all make fun. But simultaneously she’s the fastest writer in class (though sometimes Princess herself cannot make out her own scriptures). But nothing beats her vocabulary and G.K. No one should dare to mess with her regarding facts; she’ll definitely prove her say. And the way she can wards off unwanted Romeos, my my, what a sight!!

You should wait and watch out for the three legendary words that she uses so often. The way she rolls her eyes and says “Seriously” to support your say, the way she calls someone or something “How Stupid” for not understanding her or something important  and the most funny one when she calls someone an “A**” once she is very angry with that person, is worth watching and I can guarantee you, none other that this lady can carry off these words so well. My love for increased even more today. She accompanied me on a one-and-half hour walk, in our very own City of Joy. Leima your are really a worthy Princess and you are definitely the “best-est” friend i can ever have.

She is not studious but serious; she pays attention in class and scans every information the professor gives and scribbles them down in her copy. She does what she needs to and she’s always to-the-point. I just cannot finish describing her with my little stock-of-words. Like a princess, she has immense capabilities and is gifted with a heart that stands out to all in need and a brain that can store any amount of data! May be I’ll have to think and gather more words to describe her perfectly.526807_539232742787810_1514295093_n