In honour of the torchbearers (Happy Teachers Day!)

‘Your aim in life’ – had been a common topic for essays during school, and how crazy and ambitious our dreams were! With the guidance of our teachers we’d scribble on about how we wanted to be astronauts, scientists, film-stars, engineers, doctors, lawyers… but how many of us did ever want to be a teacher and pass on the bright torch of knowledge? We are made to dream in a certain way, the way sculpted out by our reputed society, which holds high regards to certain professions while looking down upon others. Ironically, the same is taught by our teachers in most cases unknowingly or unwillingly.


Have you ever heard a teacher talk about how noble the profession is? But you would definitely hear doctors, engineers, scientists and the like, preach about the importance of their respective jobs. And how did they become what they are; was it just by hard work and determination? The answer is quite well known to us.

Chemistry could have never won my love and dedication unless for Mrs Krishna Chakraborty, who ordered me to go home for breakfast post my two-hour session, and come back after 30 minutes to resume class on a Saturday morning! She made sure I understood the concept of periodic tables that day starting from 7 in the morning, and I did and did not forget till I finished school and several years after.

Great teachers like her go out of their way to ensure that their students have actually learned the lesson. It can be stated undeniably that we’ve all, at least for once in our lives, been blessed with some such wonderful teachers. They are the living embodiment of the phrase friend, philosopher, and guide.

School girl writing on the board

“I learned that a teacher can be your friend from Mrs Satyaboti Nadkar, my Geography teacher. She was very witty; I used to attend her tuition classes along with an all-girls group, and when some other boys would attend the class and check out the girls, she would set me as an example and tell them to be descent like me!” exclaimed an elated Chandramoy Ghosh, advertising professional.

“Her son was a few years younger than me, but she’d scold us the same way. She was very happy with my results, once they were declared, and so was I when I came to know that she topped the SSC exams and joined a different school as the principal. We are still in touch. She had asked me to introduce my girlfriend to her. I’ll do so, once I have a girlfriend!” added a blushing Chandramoy.


“Gautam Das, my English teacher, was more like a guardian to me. He helped me get over through the toughest times of my life, especially after my mom’s death. He is smart and caring, although sometimes he was pretty strict at times. He is probably the only teacher who ever slapped me!” reminisces Arpan Paul.

It does not matter what subject they teach, or how old they are, the position of a teacher or a guru, one who imparts knowledge, is above all. Every other profession is like a branch of a strong tree, while teaching is the trunk, the foundation of the entire tree, holding everything in place.


Upon asking around, people had various reasons to love and respect their favourite teachers. While some admired their teachers, some build such strong relations with them that even decades after school they are still etched in the memory fresh. “My favourite teacher? Srabasti Ghosh, our Business communications professor, helped me overcome my fears of public speaking. Once, during a seminar, when I had to speak in front of a lot of our industry important heads, she knew I was very nervous. So she kept eye contact throughout the time and kept giving me encouraging nods, and after a minute or so I gained some confidence. Finally, our team stood second,” said Sampurna Das, Support Associate at MyTasker.

Anya Gupta, PR professional says,”I find my Economics teacher during high school, Mr Sachin the most adorable because he was the most patient teacher I ever had. Everybody used to attend his class and get good marks. The way he used to communicate was amazing as he never gave punishments yet had a push factor to keep everybody on track.”


With different methods of teaching, our teachers have over the years created gems in different fields of life. While every day we take the privilege of eating away parts of their lives, today, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary had been assigned for our gurus. Brimming over with pride and joy I wish all the teachers in the world a very happy teacher’s day! If not for them, we would not be who we are now.


(Had it not been for my mother, the earliest teacher I was entrusted upon by the almighty; my adorable Krishma ma’am; our beloved Art teacher Amit sir; our strict Mathematics teacher Parvez sir; energetic and spontaneous sports teacher Rocky sir; my favourite English teachers IC sir and Prabha ma’am, the evergreen fun loving Mathematics teacher Amitabh sir, my Karate instructor Shihan Mir, my supportive and brilliant professors: Jhuma ma’am, Manali ma’am, Debanjan Sir, Reshmi ma’am, Rakesh sir, Ali sir, Sourav sir, and all the everyday teachers I have come across in my humble years forward, I would have been nothing close to what I am today. Cheers!)


Sarahah Sarahah!

No, I don’t have a Sarahah account, therefore don’t even bother thinking of what message you might send me.

Remember the trend that started years ago, of creating confession pages of various fraternities? Well, there would be a page titled ‘So and so confessions group’ and you would get added to it or merely like it for the sheer adrenaline rush for online adventure. People would share their confessions with the admin, who then without naming the person would post the message publicly. In most cases those were messages from the not-so-bold persons who unfortunately could not express his/her feelings to their crush!


A similar apparatus — for the sake of expressing views of introverts, losers, and cowards — has surfaced the internet recently: Doesn’t it remind you of the song ‘Sharara sharara, sharara sharara, sharara sharara, main hu ek shararaa…’ — you can’t miss that if you are a 90’s kid.

Even though the app was launched a few months ago, it has gone viral among Indian users in the past few weeks. The app is dedicated to those who cannot vent out their anger on the right person in the right time. Sarahah enables you to create an account and share it with your friends in social networking sights informing them how they can now abuse you under the protection of anonymity! Then, once these users get trolled, insulted or struck by Cupid’s arrow there, they share those messages asking about the sender. Isn’t it obvious, that if someone had to say things to you in person they would have done that already? It must also be pointed out, that people are not simply using the platform to vent out rage, but also express love. Potential love stories might blossom through it, since many have confessed to loving and missing the user secretly (sounds so 20th century!).

The idea of anonymity hit the road with initial social networking sites where people used weird and funny names to address themselves (I did that as well in Orkut!). It is believed that anonymity enables one to act and behave in an offensive way without caring for consequences. If you have followed the kind of messages people have been receiving you can very well make out that this app is not for the weak hearted. Witnessing the ‘bold’ and ‘just-following-the-trend’ Sarahah users, I have come to the conclusion that losers are having a gala time here, saying all the things they couldn’t have said to the person on the face. And when the ‘bold’ ones receive hateful messages they just go mad coming up with ‘haters gonna hate’ tags! Why did you create the account in the first place then?? Just to see how many likes you get on Facebook? Or, whether you fall under the ‘cool’ category? Probably yes, therefore stop whining if someone hates you, or is inviting you in bed.

Is it a possible avenue for bullying? I believe a major portion of a pie chart would agree to that. Only time would answer that. Recently Indians experienced what kind of danger a mere app can impose on the youth, thanks to the Blue Whale challenge, with over hundred people losing their lives to a strangely created game. And to think games were for fun!

Were the irrelevant and haunting ‘fransip’ messages in Facebook and Instagram not enough to irritate you that you decided to open doors to more cyber stalkers? When people around the world is having a hard time coping up with depression and anxiety, here is an app provoking one’s issues. Only time will bare evidence, if the app is just another passing fad or something that impacts one intensely.

‘lehra ke balkha ke, balkha ke lehra ke

Aag laga ke, dilon ko jala ke, karoon main ishara

Sharara sharara….’

It’s impossible to stop thinking about the song! Share your views about this trend and enlighten me please.


As the money crunched away…

Warning: If you have strong political views do not bother to read this as this article is a product of my creation and has been executed from an angle of sarcasm and humour.
Many have voiced their concern, inconvenience and opinion about the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations throughout the past few weeks. If you are expecting some thorough and indepth analysis of the issue here you better move on, since I am no Economist or Politician nor do I hold ample knowledge on the same to impart to my readers.
What I am going to share here comes straight from my personal experiences of the major step taken by our Prime Minister. There have been some great developments lately in and around the capital:
One of my dear friends, shares a lot in common with me except that he never bothered to learn how to cook. Back in college he’d prefer to eat out in the college canteen or dhabas during lunch until he got a roommate who could cook! Then moving in a new city for work, the guys would often indulge in elaborate cooking spree and celebrate their successful recipes or chopping skills by posting photos online. Getting ‘domesticated’ by nature and time my carefree friend did develop some noteworthy skills, but it wasn’t until the cash crunch that he actually cooked for himself! Oh yes he did. In the absence of an egg-loving roommate and triple digit denominations printed in papers, he learned to be independent.
Now the krrrrrr… sound of the ATM machines sooth our ears like the way one would be relieved to hear the voice of ‘Bae’ after days! People around seem like fishes out of fish tanks, impatiently flapping their hands and lips gesturing and talking about how they had or had not been successful in extracting out cash from ATMs.
With the world being infested with a lot of good-for-nothing souls, people had wasted time and money for unnecessary material and unaccounted for luxury, and have always claimed that ‘money is liquid asset’, hence cannot be restricted from flowing. What now! Would you call it liquid? I’d rather talk about hard-to-get/spend cash that we all earn but fail to spend in the recent times. All thanks to the sudden blow to shopaholics, Indians are now forced to save up for their future, be it your dream car, house or that pretty bag you have been trying to save up for but just could not because of your spendthrift nature. Now you can easily save that large amount and buy whatever you wanted, if only you still have the attachment to all worldly matters; for the kind of people I have in my peers seem to have evolved philosophically as they have detached themselves from worldly pleasures after being struck by demonetisation.
People have indulged themselves into serious discussions as to what effects the country’s economy will have in the future, rather than brooding over whether that ‘girl in the red dress’ is hot or whether that ‘hunk on the cool bike would offer a ride.’ When was the last time you actually had a meaningful conversation with another adult?
But most importantly people have become so trustworthy and reliable on one another that almost everyone knows their colleagues’ or neighbours’ ATM pin! How can there be any other possible way to achieve harmony in the society? Have you not seen clever citizens sneaking into ATMs with 2-3 cards, and to cover up they carry companions to wait with them in the long queues entrusting upon them the prized secrecy of their pin codes.
Passive passerbys have now gained a friendly tone in their voices and also bother to seek information about others’ well-being and what course their lives have taken (to actually find out whether the ATMs near their residence are working!)
One blow of this government policy has brought tremendous care into mankind and set them into such communicative mode – something which thinkers over the years had failed to do. Isn’t it a matter to actually think upon?

Gen-Y retaliates

“Be arrogant with arrogant people; this is the only language they respect, as they confound kindness with weakness.”Paolo Coelho

With another inhuman terrorist attack in Paris in the beginning of November, the united anger in the common people and the governments has risen. While many Indians got reminded of the similar 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008, many think that the world has to face more disrespect and get bombarded due to the loopholes in the national security measures. The Indian sentiments were hurt once again after the black day that killed several innocent people in Mumbai. The condemning of the incident and prayers by various Indian leaders has not done enough to keep the people of the world safe. There have been series of such incidents around the world, where it is always the innocent common people losing their lives and families. The social media went rampant on the issue, with hashtag movements, shameful messages against the attackers and the French tri-colour flag filters on Facebook. Numerous Indians have actively taken part in these movements in shaming the terrorists and letting the sufferers know that they are by their sides. With many strong messages against terrorism from leaders from all over the world, it is for the citizens to watch out for the good times hopefully.

Terrorism is not a religious issue, and neither can any particular religion be labeled as inhuman or anti-social. It is the violence in an individual that is cultivated through certain activities like these. The young generation however does not believe in radically making judgments or speak on matters form an emotional angle. Rather due to certain technological developments people are well informed and have extensive knowledge. On one hand when the world is turning against Muslims and calling names to Islam, there are numerous non-Muslims who believe that a religion is not to be blamed.

“Terrorist attacks do not happen without the participation of some civilians, during the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack, some Indians in high official ranks were involved in helping the terrorists. These traitors are equal to them, even in the Paris attack some French people were involved. Condemning one organization is not the ultimate step, the fraud people who often do not get caught are to be blamed as well”, said a young fashion designer, who wished to remain anonymous.

“Terrorism is an act, one cannot simply call Muslims terrorists. In that way I would say that the world has become an unsafe place for the Muslims, as they are being blamed and attacked for every mass killing. Anybody carrying out illegal activities and killing innocent people is a terrorist, and that person does not represent any particular religion. One cannot only blame some organizations, the French government just bombarded Syria, and they killed so many innocent people as well.  That is not a good deed wither”, said Julfikar Rahaman, 2nd year B.Sc. student,  Barasat College.

It is to see whether the world is heading for an ‘eye for an eye’ society or is there still some sanity and patience in us enough to get things back in shape before it is worse by understanding the cause and effect of events with logic and not being run by emotion.


The Dubious Society

Heinous crimes against women have been carried out since ages, but what has been done about it? Mostly nothing. Some would say women have not been taught to protect herself, but I have a different vision, have the men been taught to not be criminal? Mostly what the society teaches us is that women should ignore ‘such trivial matters! It is a part of life’. If carrying out criminal activities against a nation is termed as terrorism, crime against is women is nothing but a diverse form of terrorism which successfully terrorizes women all over the world and force them to remain submissive or ‘be punished’ on being a rebellion.

The social platform has spread the message from time immemorial that it is women who need to be taught the rules of ethics and manners, and not the values of life and alphabets. But on the contrary, the creators of the social regulations have promoted violence in men and deprived them of emotional understanding and ethics… Form an early age boys are endorsed with toy guns and cars to carry out fake killings and car crashes. They are taught to behave like a brave and strong being, and mock at anyone different, to be a ‘woman’ -one, who is weak physically and mentally, one who can do nothing but cry when in distress, and one who is built to bear all discrimination on the world. In the earlier times, little girls had toys in the form of dolls and kitchen sets, so that they can concentrate in the social category they belong to- cooks and child-producing machines! They were deprived of formal education and were stuffed with innumerable superstitious beliefs so as to prevent them from questioning, analyzing and demanding their rights. Had women been provided with all the necessary information and education from an earlier age, this day might not have arrived. The active most generation today has the future in their hands, they can mould it the way they want, but eventually they will get to taste the results. When parents seek for a male child, they have certain traits pre-recorded in their minds, which they would like to teach to their son, on the other hand when a couple desires for a girl, they have some other traits. The funny part is, hardly anybody bothers to mix up these qualities and create a healthy human being, and not simply their ‘son’ or ‘daughter’. The common expectations – Boys will protect other form being beaten up, secure the family with his income, and never show any mark of sadness! While girls are to be dressed up beautifully and presented as showpieces in the house! They do not get to experience the world through sports and thrills of adventure, rather they will be taught to please others, by cooking and dressing up. And if something goes wrong, they can cry out buckets of tears, to get it solved. Women are always labeled as someone’s somebody. She’s Mr. X’s wife, or daughter or sister. How often have you heard, “Her husband is Mr X”, or “Her father is Mr.Y” or “Her brother is Mr Z”?

Neither men nor women are the sole rulers of the world, both need to survive simultaneously. And in here come the active role of education. Not just mere pedagogic information, but values of life and behavior, physical stability and sex education as well. Women have all the rights to be strong and protective, they do not need bodyguards. Equally enough men do have the rights to express their emotions and worry about their age.

The Majestic Brigade!!

The day started lazy and early today. I had to reach the office before 10 am or else get stuck in the huge endless flow of humans walking the “Brigade”. Though I woke up early the chill of the morning forbade me to get ready and leave fast. So, I had to travel in the rush hour, and the sights form the Metro at every station was a bit threatening. At every station there stood groups of strange looking people, well not really strange, but getting a glimpse of them was enough to understand their purpose of travel. They were heavily clad in woolens and mufflers, carried stuffed bags, and looked extremely excited; and to speak the truth, I found them uncivilized and horrifying! Every time the Metro halted, these people somehow clustered and like magnets stuck to the outer walls of the Metro, and before people could get down they pushed and rushed their way in! In the hustle-bustle many office goers started screaming at them, but they simply ignored these abuses and fought their way into the metro all the while grinning and jumping! Once I was out in the road I started walking fast to avoid the flow of millions of people walking, against this human tide! Thankfully I reached safely. But during the break my Boss asked me to visit the crowd with the others on the road. Initially the idea sounded silly, who goes to see a crowd? But then as I witnessed it, I found it quite interesting.
The road was closed post 10am. And I had already seen huge buses overloaded with people who even sat on the roof, shouting and laughing loudly on their way to the “Brigade”.
I saw groups of people walking, running, sprinting; some very happily, some dutifully and some playing and cooing cheaply at women. One hassled commuter was walking helplessly pushing aside the spacious crowd with a trolley bag. I had pity on the man, the tint of scare in his face indicated that he was about to miss his train to some important destination.
Amongst the supportive Brigade walkers were young and old, men and women, even more surprising was the fact that there were a handful of children as well. A woman carrying a toddler on her back was walking with a fairly quick pace. Huge flags were being waved by the holders; there were numerous banners with various messages which I could not read due to the crowd. Each group had a separation from the other of about a few yards. With the passing by of every group the messages and cheering changed. My ears caught a funny one “Brigade Cholo, Cholo something, Dak Diyeche Mamata”. Later on pondering on the line I discovered it was “Brigade Cholo Janata, Dak Diyeche Mamata.”
There were some people who enjoyed the walk, they playfully hit each other, ran about in circles and joked and laughed. Some of these walkers talked of the political conditions and the chances of the political parties in the Lok Sabha Election.
A hilarious sight was that of the loyal Mukul Roy supporter who wore a mask of Mukul Roy and had cut outs for the eyes and the nose. His large nose stuck out from the mask even though the nose of the mask laid pasted on his own nose. Some said that the strength of the crowd would be as strong as 12 lakhs!!
On my way back I met two friends of mine, Tiyash and Tushar who had gone out to celebrate Tiyash’s birthday, which as she exclaimed was partly ruined by walking the brigade!

T.E.T Massacre

The sudden explosion bombarded in the form of breaking news by 24 Ghanta on Saturday lead the state to rise up in protest against the severe betrayal, they have undergone while giving the Teacher’s Eligibility Test (for the primary teachers). The audio tape which was broadcast on the channel; is now being denied by Suranjana Chakraborty, claiming that the voice that is doing all the partial and messy talks is not hers, but a tampered voice, as said by our honourary Higher Education Minister Bratya Basu! “Interview te k 9 pabe r k 2 pabe seta sampurna amader bepar”(Who gets 9 and who gets 2 in the interview is completely for us to decide); after this outrageous statement which examinee will not feel cheated?
Now in all this scepticism where is the famous lady who opens and never shuts her mouth and goes on and on screaming without any solid content? Where is she, who ran into every incident; be it a fire in the market place, or cases of violence against women or supporting farmers deprived of land by fasting? How did she become so quiet all of a sudden? OR is she losing control on her “DAL”? What happened to the “Shatata-r Pratik” (symbol of honesty), where did all the honesty vaporize to?
They pointed to others at every drop of a hat and blamed them for whatsoever evil happenings around the city, and demanded CBI investigation every now and then; isn’t it unnatural for them to believe one of their friend’s words -of-mouth and ignore what the media has to show with evidence? Did the CBI craze just drop off the brave hearts? Are they scared of the leaks those are finally tearing away the tight shell of their “Ganatantrik dol” (Democratic Party) and not “Dalatantrik” (groupism)? Do these people think that the common men are all fools and illiterate? Or do they consider themselves to be over qualified to deal with the mass at all? How could they even think of betraying the people of their basic human rights and carry on with these cheap poly-tricks without getting caught? Finally when a solid and evident incident was revealed, they are nowhere to be found to comment!