To Think is so Tough

Thinking is such a complicated process. I think that what I think I understand, but actually what I think is often not fully understood by me!! Who says some people have simple minds? Mind itself is a very complex matter, well I exactly cannot say it is a matter at least not a feasible matter, for yet no one has come up with the actual location of the human mind, or what it looks like. We might assume it resides in our chest or in our head, but we are not sure, and how can anyone be? When we cannot find out the mere reason of our survival how can we find out such a minute detail of our Psychology- the undefined branch of science? The thought process and the process in which we find out solutions for our problems are not quite clear to us, yet we think that we know ourselves the best. But do we really know so much about our own self?

Once I started to think about a story I have read recently, but thoughts piled upon more thoughts, and heaven knows from where I collected so many thoughts. Thoughts that seem like you have never thought of before, or things of which you have heard but not imagined well enough to prepare mental images of, but still they reside in you and haunt you or disturb you or sometimes even connect you to important links in your general thought process.

Once if you sit quiet and try to search your memory, you’ll see it has much greater capacity than your computer, and just then you’ll recall “After all man had made the computer, so that’s natural”, but it is not. Knowing so much we do not rely on us but on machines, why is that so? Well to that I have no solid answer, (but I guess we are too lazy) because even I am in the process of finding matters related to the heart.

There are things about us that we think no one knows, or cares about. But there are also things that people know about you that you are yourself unaware of. That is why it is said that the human mind is a complicated thing to discuss about..

Suppose you are desperate to come to a solution regarding a matter that has been bothering you for a long time. How would you do that? It is not an easy job to know your mind, and as far as stuff like “Close your eyes to know your choice” are concerned I don’t think they really work. Then what? Why leave it to time? Wouldn’t you like to know and discover yourself more? Ask yourself the questions, what you actually like? Who is that whose speech calms your mind? etc. You will get the answers from within. But this won’t happen in just a click, it will need time, but not immense time. If you want to do something with all your gratitude and strength then you will be successful, and then you will find that which is often in need to the happiest looking people- Happiness Or immense Mental Peace.

Play games with your mind and with your loved ones. Mind it loved ones doesn’t necessarily mean your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be your mother, father, teacher, best friend or anyone whom you trust and rely upon. You should also build yourself up to know them, and what is in their minds about you. Ask them directly, “What do you think, what kind of a person am I?” and make sure you have made yourself strong enough to hear the truth, because if that person realizes that on hearing the truth you can despise him/her or get detached from him/ her, they will never confess. And for you, the honest confession and judgment is more important, so cast aside your ego and indulge into their version of truth. Since truth is never one, it has many versions and perspectives , all can be true or all can be false, it only depends on the person who has perceived it and realized it. That which is true to him may not be true to you, but put yourself in his position to find out. And trust me you will definitely get to understand people and with time also develop a quality of judging them in some little time. Ask yourself questions, and the correct answers to them are always the first answer. Believe me I have tried it several times and my first answer has been the correct one. Remember if you are not happy yourself you can never make others happy, no matter how hard you try you will fail. So I would suggest without failing try and win the game. Start with yourself, be your own doctor (Mental doctor or psychoanalyst, I am not referring to a physician) and mend your mind.


What is it to have a princess for your best friend?

You have her all the time by your side, ready to help you in need, guide you like a sister and enlighten you like a teacher, scold you like a mother and love you without any expectations- that’s called “an ideal Friend” which is of course rare to find. But I guess I have one.

It is not just the help that makes me love her so much but the endless trust and the clean understanding we have on each other. She knows when to stay quiet and when to talk, when to ask and when not to. She knows it all so well. We speak almost at the same time with the same thoughts popping out of our minds, and also we have so many similarities yet surprisingly we have many more dissimilarities which perhaps makes us dig up even more about each other. But that doesn’t count much these days because I have somewhat lost myself in the world of aesthetics, it seems as if I like everything or nothing!!

Back to my best friend, she is called Leima, which in Manipuri translates as “Princess”. It would be an honour to proclaim that the name definitely suits her. Be it in case of beauty or quality ‘she IS a princess’. With her sweet smile, pink cheeks and smooth fluttering hair she’ll surely win your heart, and with her confident look and less but firmly spoken words she’s prove her intelligence. A little chat with her will shatter your believe of “Beauties are brawns”. She is not just beautiful but also holds a dignity which many even in their 40s can’t acquire! Her bounty of knowledge really inspires me, previously I never bothered reading or researching much about news or any other stuff, either I found it boring or I did not have people to talk to about the matter. But with the development of our friendship my quench for information got a boost up, and both of us gathered and shared things which we could not or rather did not share with others. I got to learn things about cricket from her (though I forgot many as I don’t have that love for the game), since she is the best person, I know, to consult regarding cricket. And thanks to her for saving my spoken English, for after I passed out school, I hardly had anyone to talk to in English until we became friends.

Princess is so much like the fabled ‘snow white’. When she’s there you can feel the beauty in the world and enjoy it with mindless laughter and endless talks, but the days she misses college I have that pathetic feeling as if I’m not getting a proper suggestion or I’m missing out some important notes which she would have pointed out to.

That’s not all; this girl is a very talented photographer, precisely one of the best portfolio photographers. I never had very pretty looking pictures of mine until she started clicking me, and what work! Watch her click portraits and you’ll get to know how to make people look beautiful; it’s all in the angles you choose. She is God gifted with those senses.

Like there are virtues there are also some flaws in people. Leima doesn’t have much of the latter, except for her horrifying handwriting, of which we all make fun. But simultaneously she’s the fastest writer in class (though sometimes Princess herself cannot make out her own scriptures). But nothing beats her vocabulary and G.K. No one should dare to mess with her regarding facts; she’ll definitely prove her say. And the way she can wards off unwanted Romeos, my my, what a sight!!

You should wait and watch out for the three legendary words that she uses so often. The way she rolls her eyes and says “Seriously” to support your say, the way she calls someone or something “How Stupid” for not understanding her or something important  and the most funny one when she calls someone an “A**” once she is very angry with that person, is worth watching and I can guarantee you, none other that this lady can carry off these words so well. My love for increased even more today. She accompanied me on a one-and-half hour walk, in our very own City of Joy. Leima your are really a worthy Princess and you are definitely the “best-est” friend i can ever have.

She is not studious but serious; she pays attention in class and scans every information the professor gives and scribbles them down in her copy. She does what she needs to and she’s always to-the-point. I just cannot finish describing her with my little stock-of-words. Like a princess, she has immense capabilities and is gifted with a heart that stands out to all in need and a brain that can store any amount of data! May be I’ll have to think and gather more words to describe her perfectly.526807_539232742787810_1514295093_n

Atonement – To compensate your mistake?

Though the film ‘Atonement’ release in 2007, but I only got to watch it today, and what a wonderful work of art! Credit goes to both the author of the book and the director of the film, Ian McEwan and Joe Wright respectably.  The story deals with the wrong assumption of a teenager, Briony Tallis, for which her beloved elder sister’s life gets spoilt. This guilt made her live through out, she did try to atone for her errors, but it was too late, she lost love and happiness from her life and her sister’s. The story is based in the 1930’s, and concentrate on the psyche of a teenager, who is seldom trusted and is ignored by the boy she falls for, which eventually leads her to take life in a different way, and the victims of her grave mistake-Cecilia and Robbie.

Mistakes once made leave a mark, especially when your loved ones are affectedatonement. And that mark can never be scrubbed off you, however hard you try. It just stays and eats you up from within. The actors have no wonder done a great job. Keira Knightly who played Cecilia as usual was amazing, Robbie played by James McAvoy was a character full with emotion and suffering, and the little roles that Venessa Redgrave and Romola Garai played were so wonderfully presented that you might get torn up from within by watching the girl regret her deeds. Since emotion was of major importance in this film, all the actors had given their best to bring out the character and facial expressions.

The music was stupendous, it is probably the first time I have heard the use of typewriting sounds in music. It was obviously beautiful and also went well with the scenes. The use of frequent flashbacks worked well, thought the beginning of the film was a bit confusing it picked up pace with time, and the end delivers to you a pang of guilt and remorse, from the part of Briony.

Do watch this film to understand the emotions of people. It is not obvious that one who does something does it to harm you, but often they themselves die out of pain they have given to others by one little mistake. Human Psyche is a very complicated issue; it is quite difficult to judge one’s decision on a given matter, though it is also difficult to assume things just by seeing them. There is no ‘correct assumption’ or ‘Truth’ or ‘Right’. Truth is just how people define it, and right is based on perception. What may seem right to one may seem wrong to another. So judging someone or jumping to conclusions is a defect in the human behavior, but we do so, we do such things very often, without knowing how many are left affected by our decisions and quick assumptions.

Freedom at stake

Yesterday, while dining at a city restaurant, something constantly pricked my eyes- the sight of some fancy fishes jailed in a tiny aquarium. They had outgrown the space and the little pond was over populated, it was very clear that they required more space to live. All of them gathered on the top and mid level of the water body, since the lower portion was occupied with prickly plastic plants used to beautify the aquarium and give the inhabitants a false impression of their natural habitat. There were about 10 fishes in there; some were too large for that size of the aquarium. One of the inmates, which was somewhat triangular in shape was so scared that it just remained stagnant at its place, and was just flipping its tiny tail and breathing occasionally to keep floating. But none dared to go to the lower water level, because the artificial fiber plants would tear off their skin from their bodies, and so all of them struggled to fit into the minimum space an organism may have to live in.round-aquarium-962x1193

One of them constantly wandered about one area trying to hit against the glass and find a way to escape. Once or twice another fancy fish’s tail glided over its head and distracted it from its current motive, but then again it was back to breaking free. The eyes looked so troubled and horrified, that I desperately wanted to carry these fishes to a large pond where they can live and swim freely and happily. But I guess a part of me that is highly influenced by human civilization lessons, have suppressed my desire to help the weaker ones in need and release them in their appropriate environment. While the other part wanted to scream and point out the flaws of the so called “the most civilized creation of God”, in keeping innocent prisoners at confined space to fulfill their idea of beauty. If beauty is of such importance then why not encourage Eco-tourism and watch real marine life enjoy in real habitation? Why this made up scenario that kills the living from within and makes them live life as a living dead?

It may sound of trifle importance to many, but try to put yourself in the position of those imprisoned lives and think. Would you feel like living in such confined space, gasping for air of freedom? Or would you stare out in the distance waiting for your food to come, whose surety is often under question mark; and then fight for it with your inmates with most of whom you don’t know how to converse? How would life seem to you if you were separated from your family, your clan, your root, and ripped off into a tank of unknown water with unknown species? Even the oxygen bubbles are artificially monitored to give you the least of living expectant, ‘Air’.

People may love to take care of pets, but that number is very less, most of us do so because we have had a friend or an acquaintance having a tank full of pretty mariners. But doing something for the sake of doing is not what the educated society is expected of; rather they should feel for the situation and take care of what they should actually do. It won’t be a big deal if you don’t have a pet, that is not a necessity in life, but if you have one either try to understand the psyche of your pet of let it go, but do not torture or ignore it.

5 Must Watch Black & White Films

It is quite often thought that black & white films are boring or not fit for watching, but the truth is there are several such films which will simply awe you and prove your assumption wrong. Do watch these  films mentioned below and reply me on my advice.

It’s a wonderful life

This film is not watched on Christmas for nothing, it is the beautiful message that resides in it for which people love it from the beginning to the end. This film focuses on the life of a man who is about to commit suicide and is stopped by another man who claims to be his guardian angel!! With several examples and reasons for him to live this angel makes him give up his hasty decision. It is a film that can raise your confidence level from zero to at least nine out of ten!! If you are a disturbed soul and you have a habit of blaming yourself for every bad thing happening around and if you cannot say “no” then please watch this film and get to know about yourself. Never underestimate yourself or think of your own self as an unimportant one. Because you never know how much you have been important to others…. After all it is a beautiful film.


A film by Alfred Hitchcock, though doesn’t need much of an introduction, it is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen yet. It is must watch for you if you are a suspense thriller lover. This film will keep you glued till the end. And the Macguffin techniques of Hitchcock is surely best displayed here to confuse the audience.

Citizen Kane (1941)

This was the first and the last film of Orson Welles that made him famous. It is said that this film has a lot in common with his personal life. This film has all the required materials for a masterpiece, though at that time it was a very controversial film. It is based on the life of a yellow journalist, who shoots to fame and lives life to the fullest, but gradually along with fame he looses his family as well. Throughout the film an investigation resides, on his last word- “Rosebud”. Watch this entertaining film till the end without fail to find out the result of the investigation and you’ll be surprised how a simple truth get buried under heavy thoughts and complicated mindsets.

400 Blows (1959)

A French drama directed by François Truffaut and starring Jean-Pierre Léaud, Albert Rémy, and Claire Maurier. This film will give you a vivid idea of the injustices of the treatment of juvenile offenders in France at the time. The realism portrayed here is not very well accepted by all. The harsh truth and suffering of the adolescent was absolutely done justice to in the film and the last scene injects a feeling of compassion and sorrow for the boy in the minds of the viewers…

The Bicycle Thieves (1948)

Vittorio de Sica’s classic “Ladri di Biciclette”, or Bicycle Thieves has always been in the list of must watch films, not because of the study of poverty in post-war Rome but also because of the unique way of portraying something so common yet outstanding. It is a Neorealist film, which generally has stories set amongst the poor and working class, difficult economical and moral conditions and reflections of the changes in the Italian psyche and defeat, poverty, and desperation in their lives of the common people with the use of non-professional actors. This film tells the story of a poor man, Antonio searching the streets of Rome for his stolen bicycle, without which he will loose his job.

That which changed the history of India

Madras Café is a film high on intellect, realism, political drama, betrayal  and bloodshed. It has been directed by Soojit Sircar, and has John Abraham as its lead while Nargis Fakhri plays the role of a war correspondent. The film starts with the complicated situation of the Tamils in Sri Lanka back in the late 80s, when, to settle matters with the Sri Lankan government, (Rajiv Gandhi) the then Prime Minister of India signed a peace treaty with the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. John plays the character of an army general whois sent to Sri Lanka to manipulate and settle matters with the LTF Group (LTTE – the actual group) of the Tamils who were fighting for the rights of their people in Sri Lanka and bring about peace. But things turn sour there due to leak of information from the Indian officials and bring about fresh troubles in his life. He gets blamed for the mishaps and is sent back to country. But his suspicion pricks him and the more deep he goes to solve out the problem the more entwined he gets. This film shows in detail, how due to the conspiracy and greediness of certain officials, the whole country suffer. The murder of the ex-PM was inevitable, but the numerous attempts of the loyal officials to save him are worth watching. The first half may seem a bit confusing but the second half of the film is really gripping and will keep you glued to your seat.


The cinematography has been great, the portrayal of the beautiful Sri Lankan landscapes and beaches of Kerala and Jaffna and the shots of the devastated war affected areas are worth a million dollars. Some of the dialogues have been very real to what the news had reported about the happenings between the Indian government and the LTTE back in the late 80s. A thorough research has been done by the director to make things look very real and true. Look-alikes of the important characters were made to play the roles and the actors have given it a good try.

Watching a political conspiracy well portrayed gives a different feeling. Well, Madras Café did part of the job, but it wasn’t as good as I had expected. It could have definitely been better, had there been Shah Rukh Khan or Farhan Akhtar in place of John Abraham. Emotions were not properly portrayed, though John’s acting has improved from his previous films. Nargis Fakhri proves to be more comfortable with English than the disaster she made in Rockstar! Watching this film you may get to know about the concealed clean works of the business tycoons who aim the developing countries and bring about doom in the countries’ future just to increase their yearly income by creating political and civil unrest! We have often blamed the western world for many a loss suffered by our country, but if one investigates deep one may find very little fault with the government of those countries, rather the so called important business related persons, about whom people have very little knowledge head such devastation… After all, the largest conspiracy and assassination in the history of India that made the country loose its good young Prime Minister has been brought out well by Soojit Sircar. You would surely love to sit throughout the film and absorb the beautifully provided information and cinematography. If you are interested in the political history of different nations you would get well connected with film and do some research on the Indian political history to understand and feel connected with this specific piece of art.