Innocence can drive off sadness

Children are really a bundle of joy. They can fix your mood anytime anywhere. Be it a human child or a kitten or a puppy, they always provide you immense joy with just an innocent look or act.
One day in the evening while I was returning from college I run onto a friend with whom I chatted away on the road for about 20 minutes. By the end of our long talk, since we were meeting after almost a year due to lost connection, I saw a toddler walking past us with her mom. The lady was talking over the phone most probably; while the little girl was in no mood of walking, she was being dragged on to keep up with her mother’s pace. She looked so cute, about three years of age this little girl was dressed as a garden princess. She wore a red and white polka dots frock and had a beautiful bow round her tiny head. She walked with such bubbly graceful steps that anyone nearby would love to dance along with her down the road. All the way long she was staring at us with such joyfully wide open eyes. Her little head turned with her change of direction as she went past my right to my left, and she was turning back at every step. By then we had finished talking and had to move on to each other’s way. So I turned and walked the way this cutie was walking, and even then she was sweetly staring at me, so I smiled at her and waved my hand at her. Her suppressed smile opened up to a hearty laugh and she waved back at me. She looked back at her mother perhaps for permission to talk to a stranger, but by then I had entered into my apartment and they had walked further away so I could not watch her graceful steps any more. It would not be possible to describe in words the sudden fresh feeling and liveliness I experienced even after the day’s tiredness!
A toothless chuckle from a tiny onlooker can be so much joy. He was sitting on his mother’s lap and playing with a strand of her hair, when I got up the bus and sat beside his mother. He looked up at my face with awe. Then he kept observing me for a while, then again he got busy with chewing his mother’s hair and pulling them. But as soon as the bus stopped at a traffic signal, his discomfort was very much visible. He started moving frantically and tried to get down on the floor, but his mother held him tightly and pulled him back to the seat every time he tried to slide down, suddenly he notice me back. I smile at him; I got back no such greeting from the other side. Then suddenly he put his little fisted hand forward hesitantly and touched my wristwatch which was glistening in the sunlight. Then gathering enough courage he bravely pulled it along with my hand and gave a hearty laugh as the glistening thing came close to his eyes and he could scrutinize it carefully with his large questioning eyes. This smile gave me consent to be friends with him and press his chubby chicks lightly. His smile burst out into a laugh turning his cheeks red like cherries.DSC_0319
Just the day before yesterday, on my way to college I was very late and hence tensed. All my tension just disappeared within a click on seeing a beautiful little yellow striped kitten carefully fiddling with a ball of paper on the pavement. It had a wonderful and pleasing complexion, and had very tiny hair standing at its back and the small tail was straight up in the air, like that of a scorpion. Kittens are so close to immense joy providers. They are soft, cozy and lovely little bundles of happiness. When I see them play together or sleep over one another, I feel as if there’s nothing on earth that can make me sad. How I wish I had my camera along when I was cuddling with the three beautiful kittens on a friend’s terrace yesterday. I so wished to carry them back home with me, even my friend agreed and also offered me his rabbit free with the 3 kittens! They are just so adorable; no one can suppress their desire to keep them. It is a treat for the eye to watch their heads go sideways and up and down when you try to lure them with a woolen ball dropping and rolling it in front of them.
To fill you day with joyful laughs try and get to keep babies or kittens around you!! It would definitely help.


2 comments on “Innocence can drive off sadness

  1. agree on the fact about KITTENS and CATS… being a lover of the species myself… i wish i had a leopard or direwolf as a pet… 😀 but then.. happiness is…… clicking pics 🙂


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