What is it to have a princess for your best friend?

You have her all the time by your side, ready to help you in need, guide you like a sister and enlighten you like a teacher, scold you like a mother and love you without any expectations- that’s called “an ideal Friend” which is of course rare to find. But I guess I have one.

It is not just the help that makes me love her so much but the endless trust and the clean understanding we have on each other. She knows when to stay quiet and when to talk, when to ask and when not to. She knows it all so well. We speak almost at the same time with the same thoughts popping out of our minds, and also we have so many similarities yet surprisingly we have many more dissimilarities which perhaps makes us dig up even more about each other. But that doesn’t count much these days because I have somewhat lost myself in the world of aesthetics, it seems as if I like everything or nothing!!

Back to my best friend, she is called Leima, which in Manipuri translates as “Princess”. It would be an honour to proclaim that the name definitely suits her. Be it in case of beauty or quality ‘she IS a princess’. With her sweet smile, pink cheeks and smooth fluttering hair she’ll surely win your heart, and with her confident look and less but firmly spoken words she’s prove her intelligence. A little chat with her will shatter your believe of “Beauties are brawns”. She is not just beautiful but also holds a dignity which many even in their 40s can’t acquire! Her bounty of knowledge really inspires me, previously I never bothered reading or researching much about news or any other stuff, either I found it boring or I did not have people to talk to about the matter. But with the development of our friendship my quench for information got a boost up, and both of us gathered and shared things which we could not or rather did not share with others. I got to learn things about cricket from her (though I forgot many as I don’t have that love for the game), since she is the best person, I know, to consult regarding cricket. And thanks to her for saving my spoken English, for after I passed out school, I hardly had anyone to talk to in English until we became friends.

Princess is so much like the fabled ‘snow white’. When she’s there you can feel the beauty in the world and enjoy it with mindless laughter and endless talks, but the days she misses college I have that pathetic feeling as if I’m not getting a proper suggestion or I’m missing out some important notes which she would have pointed out to.

That’s not all; this girl is a very talented photographer, precisely one of the best portfolio photographers. I never had very pretty looking pictures of mine until she started clicking me, and what work! Watch her click portraits and you’ll get to know how to make people look beautiful; it’s all in the angles you choose. She is God gifted with those senses.

Like there are virtues there are also some flaws in people. Leima doesn’t have much of the latter, except for her horrifying handwriting, of which we all make fun. But simultaneously she’s the fastest writer in class (though sometimes Princess herself cannot make out her own scriptures). But nothing beats her vocabulary and G.K. No one should dare to mess with her regarding facts; she’ll definitely prove her say. And the way she can wards off unwanted Romeos, my my, what a sight!!

You should wait and watch out for the three legendary words that she uses so often. The way she rolls her eyes and says “Seriously” to support your say, the way she calls someone or something “How Stupid” for not understanding her or something important  and the most funny one when she calls someone an “A**” once she is very angry with that person, is worth watching and I can guarantee you, none other that this lady can carry off these words so well. My love for increased even more today. She accompanied me on a one-and-half hour walk, in our very own City of Joy. Leima your are really a worthy Princess and you are definitely the “best-est” friend i can ever have.

She is not studious but serious; she pays attention in class and scans every information the professor gives and scribbles them down in her copy. She does what she needs to and she’s always to-the-point. I just cannot finish describing her with my little stock-of-words. Like a princess, she has immense capabilities and is gifted with a heart that stands out to all in need and a brain that can store any amount of data! May be I’ll have to think and gather more words to describe her perfectly.526807_539232742787810_1514295093_n


5 comments on “What is it to have a princess for your best friend?

  1. wow…. this is well done…. nothing feels better to give a tribute to you’re best friend… it makes you and you’re friend feel special…. and also shows how much you both mean to each other.. 🙂


  2. I can’t describe how much of what all you wrote means to me. The fact that I have been given such an honour is beyond belief ^_^ But I guess It takes one to know one! You are such an amazing friend, no wonder you always see the good in others 🙂 P.S. : the handwriting part was really funny 😛 And yes, it’s shocking how I can’t read my own handwriting sometimes 😛 😀


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