The quandary of copy-pasting!

Who ever invented this procedure, must have received tons of respect, admiration and appreciation. But with this great boon to lazy-bugs, along came the trouble of pasting the copied text in the wrong places!

Usually I am not lazy, but when I am, I shall be happy to declare myself the queen of laziness! I am an extremist, not in terms of politics, but in terms of my attributes. When active, absolutely head-on with work, on the other hand once my energy level drops, it becomes close to zero.

Just the other day, while popularizing my blog article and dropping by the chat boxes in Facebook, I had accidentally pasted a sentence from my article and responsibly shocked the hell out of one of my former bosses! I had copied the link to share on some friends’ walls, that’s what I recalled, but heaven knows when I had copied that particular sentence demanding equality for women in the society! With the sudden radical statement popping up in his chat box, my boss responded immediately with a “What has happened?” That’s when I discovered that I had pasted the wrong statement! To manage the situation smartly, I declared that it was a just trailer to my blog post, and the actual link followed by my explanation to save the day.

The evils of copy-pasting have not only affected me but also millions of other quick-freaks. It is more than common to copy ‘good morning’ in Whatsapp and paste it in the chat boxes of all your near and dear ones. And what followed by once, was a hilarious incident with a foreign friend of mine. I was cheerfully forwarding a funny Hindi joke to all my contacts, without realizing the social and linguist barriers, and dutifully bombarded him with a very long ‘meaningless message’ as he termed it. The poor guy tried to decipher the meaning of the joke for hours via Google translator and got back to me with some laughing smilies two days later! Of course I doubted his understanding, but the laborious attempt to decode the language really made me happy. It seemed people do care for me after all.

And then they had to come up with Plagarism! No matter what you write, the websites call it plagiarized! Now you neither get to copy nor paste anything for your assignments. Even then I do so, in a smart way!

Let that be a mystery, till then be happy and have a lovely week ahead!


The Dubious Society

Heinous crimes against women have been carried out since ages, but what has been done about it? Mostly nothing. Some would say women have not been taught to protect herself, but I have a different vision, have the men been taught to not be criminal? Mostly what the society teaches us is that women should ignore ‘such trivial matters! It is a part of life’. If carrying out criminal activities against a nation is termed as terrorism, crime against is women is nothing but a diverse form of terrorism which successfully terrorizes women all over the world and force them to remain submissive or ‘be punished’ on being a rebellion.

The social platform has spread the message from time immemorial that it is women who need to be taught the rules of ethics and manners, and not the values of life and alphabets. But on the contrary, the creators of the social regulations have promoted violence in men and deprived them of emotional understanding and ethics… Form an early age boys are endorsed with toy guns and cars to carry out fake killings and car crashes. They are taught to behave like a brave and strong being, and mock at anyone different, to be a ‘woman’ -one, who is weak physically and mentally, one who can do nothing but cry when in distress, and one who is built to bear all discrimination on the world. In the earlier times, little girls had toys in the form of dolls and kitchen sets, so that they can concentrate in the social category they belong to- cooks and child-producing machines! They were deprived of formal education and were stuffed with innumerable superstitious beliefs so as to prevent them from questioning, analyzing and demanding their rights. Had women been provided with all the necessary information and education from an earlier age, this day might not have arrived. The active most generation today has the future in their hands, they can mould it the way they want, but eventually they will get to taste the results. When parents seek for a male child, they have certain traits pre-recorded in their minds, which they would like to teach to their son, on the other hand when a couple desires for a girl, they have some other traits. The funny part is, hardly anybody bothers to mix up these qualities and create a healthy human being, and not simply their ‘son’ or ‘daughter’. The common expectations – Boys will protect other form being beaten up, secure the family with his income, and never show any mark of sadness! While girls are to be dressed up beautifully and presented as showpieces in the house! They do not get to experience the world through sports and thrills of adventure, rather they will be taught to please others, by cooking and dressing up. And if something goes wrong, they can cry out buckets of tears, to get it solved. Women are always labeled as someone’s somebody. She’s Mr. X’s wife, or daughter or sister. How often have you heard, “Her husband is Mr X”, or “Her father is Mr.Y” or “Her brother is Mr Z”?

Neither men nor women are the sole rulers of the world, both need to survive simultaneously. And in here come the active role of education. Not just mere pedagogic information, but values of life and behavior, physical stability and sex education as well. Women have all the rights to be strong and protective, they do not need bodyguards. Equally enough men do have the rights to express their emotions and worry about their age.