The quandary of copy-pasting!

Who ever invented this procedure, must have received tons of respect, admiration and appreciation. But with this great boon to lazy-bugs, along came the trouble of pasting the copied text in the wrong places!

Usually I am not lazy, but when I am, I shall be happy to declare myself the queen of laziness! I am an extremist, not in terms of politics, but in terms of my attributes. When active, absolutely head-on with work, on the other hand once my energy level drops, it becomes close to zero.

Just the other day, while popularizing my blog article and dropping by the chat boxes in Facebook, I had accidentally pasted a sentence from my article and responsibly shocked the hell out of one of my former bosses! I had copied the link to share on some friends’ walls, that’s what I recalled, but heaven knows when I had copied that particular sentence demanding equality for women in the society! With the sudden radical statement popping up in his chat box, my boss responded immediately with a “What has happened?” That’s when I discovered that I had pasted the wrong statement! To manage the situation smartly, I declared that it was a just trailer to my blog post, and the actual link followed by my explanation to save the day.

The evils of copy-pasting have not only affected me but also millions of other quick-freaks. It is more than common to copy ‘good morning’ in Whatsapp and paste it in the chat boxes of all your near and dear ones. And what followed by once, was a hilarious incident with a foreign friend of mine. I was cheerfully forwarding a funny Hindi joke to all my contacts, without realizing the social and linguist barriers, and dutifully bombarded him with a very long ‘meaningless message’ as he termed it. The poor guy tried to decipher the meaning of the joke for hours via Google translator and got back to me with some laughing smilies two days later! Of course I doubted his understanding, but the laborious attempt to decode the language really made me happy. It seemed people do care for me after all.

And then they had to come up with Plagarism! No matter what you write, the websites call it plagiarized! Now you neither get to copy nor paste anything for your assignments. Even then I do so, in a smart way!

Let that be a mystery, till then be happy and have a lovely week ahead!


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