In honour of the torchbearers (Happy Teachers Day!)

‘Your aim in life’ – had been a common topic for essays during school, and how crazy and ambitious our dreams were! With the guidance of our teachers we’d scribble on about how we wanted to be astronauts, scientists, film-stars, engineers, doctors, lawyers… but how many of us did ever want to be a teacher and pass on the bright torch of knowledge? We are made to dream in a certain way, the way sculpted out by our reputed society, which holds high regards to certain professions while looking down upon others. Ironically, the same is taught by our teachers in most cases unknowingly or unwillingly.


Have you ever heard a teacher talk about how noble the profession is? But you would definitely hear doctors, engineers, scientists and the like, preach about the importance of their respective jobs. And how did they become what they are; was it just by hard work and determination? The answer is quite well known to us.

Chemistry could have never won my love and dedication unless for Mrs Krishna Chakraborty, who ordered me to go home for breakfast post my two-hour session, and come back after 30 minutes to resume class on a Saturday morning! She made sure I understood the concept of periodic tables that day starting from 7 in the morning, and I did and did not forget till I finished school and several years after.

Great teachers like her go out of their way to ensure that their students have actually learned the lesson. It can be stated undeniably that we’ve all, at least for once in our lives, been blessed with some such wonderful teachers. They are the living embodiment of the phrase friend, philosopher, and guide.

School girl writing on the board

“I learned that a teacher can be your friend from Mrs Satyaboti Nadkar, my Geography teacher. She was very witty; I used to attend her tuition classes along with an all-girls group, and when some other boys would attend the class and check out the girls, she would set me as an example and tell them to be descent like me!” exclaimed an elated Chandramoy Ghosh, advertising professional.

“Her son was a few years younger than me, but she’d scold us the same way. She was very happy with my results, once they were declared, and so was I when I came to know that she topped the SSC exams and joined a different school as the principal. We are still in touch. She had asked me to introduce my girlfriend to her. I’ll do so, once I have a girlfriend!” added a blushing Chandramoy.


“Gautam Das, my English teacher, was more like a guardian to me. He helped me get over through the toughest times of my life, especially after my mom’s death. He is smart and caring, although sometimes he was pretty strict at times. He is probably the only teacher who ever slapped me!” reminisces Arpan Paul.

It does not matter what subject they teach, or how old they are, the position of a teacher or a guru, one who imparts knowledge, is above all. Every other profession is like a branch of a strong tree, while teaching is the trunk, the foundation of the entire tree, holding everything in place.


Upon asking around, people had various reasons to love and respect their favourite teachers. While some admired their teachers, some build such strong relations with them that even decades after school they are still etched in the memory fresh. “My favourite teacher? Srabasti Ghosh, our Business communications professor, helped me overcome my fears of public speaking. Once, during a seminar, when I had to speak in front of a lot of our industry important heads, she knew I was very nervous. So she kept eye contact throughout the time and kept giving me encouraging nods, and after a minute or so I gained some confidence. Finally, our team stood second,” said Sampurna Das, Support Associate at MyTasker.

Anya Gupta, PR professional says,”I find my Economics teacher during high school, Mr Sachin the most adorable because he was the most patient teacher I ever had. Everybody used to attend his class and get good marks. The way he used to communicate was amazing as he never gave punishments yet had a push factor to keep everybody on track.”


With different methods of teaching, our teachers have over the years created gems in different fields of life. While every day we take the privilege of eating away parts of their lives, today, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary had been assigned for our gurus. Brimming over with pride and joy I wish all the teachers in the world a very happy teacher’s day! If not for them, we would not be who we are now.


(Had it not been for my mother, the earliest teacher I was entrusted upon by the almighty; my adorable Krishma ma’am; our beloved Art teacher Amit sir; our strict Mathematics teacher Parvez sir; energetic and spontaneous sports teacher Rocky sir; my favourite English teachers IC sir and Prabha ma’am, the evergreen fun loving Mathematics teacher Amitabh sir, my Karate instructor Shihan Mir, my supportive and brilliant professors: Jhuma ma’am, Manali ma’am, Debanjan Sir, Reshmi ma’am, Rakesh sir, Ali sir, Sourav sir, and all the everyday teachers I have come across in my humble years forward, I would have been nothing close to what I am today. Cheers!)


Infant evolution

There was a time when kids were so naive that you could make them believe in almost anything you said – like my cousin (as a toddler) demanded to know why she wasn’t invited to her parents’ marriage, on watching their marriage video and witnessing a little me running about. It struck her, that if I was there during the marriage why wasn’t she? My uncle’s story seemed very convincing to her – ‘you were so little that I had you in my pocket… Or else it would have been difficult to look for you in the crowd’. Nobody was surprised that she bought it back then.

Innocence and the wide-eyed attention to everything were synonymous to children till some years ago. Now, it’s about competition and recognition from the very early years of life.
We as kids would actually think that the government was a person, maybe the prime minister was nicknamed the government, for the way people used to talk about him/it. ‘The government is not doing this or that’, ‘the government has done this’, ‘the government has taken a bold step’ .. etc. Some even used a distorted nickname – gorment – and they still do. Upon somewhat comprehending the relevance of government, I did try for years to correct people’s diction, but they are just too stubborn to learn something new. Furthermore, the moment some of the uber enthusiastic, and pseudo-intellectual beings mispronounce my name, I lose patience and start to imagine great doom coming their way.

Mom had once been to this theatrical show, where a couple of characters representing the underprivileged of our society had a hearty exchange about gorment!
‘Tumi gorment a dekhiso?’ (Have you seen government?)
‘Ha dekhisi! Mota-shota, shosma pora, kalo gaari kori hoosh kori soli gelo.’ (Oh Yes, I have. He’s a fat spectacled man who swooshed by in a black car)
In contrast to the aforementioned details of naiveness and innocence, now we get to see kids talking about politics (something I’m yet to grasp and argue about in my twenties!). And the baby starts walking just minutes after birth in Brazil! It might not be a very distant future that all babies start walking the way the Brazilian did and went viral on the Internet – a celeb is born(literally). But, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center, babies sometimes take steps when they are upright with their feet on a solid surface, and the reflexive urge to do this generally lasts for about the first two months of their lives. (

The transformation isn’t just happening psychologically but physically as well. It doesn’t seem to be far for us to reach the preconceived evolutionary level that the MTS ad had shown a couple of years ago.

Just the other day, at a cafe I noticed a super-excited selfie freak mom trying to make her baby pose for a selfie with her. The child was just too occupied in looking elsewhere admiring some silly majestic looking ice coffee on the opposite table. When the dad comes, he tries to take a pic of the mom and the baby… Now suddenly the baby decides to bite his mom on the chin, interesting pose, huh!? Upon a brief explanation through sign language and eye gesture, the child looks towards the camera, tilting its head and waits for a second. As soon as he assumes the click of the shutter, he starts to nibble on his mom’s chin again! Such smart babies. They know when to pose, how to invent new angles and set a selfie trend!

This takes me back to our childhood when we looked so lost staring at the camera, we did not know what was happening till we were three or four. And now, the strike of fast-paced evolution gives babies as young as a few months the ability to pose for photoshoots! Not only do they come ingrained with the knowledge of selfies and other important things, but also they get to play with these multi-keyed gadgets – a luxury we were not entitled to! I’m a little jealous.


Our Uncle

He always woke up in time, served all the meals in time, never took leaves, stayed away from home for months and yet he earned only seven thousand. We called him ‘Uncle’, as if that was his name. Even on his birthday, some girls who had time to prepare a colourful birthday card for him wrote ‘Many many happy returns of the day Uncle’. I never cared to know his name and neither did anybody else in the hostel I presume.

Uncle never called me Lahari, he always addressed me as ‘Jyotsna’. I have not been quite fond of that name as I associated it with one of our house maids back when I was a child. It was sort of a demotion in rank… Rank of what you ask? Well, I could not come up with an answer either…

But the way he yelled out after 10 in the morning, ‘Arree Jyotsna, khana nahi khayegi kya?’ made me feel loved and I gradually started to like the name. I had asked Uncle a few times, “Mera naam to Lahari hai, aap mujhe Jyotsna kyu bulate ho?” (Why do you call me Jyotsna, when my name is Lahari?). But I never got a clear answer. He would just smile and say, “Hum to tujhe Jyotsna hi bulayenge.” Maybe he has a daughter called Jyostna, and I remind him of her…

Uncle hailed from the eastern part of Bihar and knew some Bengali. He would often try to converse with me in Bangla, especially if I made a face at the not-so-delicious-looking-dinner. He’d ask, “Toh tumko kya laga, hum aj muri-ghonto banayenge?” (So did you expect me to cook muri ghonto {a fish preparation} for you?) Being a fond non-vegetarian, the vegetarian dishes served thrice a day often took a toll on my mood, so sometimes I’d stuff my tummy with some chicken outside and skip dinner at the hostel. Uncle, a staunch vegetarian, would come to enquire why I had not stepped into the dining area yet, and on knowing about my fetish for chicken he’d say, “Ha, tumko to wu bahar ka khana hi pasand ayega, hum jo yahan mach bhaja aur chicken nahi banate…” (Why would you like anything I cook, you are so fond of chicken and fish from the restaurants)

Due to some illogical rules, we were not allowed to bring any non-vegetarian item into the hostel premises, and I followed that rule until the last night spent there. When I was almost done packing, I went to get my dinner, but Uncle winked at me and said, “Tu room me ja, thori der baad bulata hu” (Go to your room, I’ll call you after some time). I knew that he was up to something, but I leaped up in joy when hearing a loud knock at my door I opened it to let in the aroma of brilliant chicken butter masala! He handed me a plateful of steamed rice and a big bowl full of chicken (enough for two). He broke the rules to treat me. That was the sweetest gesture I had ever received.

There had been several other perks of owning a room by the kitchen. Uncle would at times prepare special items in less quantity and call some of his favourite hostelites to treat them secretly. I’ve had the luck to taste a very delicious kheer, spicy dish of green jackfruit and some pasta. Being on his list of favourites I also had the privilege of going in late and getting the best of parathas for breakfast (not that I was fond of parathas, but the simple gesture was enough to show that he cared).

I never bothered to buy aluminium foil to wrap my lunch even though Uncle had asked me a few times to buy one roll and keep it in the kitchen so that he can pack my lunch in them. But one fine day onwards I started to get my parathas wrapped in the shining foil!
I don’t know whether “Thank you” is a phrase good enough to acknowledge the gratitude, but I thanked him every time yet a feeling of dissatisfaction remained. He does not need our thank you’s; all the others like him, they do not need our Western formality, neither do they desire money. Paying someone of Uncle’s level would rather be a sheer insult to the person, what they actually need is us to remember them and love them back, something I eventually failed in, trying to be good at the many other ‘important things’ in life.

I bought some sweetmeats for the staff the day I was leaving the hostel and handed the box over to Uncle authorising him to distribute them to all. His face lit up in a very unique way, something I had never witnessed before. He almost welled up as he opened the box, and with teary eyes, he took out the first sweet and forcefully fed me happily. Maybe nobody ever gifted him a box of sweets…

He would often call me over the phone and ask how I have been doing, and then say, “Tu hume bhul jayegi Jyotsna, par hum tumhe nahi bhule. Kitni ladkiya ayi aur chali gayi, par pata nahi kyun tu yaad reh gayi…” (You might forget me Jyotsna, but I won’t. So many girls have come and gone, but I don’t know why I still remember you) Not knowing what to say in return, I’d try to console him by saying that I had been busy with work and therefore could not call him sooner. I remember the last time we spoke over the phone when I was too tied up with work. On receiving the call after a quick chat I told him that I’d call back when I get time. I managed time and remembered to call him back in a week or two, but a female voice on the other end of the line said, “The number you have called is out of service.” And I had not heard from him since. I failed to show him the respect and love that he so deserved.

I do not know whether he lost or changed his phone, or left the city, but I have not had the courage or will to enquire about him to the warden in the fear of receiving a bad news. I hope that he’s back in Bihar living with his family, his daughter Jyotsna.

Products of the Bong Echo-system!

‘Aww ji tussi bong ho?!’ is something that I receive from unbelieving faces smiling at me. ‘Ki khobor?, Kemon achi! Ami bhat khabe! Ami byangla bolte pari! mishteee doi’ and so on it goes as the excited conversationalists try to put to use their knowledge of Bangla.

It is not a bad feeling, as it brings on free amusement and often unnecessarily triggers a smile from within me (I do not quite know whether I smile at the honest mistakes or the pompous know-it-all fails!). Bengali is definitely a language too mishti (sweet) to the ear and instantly reminds one of all things related to food and culture. Bengali or Bangla is synonymous to Mishti doi, rasogolla, dal-bhat, laal-par sada saree (white saree with a red border, traditionally worn on festivals), Rabindra-sangeet, poems, theatre and most importantly films – where else do you think all the stalwarts of the golden period of Indian Cinema had come from?

Yet another wondrous part of the world’s sweetest language (according to popular belief) is the repeated use of phonetically similar words to soothe the ear. Bangla byakaran (Bengali Grammar) calls it ‘shabdadwito’ –

Khabar-dabar, Jekhane-sekhane, Khochor-mochor awaz, habi-jabi, mota-shota, aaje-baaje kotha etc. (The list’s neverending!)

The language also hosts some irreplaceable words like nyakay and dhong to symbolise intolerance towards certain aspects of human behaviour! If someone is smarter than you, or proves you wrong in an argument, you often use the phrase “Beshi beshi…” followed by “…ekdum, jottoh sob nyakami!

Even after all the not-so-welcoming attitude, there’s some sugary taste to every bong’s nature. It can be like a multi-layered candy with certain layers of bitterness and acidity coating on the sweet solid core. They are genetically programmed to be sweet, (well, eventually government jobs and old age owes to the crankiness of many). Sweetness runs in the genes, in some scary but hysterically funny phrases and name calling –

Naughty kids would often get away with a light dushtumi korona threat on the other hand if you have slightly strict elders a little mischief could land you into the world of apes – “Din din bandor hoye jachhe, ekta kotha shone na…” Or “Onek bandrami hoyeche, ebar porte bosho.” That’s how my mother would address me for being naughty, while some of my friends and cousins also had other members of the animal kingdom in store to be compared to!

While the world is talking of globalisation and thinking of venturing into other solar systems, many Bengalis still find solace in hot debates concerning the age-old Ghoti-Bangal, East Bengal – Mohun Bagan, Ilish(Hilsa) – Chingri(prawn) clash. And you thought they were progressive! There might be progress in other fields of life, but when it comes to debates nobody knows how to shout better than a Bengali (even without logic)!

There’s a common perception among Bengalis that they are universally late! I considered that true to every edge watching my peers and myself until I landed up in Delhi – where every event starts an hour late! Being a bong, I was in a dilemma, whether to feel proud to be on time or to feel disgraced on breaking the tradition.

Even though Bengalis are rumoured to be too loud, jhogrute (quarrelsome) and experts in PNPC (it is not an abbreviation that everyone would know, it stands for ‘paro ninda paro chorcha’ – a common colloquial phrase used among Bangla speakers to term ‘gossip’) and very active in politics; there are many breaking free from the stereotype, setting new examples to the world that Bangla is not just synonymous to Mach–bhat or rasogolla.

Some men may break into uncalled for extempores and debates on the political scenario of the country and there can never be leaving a problem unsolved, or lack of a topic to ponder upon, just by smoking, as they say, buddhir goraye dhonwa dewa!

The extensive practice we have of breaking into Bangla with a fellow bangali, often causes discomfort to the others around, but honestly, we don’t do it purposely. The overjoyed souls just seem to chuck out others in the frame on getting an opportunity to express their love for the language in common.

Being a product of this society, I can also vouch for the sinfully infectious laughs we have – some sound like a machine gun in a war while some can laugh out loud enough to bring the house down with their open-mouthed “HAHAHAHAHA.”

A word of advice: The next time you greet a Bengali, be prepared to be blown away either by words or by laughter!!

Ever felt like destroying the world?

The thought of creation is so overpowering that the idea of destruction had often appalled me, and so have the stories related to gods and goddesses of destruction.

“Why would anyone want to destroy anything in the world? The world is such a beautiful place,” I thought. But unfortunately the world is not such a rosy place, rather I’d say the people populating the world are not as beautiful as I had always seen them to be. Whether I am to blame my vision or the innocence and inexperience of tender is debatable.

Being nice to everybody around had been the main motto in life. “If you are nice to them they will be nice to you,” I thought. Hell no! In reality, if you are nice to them they start taking advantage of you believing you can never raise your voice or take a stand. But guess what, a barking dog can be stopped – either bark back and confuse the animal or throw a stone hurting it and run for your life. Either way, you’ll succeed at shutting its mouth up. (I’ve never heard of a desperate man losing a race to a dog, and I’ve never seen a dog barking while running).

Women are considered to be creative beings for their abilities to give birth, be compassionate and a hundred more qualities. Then again some of the scariest stories of violence and destruction also get created by women. Goddess Kali, Durga, Chhinnamasta are but a few reminders.

The point of the above description is to remind people to avoid proximity (physical and verbal) from a lady when she is angry –  she has the ability to rip you off with mere words or even those hands which have seemed too soft, like she can tear a piece of paper into a hundred shards and scatter them at your face. Similarly, I do possess this exact potential, but I choose not to scare people off. I am still the same person inside – the girl who loves all beautiful things even though they are sad – but sometimes creeps just creep into my system and spread the virus of hatred.

I do not know how many of you have come across teachers who’d get frustrated at the hooliganism put forward by primary school children and say, “I’ll throw you out of my class… if you do such and such things again…. or if you talk again…” Back then, I actually pictured the teacher throwing them out of the classroom like the way someone would throw balls of waste-paper into a bin! But I could never catch a glimpse of that action since the chided students would leave the room voluntarily – some happily, some with tears rolling down their eyes.

Now, there are times when I ‘literally’ feel like picking people up and throwing them out of the window. If only I had been stronger and taller… Actually, it is a lot easier if you can just do it in your mind, it’ll save all the hard work. (Since winter makes us lazy unwilling to work out). Like I had mentioned in one of my previous posts – the joys of being a writer, you can kill people in your story – stab them, push them off the cliff or the Niagra falls, feed them to a dinosaur – just get over with negativity. When you come face to face with that character you’d killed in your story, just pass through it like it is coloured air.

‘Ignore’… and you shall have silence.

With Silence comes Peace, with Peace comes Freedom, with Freedom comes Silence – it is an eternal cycle, way beyond many souls’ understanding, but for the ones who know it I can already see them smiling at the screen.

Now I’m happy and can sleep peacefully. 🙂

Love happens…

Love is everywhere on Earth, you just need to recognize the correct time and form to find it. Love is not a mere kiss or a bouquet of roses, rather it is a feeling- A feeling that will reside deep within your mind forever and ever. Love never gets old, and neither does love give birth to jealousy.

People often venture out in search for Love, but dear ones, that’s not something you should search for. Let Love find you, all you need to do is search yourself! Lovers cannot be hooked up by agents and neither can Love be bought with money. The beautiful emotion within one invites Love to their life and lives forever. Love may not be remembered by everyone the way Mahabharata or Ramayana or Iliad is remembered but it will be there, every moment to enhance the lives around.

Love is the beauty residing in the heart of a little girl, and that poor orphan’s fetish for the motherly lady kissing her son. And Love resides in the eyes of that mediocre girl who might never be able to express it but will continue loving the guy for ages. When the young man cries for the loss of his lady love, hiding his face, he may be shocked to find Love alive in him once again when he sees a little baby smiling at him.  Love is not just a girl-boy holding hands and singing in the rain! There’s a lot more in that little four lettered word.

Happiness may be just another synonym for love, or may be a part of the whole. Love is not confined to a certain boundary, be it social, political or sexual. Love is blind and ageless and recognizes no gender. Feelings have neither colour nor shape, they travel ubiquitously. There is more to life than making love or kissing. Explore the world through others’ eyes and travel when you are able and strong. You’ll find Love in every corner of the world. You only need the Eyes to feel and believe. Love the soul, the rest would not matter in the course of time. Love is not about pleasing or impressing someone, it is about pleasing your soul and making that someone smile. Originally you need to Love yourself, before wondering or crying over not having a lover. One who is self contended is more capable of being loved, if you cannot Love yourself, do not except to be loved by another.

Any individual who finds himself/herself in a state of isolation does so owing to certain tangible situations, and that individual solitariness is merely a phase, one leading to a climax, and is never a universal human plight. Hence do not ever go hunting for Love because you have nothing else to do and are suffering from loneliness! Love is also a State of Mind, just like fear, it does not matter whether the other person is feeling the same way, what matters is- Are you feeling strong enough what you are feeling?

Her Sky

She was melancholic, tired and done with weeping
She wept night after night to everyone’s oblivion
None but one, heard the cries, felt her sorrows
It was Sky who loved her without her perceptions
It was Sky who understood her without a word being spoken
When the world was blind to her tears and deaf to her mourns
It was Sky who bore her scars every evening
Showing them to the world, but they called it “the canvas of nature”
He turned red in anger and in grief of her,
But they said “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight”
Sky wept for her, every now and then to share her grief,
But they danced in his tears and kissed each other not knowing of His and her grief.
The day she discovered his admiration for her, She fell in love again
This time with more love and less pain,
He was trustworthy, strong and loving
All that she desired of having
Days ahead appeared sunny, and never was she seen with a red nose running
She felt divine with him, She could feel his presence 24X7
She kept smiling all the time, lost in his devotion
She was graceful once again, yet they called her with a different name
When they found her smiling at nothing but a brick
They proudly declared her Schizophrenic!

– Lahari Basu

The Burning Sky

The Burning Sky

Some ways to Achieve a Beautiful Life

What do we mean by ‘Beautiful’? Is there any proper definition for ‘Beauty’? No, because beauty is subjective and cannot be described perfectly in words. How can you ever manage to give words to your feelings, though some may say that it is possible through extensive vocabulary, I would say, there are not enough words to barricade your feelings. They always brim over. Beauty arises from such emotions and perceptions while to some beauty may be labeled in brands!
Since I have an extra liking for colours, brightness, softness and minuteness of things, I generally get attracted to kittens, flowers and butterflies. You might have a fascination for grandness you might like banyan trees, tigers or even elephants. There’s nothing to be ashamed of your choice, for it is always beautiful to you like a baby is beautiful even to a blind mother.
One should not underestimate his/her self or desire or choices but have endless hope in their potential. If you succeed in this, believe me you will be enjoying life in a beautiful way. (This sense of beauty is definitely universal.)
Some steps towards a beautiful life:-
• Always value a gift from others, no matter how cheap or meaningless it may be to you, but rather think of the love wrapped warmly in those gifts. At the end of the day, love matters not money, because you won’t sleep with money.
• Paint your heart out; don’t bother on the judgments, if you love your painting it is worth looking at for ages. (I have been to several art exhibitions, I could hardly decipher the relevance or even the object that has been painted, but I have often fallen in love with some of those unknown eloquent pieces.)
• Never underestimate anyone, remember “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” This is not Philosophy but Physics- the Third Law of Motion. So people who always hunt for scientific angle to sayings and beliefs, must follow it in life.
• Don’t fondle your anger, vent it out, then and there, or (if you are not brave enough) vent it out in front of the mirror. Watch your expressions and within minutes after completing the process you will feel relieved and calm. Sleep on that.
• Don’t follow fashion blindly, just because your friends are into it. If you love wearing high heels and manage it well, go ahead with your choice, you don’t need to wear those horribly thins soled sandals. Even though you are tall you can carry out your desire smartly and effectively shake off the confidence of many roadside- Romeos, with the added inches to your height!
• Indulge yourself into creation, and renew your chemistry with yourself. Create anything and everything. Your creations can find form in poem, essay, music, film, art, clothing, shoes, gardening and many more. Always try something new, as goes the old saying reduce, reuse and recycle, you can always abide by them to awe yourself and the rest by your inventions. Just a few days ago I saw an article online where the author has laid out steps to make coasters from old calendar photographs.
• Gift people and bring a smile to their faces. Believe me; your happiness will double, seeing their happy lips curving beautifully.
And finally laugh and smile several times in a day. Somehow it makes you energetic.
I follow these rules set by me; it does help a lot. Though life is not always beautiful, but in times of great misery, these are the techniques that actually keep me up and make me see the end of it.

A Tiny Note for Young Lovers

When do you come to know that you have fallen in love? I mean really in Love? Not when you think “She’s mine” or “She belongs to me”. But when you feel from within that you belong to her, with all your strength, love and being you surrender to her. Love is not about feeling possessive about someone. People are not things, that if you are possessive about them, no one will snatch it from you. Love is when you know that whatever happens she’ll be there for you and vice- versa. Love happens when you discover yourself smiling for nothing but for something you don’t know of right at that time. DSC_0937
Love at first sight is crap, I personally do not believe in this concept, but trust me; Love at no sight is definitely possible! You do no need to look out for a handsome face, but once your mind starts getting pulled towards another, and you are left helplessly gasping for more of the other mind, that is when you fall in LOVE. Falling in love is not a necessity, but once you do, it is hard to get over it… The effect might be something like a hangover!
Well there’s no need to fall in love at all, rather I shall say Rise in Love. Or else time comes when people start complaining and cursing each other for ruining their lives! There’s no hurry, take your time; what if you are alone this Valentine’s day, there are several who are “committed” yet they suffer from the disease of non-commitment in various ways. Let’s not get into all the mushy and cheesy details of daily complains we all hear while waiting in a queue, or over the desk at office, when “lovers” or rather fighters loudly complain and accuse each other. So I say my friends, first love yourself, and it is not obvious to fall in love with a human. You can definitely love your pet, your books, your garden, your room and may be even your wardrobe! Love is pure, no matter whom or what you love; don’t expect to be loved back the same way, because everyone has their own way of Loving.
If not anything else love your friends, like I do- I love Leima, Devoja, Dj, Indy, Monalisa, Sananya, Ankita sooooo much… There are many more, but presently I am deeply in love with them. Others please don’t Riot, I definitely Love you all, but yes of course, timing matters!