Some ways to Achieve a Beautiful Life

What do we mean by ‘Beautiful’? Is there any proper definition for ‘Beauty’? No, because beauty is subjective and cannot be described perfectly in words. How can you ever manage to give words to your feelings, though some may say that it is possible through extensive vocabulary, I would say, there are not enough words to barricade your feelings. They always brim over. Beauty arises from such emotions and perceptions while to some beauty may be labeled in brands!
Since I have an extra liking for colours, brightness, softness and minuteness of things, I generally get attracted to kittens, flowers and butterflies. You might have a fascination for grandness you might like banyan trees, tigers or even elephants. There’s nothing to be ashamed of your choice, for it is always beautiful to you like a baby is beautiful even to a blind mother.
One should not underestimate his/her self or desire or choices but have endless hope in their potential. If you succeed in this, believe me you will be enjoying life in a beautiful way. (This sense of beauty is definitely universal.)
Some steps towards a beautiful life:-
• Always value a gift from others, no matter how cheap or meaningless it may be to you, but rather think of the love wrapped warmly in those gifts. At the end of the day, love matters not money, because you won’t sleep with money.
• Paint your heart out; don’t bother on the judgments, if you love your painting it is worth looking at for ages. (I have been to several art exhibitions, I could hardly decipher the relevance or even the object that has been painted, but I have often fallen in love with some of those unknown eloquent pieces.)
• Never underestimate anyone, remember “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” This is not Philosophy but Physics- the Third Law of Motion. So people who always hunt for scientific angle to sayings and beliefs, must follow it in life.
• Don’t fondle your anger, vent it out, then and there, or (if you are not brave enough) vent it out in front of the mirror. Watch your expressions and within minutes after completing the process you will feel relieved and calm. Sleep on that.
• Don’t follow fashion blindly, just because your friends are into it. If you love wearing high heels and manage it well, go ahead with your choice, you don’t need to wear those horribly thins soled sandals. Even though you are tall you can carry out your desire smartly and effectively shake off the confidence of many roadside- Romeos, with the added inches to your height!
• Indulge yourself into creation, and renew your chemistry with yourself. Create anything and everything. Your creations can find form in poem, essay, music, film, art, clothing, shoes, gardening and many more. Always try something new, as goes the old saying reduce, reuse and recycle, you can always abide by them to awe yourself and the rest by your inventions. Just a few days ago I saw an article online where the author has laid out steps to make coasters from old calendar photographs.
• Gift people and bring a smile to their faces. Believe me; your happiness will double, seeing their happy lips curving beautifully.
And finally laugh and smile several times in a day. Somehow it makes you energetic.
I follow these rules set by me; it does help a lot. Though life is not always beautiful, but in times of great misery, these are the techniques that actually keep me up and make me see the end of it.


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