A Tiny Note for Young Lovers

When do you come to know that you have fallen in love? I mean really in Love? Not when you think “She’s mine” or “She belongs to me”. But when you feel from within that you belong to her, with all your strength, love and being you surrender to her. Love is not about feeling possessive about someone. People are not things, that if you are possessive about them, no one will snatch it from you. Love is when you know that whatever happens she’ll be there for you and vice- versa. Love happens when you discover yourself smiling for nothing but for something you don’t know of right at that time. DSC_0937
Love at first sight is crap, I personally do not believe in this concept, but trust me; Love at no sight is definitely possible! You do no need to look out for a handsome face, but once your mind starts getting pulled towards another, and you are left helplessly gasping for more of the other mind, that is when you fall in LOVE. Falling in love is not a necessity, but once you do, it is hard to get over it… The effect might be something like a hangover!
Well there’s no need to fall in love at all, rather I shall say Rise in Love. Or else time comes when people start complaining and cursing each other for ruining their lives! There’s no hurry, take your time; what if you are alone this Valentine’s day, there are several who are “committed” yet they suffer from the disease of non-commitment in various ways. Let’s not get into all the mushy and cheesy details of daily complains we all hear while waiting in a queue, or over the desk at office, when “lovers” or rather fighters loudly complain and accuse each other. So I say my friends, first love yourself, and it is not obvious to fall in love with a human. You can definitely love your pet, your books, your garden, your room and may be even your wardrobe! Love is pure, no matter whom or what you love; don’t expect to be loved back the same way, because everyone has their own way of Loving.
If not anything else love your friends, like I do- I love Leima, Devoja, Dj, Indy, Monalisa, Sananya, Ankita sooooo much… There are many more, but presently I am deeply in love with them. Others please don’t Riot, I definitely Love you all, but yes of course, timing matters!


3 comments on “A Tiny Note for Young Lovers

  1. I don’t knw what m feeling is love or something else but yes i like to feel the moment and i have not seen her but i have lived her in my moments…. 😉 Love_ly post n i loved it


  2. What a thought on love! So easily people consider it to be just the love between a boy and girl! But it’s so much more than that!

    P.S:- I love you much more Puchu! :*


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