Keep Falling

People just keep falling. From the sky, from the bed, from the sofa, down the stairs, from ‘positions’ and off the chairs! The best and the most common falling, happens on the go! As one of my friends slid off on wet green grass one fine morning back in 2010; his fault? He was trying to impress a girl with his running skills, which not only embedded his falling in our minds forever but hilariously failed his idea of wooing a girl! I could not help but laugh like the ‘Mad Hatter’. Even to this date, I can recall the incident, like recalling your favourite scenes from a movie and laugh ridiculously.

People also fall from the sky when unexpected matters are meted out to them, they just look so pale and disbelieving as if someone had actually threatened to push them off a cliff! That look on the face is boisterously funny .

And then, they ‘Fall in love’, the expression itself indicates the decline… Personally I fell one should ‘Rise in Love’, gain wisdom and composure, or at least Be in love.

I am not a believer of LOL- Laugh Out Loud, I find it rather silly to suggest people to laugh out loud. It is your decision to laugh loudly or softly or at all laugh in the first place! When I laugh it sounds somewhat “Hahahahaha”, both in person and in messages.

Moving back to falling, I saw a video yesterday for probably the zillionth time, where a man ‘is falling’, he does not succeed falling but is in the motion of falling for 9 seconds! And some brainy had captioned it perfectly, “When the Devil wants to you to fall but the Lord got you”. The poor man struggles with a spade on snow and finally resists falling and throws off the spade and walks away with wobbly legs. This just shows how ‘fallable’ people are, they just keep falling. Sad…yet funny. 😉 😀

I may sound inhuman to make fun of a sad situation (sad for the person falling), but trust me sometimes it feels amazing to just stop thinking and acting on reflex. It is natural to laugh, it is like a natural instinct when we rush for water if we burn a finger. Similarly, we are biologically programmed to laugh when someone falls all of a sudden, no matter how unethical it might seem to our teachers and elders.

The most sarcastic and enjoyable fall is ‘from a position of authority’, and how eagerly I am waiting for some unworthy and fake authorities to drop down the line of hierarchy. Sometimes leaving things to time is the best, that way anything might surprise or amuse you. Just waiting and watching thins happen in slooooowww moooootiooooonnnnn

So let us hope that some such unwanted Jack and Jill go tumbling down the hill!

By LahariBasu Posted in Humour