Why Why Why??

Why can’t we just be friends and live happily ever after?

Why comes in all the complications of society?

Why can’t we just be young and enjoy spring forever?

Why live in the confusion and fight with the faceless rather than enjoying the peace in the restless?

Why do we have to part ways and never meet again?

Why can’t they just stop fighting and play like kids again?

Why can’t he forgive her for misunderstanding him ever?

Why can’t she trust anyone anymore?

Why don’t all get to experience happiness, while everyone gets a kick of the contrary?

Why can’t birds swim and humans fly?

Why does gravity pull everything so close to it, that once dead, one can never rise?

Why can’t we just catch a rainbow and light the dark room?

Why do we always need to be groomed?

Why are the snow leopards white and the walruses brown?

Why are men so different from women as is a cake from a bread?

Has anyone any answer to my queries of life and its accessories?