Upside Down – finally!

Hell broke out at Mayurakshi’s place when Rajat broke the news of his brother’s situation. “This is not the time to support your brother and his boy. We have a life as well, I had plans of holidaying at the beach and now you say this”, said Mayurakshi with disgust.

“Well, we can take him along”

“You know that’s a bad idea, tagging along another man and a month old baby in a luxury trip! Furthermore, why can’t he just stay there and adjust?”

“You know how my sister-in-law is. They wanted a girl child, but they held my brother responsible for the boy. Don’t you think they should be just happy with a baby in the family?” argued Rajat.

“I’m not interested in your brother’s family drama. It is just so unfair. I’m so done with you. If you don’t want to come along, don’t. My friends and I will go out on the luxury trip on the scheduled date” said Mayurakshi as she turned away from Rajat in their bed.

After Priyasha had taken her husband and son back to their home which was about three months later, one fine day Rajat sees a bunch of papers lying on his desk. Divorce papers form Mayurakshi!

He could not trust his eyes. They had been married for only eleven months, and this is how intolerant she has become of him! He manned up the courage to ask her about it and banged opened the door to their bedroom. Mauyrakshi gave a cold look and asked him to sign it up and get out of her life as soon as possible. He felt lost without her and tried to reason with her but she would not listen, rather she pushed him aside to walk out of the room…


Rajat wakes up with a jolt and realizes that he’s sweating profusely. Looking around the room he finds out that he is at his home. Mayurakshi enters with a cup of tea and the morning newspaper. She keeps them by the side of the bed and attempts to leave when he suddenly catches her hand and looks at her lovingly. “Good morning”, he says. She seems a bit perplexed with this loving wish, which she had not received from him in the late few weeks of marriage.

“Are you alright? Or do you need something?” asked Mayurakshi with a judgmental look. He apologized to Mayurakshi for his recent negligence towards her. She wasn’t contented with that one statement, she looked on expecting an elaborate explanation.

“You know that I love you, it’s just that I get weird sometimes and take you for granted. I forget about your priorities and restrict you from doing things you like, because I felt superior to you… But it won’t happen anymore. I promise”, explained Rajat. Mayurakshi smiled and kissed him.

“You can go to your friend’s wedding for the weekend. I won’t mind. I love you… You know what?” paused Rajat.

“What is it? Did you dream something bad?” asked his wife.

“Well… It was kinda spooky and dangerous… ”and Rajat narrated the whole dream to his wife who went rolling on the bed laughing!


Upside down 3


They argued quite often as Rajat started to question Mayurakshi about her life and her not spending enough time with him. She said he was becoming nagging and complaining like the typical house-husbands! Things went raw one day, they had a fight and eventually she slapped him! Instantly she regretted doing so and apologized to him over and over again, but the mark remained for a couple of days. The next day he went to work wearing a pair of dark sunglasses in a public bus, as he refused to take a leave or travel by her car. On the way he met his troubled friend and colleague Tejesh. The two shared their sad stories and went off to work. On the way back home they booked a cab, and Tejesh told him about their boss and a notorious woman, Ambika who stalked him. “Why don’t you lodge a police complaint against her?” asked Rajat.

“She’s a dangerous woman, and acquires a higher rank in the office. Nobody’s going to believe me, I may even loose the job if I complain against her”, said Tejesh.

“But you need to do something, she is simply exploiting you. Does Sonal know about her?” asked Rajat.

“No, I’m scared. I don’t know what to do, what if she gets it wrong?” said a thoughtful Tejesh.

“I bet she’ll understand you. I think you should talk to her about this matter and get things clear. She’s quite understanding, she’ll be able to help you somehow…”, suggested Rajat.

“But why did she hit you Rajat? I’m so shocked with this behavior of hers… you guys were made for each other…” enquired Tejesh

“Marriage changes everything, I wish I could be happy. She has become so unpredictable and short tempered these days. I think she’s having a tough time at work… she said she was sorry, it will pass… ”

A couple of days later, when Rajat had stopped giving conjunctivitis as an excuse for the dark shades, and had abandoned them, something big happened at the workplace. He heard a loud commotion at the office, something broke or maybe somebody fell! Their boss and the notorious woman, Ambika who made unprecedented sexual advances to Tejesh and had stalked him was being beaten up by Sonal, Tejesh’s Fiancée. Everyone at the office seemed surprised at Sonal’s action. Some even wished that their wives and girlfriends had done the same to this annoying old tormentor.

No one at the office tried to save Ambika ma’am or help her by calling the security. Everyone simply enjoyed the show. Sonal being young and strong was definitely winning it, as she sat on Ambika’s back and pulled her hair with one hand and punched her face with the other!

“If you ever, ever take a step towards Tejesh, or any man I bet you, you’ll be dead meat”, Threatened Sonal banging Ambika’s head on the table and kicking her butt!

This outbreak and the obvious threat to never stalk her boyfriend worked well. Ambika was nowhere to be seen in the office for a few days now and everyone worked at peace. All the men felt slightly jealous of Tejesh for being so lucky to have such a beautiful, courageous and supportive girlfriend. “She’s a complete woman!” exclaimed Karan, a new employee. “Hey! Back off junior. I AM her fiancé”, said Tejesh proudly.

…To be continued 😉 …

Upside Down 2


“Why do I always get the burnt toast for breakfast?” asked Rahul

“Because you’re a man, and it is your job to give the best to your family by taking away the garbage with you. You are meant to look after your family and serve me well. Only then can you go to heaven after death. And since I am carrying your child it is your duty to feed me the best of food”, Snapped back Priyasha, his goddess like wife.

She is a woman of importance, not only at work but also at home. Even her mother takes her advice on monetary and corporate matters. She is traditional and during marriage had mentioned it clearly to Rahul and his family about her importance in life. She wanted a virgin husband, and was ready to allow him to work even after marriage, but only if he worked from home. She is the WOMAN of the house.

Rahul is a mere house-husband and owns a little online business of supplying content to various websites. He had acquired a First –class masters degree in English from a reputed university, he even had a chance of going abroad for PhD. But his family wanted him to get married before he flew away. Unfortunately marriage clipped his wings and he was tied to his wife’s house for his entire life. He did not have much liberty to choose his wife, so he gave in to his parent’s choice. Priyasha was beautiful, intelligent, well settled and had a strong understanding of culture, plus her family also did not ask for dowry. Everything seemed fine, so they got married. Since the beginning Rahul had to compromise with everything in the news household. He had to get up early in the morning before the other family members, Priyasha, his parents-in-law, and a college going brother-in-law. His duty was to dust the house even though there was a servant appointed for the job, clean the cars, iron his wife’s clothes and help her get ready for work, and prepare new dishes every day for the family. At night his job was entirely to meet out his wife’s desires. He also had to please his in-laws with good manners and silent approvals of every situation. Displaying his opinion on matters of importance was not considered well in the family, rather in the entire cultured society!

“Okay I get it. But just sometimes I think it is unfair” replied a teary eyed Rahul. To this his mother in law explained, “Don’t you get it Rahul, you wife’s going to gift you with a daughter. And for that you have to compromise for a few more days with her little tantrums. She’s just going through her mood swings, you know how much she loves you”.

Hearing this, Priyasha took over, “Leave him alone Maa, he’s such a drama king! It’s only a couple of days that I have burnt the bread by mistake and here he is crying about it. Okay I’ll get you a new pair of aviators. And we’ll order pizza tonight” shouted Priyasha. “If that consoles you… Silly man” she murmured and smiled at Rahul who seemed to feel better hearing the announcement.

Priyasha is expecting her first child and hopes it is a girl like her entire family. But Rahul prefers to have a baby boy who would look just like him. All this time during her pregnancy Priyasha has been dreaming how pretty her daughter would be and how well mannered she would be raised by her docile father. She dreamt of her daughter flying abroad for higher education and then succeeding her in the family business.

All her dreams were shattered after the strenuous nine months! Priyasha gave birth to a boy. And that changed everything in the happy family.

“It is all your fault”, she screamed at Rahul. He did not know how it was his fault. “But the baby is God’s gift to us, how are either of us responsible for his gender?” asked a perplexed Rahul cradling the baby. “There is science you idiot! Child birth is not a mere gift from god. Men have a huge role to play in it. It is you bloody sperms that detect a child’s sex. Men are the carrier of the X and the Y chromosomes. It is that stupid semi sized Y chromosome that causes a boy to happen! Women only have X chromosomes, they are never responsible for a child’s sex”, yelled Priyasha.

“Don’t yell, he’ll wake up”, He pleaded.

“Just shut up, you good for nothing stupid bull” came the inevitable reply.

“But how can we help? Men cannot choose the gender either. It just happens…” Priyasha had stormed out of the room before he could finish. He heard her saying, “You are lucky to be alive, in other families they would beat their husband black and blue for a male child. The first child in the family should always be a girl.”

In the recent few weeks his parents-in-law have reduced talking to him, and had motioned him to leave the house with the child and stay with his parents. His brother in law seemed more helpful and said it out aloud, “I think you should just spend a few months at your parents’ place till things cool down here. When Didi feels better and develops a longing for you guys she’ll go and get you back.” Rahul had no option but to leave Priyasha’s place for a while, but the problem was that his parents were out of town for a couple of weeks holidaying at the Himalayas. Till then he either had to stay back here and go crazy with the silent treatment or live with his younger brother Rajat.

…To be continued 😉

Upside Down 1

Rajat, is newly married and has moved to a new residence with his wife, Mayurakshi. They lead a somewhat independent life, which is without the interference of his in-laws. Both of them are working individuals, she’s a doctor and he’s an IT employee.

“Darling did you bake that coffee-walnut cake today? I am so dying to have it”

“What? Oh my God! I had completely forgotten about it honey. Let’s go out for dinner tonight, I’ll prepare it some other day”, suggested Rajat.

“What work do you do anyways? All you need to do is to warm up a chair all day, and even then you can’t prepare dinner. I have so much work at the hospital and then I have to face this! Why will I have to spend almost every day to eat out? You are MY husband and you can’t even cook dinner for me! It is your duty ”, complained Mayurakshi.

“Why? I just wanted to go out on a romantic date with you after one whole week. You can’t even do that much for me, and you say you love me…” sulked Rajat.

“Oh! Please. Not that sentimental stuff again. Okay, we’ll go out for dinner tonight. But let us cut it down to once in a month now” negotiated Mayurakshi.

Of course Mayurakshi earns double than what he does, and that was one major reason for him to marry her sensing his job’s insecurity in the IT firm. It was both a love and an arranged marriage, his parents had chosen a well settled and rich wife for him in case he can let go of his job and stay at home later. She drops him off at work in the morning while he gets back home in public transport mostly due to her heavy working schedule.

Life was quite smooth for this couple, but things often got quirky when Mayurkashi had extra work pressure. The flimsy happy married life seemed to shatter very often these days as she had to spend nights out at the hospitals and at times with her friends. He felt lonely and dejected. They often had quarrels over tiny details as to why was the entrance door not double locked, or why was Mayurakshi staying up with her friends when her hubby was alone, or why was he not allowed to go out with his friends that often.

Guys have a tough time in life and blame the matriarchal society constantly. Women rule the society and are the bosses. Women treat men like labours for their mere physical strength and as a mere resource supplier for child birth. Women are intelligent, strong and independent. They can teach, build bridges, invent machines, treat patients, drive trains, planes and buses apart from cars, and they also own companies. A man owning a company and running it is like fighting a war against all odds. Women are preferred for almost all jobs in the world, while men are given priority for labour jobs and as escorts. Men also undergo sexual exploitation for being the minority in the society but they tolerate everything quietly in order to survive. They have decided to revolt against the exploitation of men in the society and pledge for new amendments in the law…

…To be continued 😉