3 important reasons to wear a pollution mask

Has it ever occurred to you how fortunate you might be wearing a mask in public? I’m not talking about the metaphorical mask we all wear daily to hide our actual selves, but rather the pollution mask selling like hot cakes in the market. Yes, those white, black and multicoloured masks which enable you to go unnoticed by your friend even when you are standing right in front of their nose!


As Delhi is suffering from the inevitably sickening air quality laden with thick smog, Delhiites have been left with no choice but to comply with the norms of society — trying on a mask and carry on surviving. Coming back to the fun of carrying around the masked look, I’d love to share 3 important reasons for you to put on a pollution mask every time you step out.

  1. Well, of course, it protects your lungs from harmful pollutants and the extremely minute 2.5PM
  2. We often engage in conversation with people on the go, and it’s not always a very pleasant experience to listen to their yap-yap, which inadvertently may produce a couple of yawns, but if you do yawn you’d be labelled rude, and if you don’t yawn right on the face of your communicator, you’d struggle to cover up with awkward hand gestures, and flare your nostrils to breath in as much oxygen your lungs require to bear with the boring content. When wearing a mask which takes care of filtering the polluted air and allowing you to breathe freely and without scary thoughts of choking to death, it also helps you in concealing a big yawn!
  3. I have always had a habit of breaking into smiles and little laughs, for no reason at all, and undoubtedly onlookers may consider me crazy. But believe it or not, the pollution mask which covers almost 75% of your face would bury most of your facial expressions including the sudden and uncontrollable laughs in weird situations, saving you from all the awkward looks.

Even though your lip-colour might get smudged when you laugh or yawn like a hippopotamus, remember how friendly it is otherwise to cover up your expressions.


Ever felt like destroying the world?

The thought of creation is so overpowering that the idea of destruction had often appalled me, and so have the stories related to gods and goddesses of destruction.

“Why would anyone want to destroy anything in the world? The world is such a beautiful place,” I thought. But unfortunately the world is not such a rosy place, rather I’d say the people populating the world are not as beautiful as I had always seen them to be. Whether I am to blame my vision or the innocence and inexperience of tender is debatable.

Being nice to everybody around had been the main motto in life. “If you are nice to them they will be nice to you,” I thought. Hell no! In reality, if you are nice to them they start taking advantage of you believing you can never raise your voice or take a stand. But guess what, a barking dog can be stopped – either bark back and confuse the animal or throw a stone hurting it and run for your life. Either way, you’ll succeed at shutting its mouth up. (I’ve never heard of a desperate man losing a race to a dog, and I’ve never seen a dog barking while running).

Women are considered to be creative beings for their abilities to give birth, be compassionate and a hundred more qualities. Then again some of the scariest stories of violence and destruction also get created by women. Goddess Kali, Durga, Chhinnamasta are but a few reminders.

The point of the above description is to remind people to avoid proximity (physical and verbal) from a lady when she is angry –  she has the ability to rip you off with mere words or even those hands which have seemed too soft, like she can tear a piece of paper into a hundred shards and scatter them at your face. Similarly, I do possess this exact potential, but I choose not to scare people off. I am still the same person inside – the girl who loves all beautiful things even though they are sad – but sometimes creeps just creep into my system and spread the virus of hatred.

I do not know how many of you have come across teachers who’d get frustrated at the hooliganism put forward by primary school children and say, “I’ll throw you out of my class… if you do such and such things again…. or if you talk again…” Back then, I actually pictured the teacher throwing them out of the classroom like the way someone would throw balls of waste-paper into a bin! But I could never catch a glimpse of that action since the chided students would leave the room voluntarily – some happily, some with tears rolling down their eyes.

Now, there are times when I ‘literally’ feel like picking people up and throwing them out of the window. If only I had been stronger and taller… Actually, it is a lot easier if you can just do it in your mind, it’ll save all the hard work. (Since winter makes us lazy unwilling to work out). Like I had mentioned in one of my previous posts – the joys of being a writer, you can kill people in your story – stab them, push them off the cliff or the Niagra falls, feed them to a dinosaur – just get over with negativity. When you come face to face with that character you’d killed in your story, just pass through it like it is coloured air.

‘Ignore’… and you shall have silence.

With Silence comes Peace, with Peace comes Freedom, with Freedom comes Silence – it is an eternal cycle, way beyond many souls’ understanding, but for the ones who know it I can already see them smiling at the screen.

Now I’m happy and can sleep peacefully. 🙂

The Dubious Society

Heinous crimes against women have been carried out since ages, but what has been done about it? Mostly nothing. Some would say women have not been taught to protect herself, but I have a different vision, have the men been taught to not be criminal? Mostly what the society teaches us is that women should ignore ‘such trivial matters! It is a part of life’. If carrying out criminal activities against a nation is termed as terrorism, crime against is women is nothing but a diverse form of terrorism which successfully terrorizes women all over the world and force them to remain submissive or ‘be punished’ on being a rebellion.

The social platform has spread the message from time immemorial that it is women who need to be taught the rules of ethics and manners, and not the values of life and alphabets. But on the contrary, the creators of the social regulations have promoted violence in men and deprived them of emotional understanding and ethics… Form an early age boys are endorsed with toy guns and cars to carry out fake killings and car crashes. They are taught to behave like a brave and strong being, and mock at anyone different, to be a ‘woman’ -one, who is weak physically and mentally, one who can do nothing but cry when in distress, and one who is built to bear all discrimination on the world. In the earlier times, little girls had toys in the form of dolls and kitchen sets, so that they can concentrate in the social category they belong to- cooks and child-producing machines! They were deprived of formal education and were stuffed with innumerable superstitious beliefs so as to prevent them from questioning, analyzing and demanding their rights. Had women been provided with all the necessary information and education from an earlier age, this day might not have arrived. The active most generation today has the future in their hands, they can mould it the way they want, but eventually they will get to taste the results. When parents seek for a male child, they have certain traits pre-recorded in their minds, which they would like to teach to their son, on the other hand when a couple desires for a girl, they have some other traits. The funny part is, hardly anybody bothers to mix up these qualities and create a healthy human being, and not simply their ‘son’ or ‘daughter’. The common expectations – Boys will protect other form being beaten up, secure the family with his income, and never show any mark of sadness! While girls are to be dressed up beautifully and presented as showpieces in the house! They do not get to experience the world through sports and thrills of adventure, rather they will be taught to please others, by cooking and dressing up. And if something goes wrong, they can cry out buckets of tears, to get it solved. Women are always labeled as someone’s somebody. She’s Mr. X’s wife, or daughter or sister. How often have you heard, “Her husband is Mr X”, or “Her father is Mr.Y” or “Her brother is Mr Z”?

Neither men nor women are the sole rulers of the world, both need to survive simultaneously. And in here come the active role of education. Not just mere pedagogic information, but values of life and behavior, physical stability and sex education as well. Women have all the rights to be strong and protective, they do not need bodyguards. Equally enough men do have the rights to express their emotions and worry about their age.

The Deprived Indians ?

Indians often express a lot of pride on calling themselves ‘Indians’ and the rest, Chinese! Are these Indians really Indian at the core of their heart or are they simply showing off? Is that pride false? The pride of Knowledge, Philosophy, Science and Mathematics? Where is the Indian-ness as they say which binds them all together? Do they really know who they are or who their friends are?

“Manipur? Oh! Must be there somewhere in the Northeast… This is what most of us say when we come across this name. What is the Northeast? Is it a different country? No, don’t be silly, it’s the north eastern part of India. How many states constitute the north east? Umm… I guess seven… Could you please name them? Assam, Arunachal Pradesh… umm…”

That is how people respond. Going deep into the issue one will find too many holes to stitch, but isn’t it worth a try than to have your own countrymen suffer endlessly? Why have they been separated from the rest of the Indians? Because of their colour or because they belong to the Mongolian race? If that is so, isn’t it as we say being Racist?

North-easterns are not bad; they are not not-friendly, or snobbish! If one from the mainland claims so, then it is highly recommended to that person to check others from calling them ‘chinkies’ and ‘Chinese’! If they are unsocial, we are also equally unsocial. A relationship doesn’t build in a day, it is a gradual process. To be friends with someone, one needs to understand that person. Here both parties are expected to explore each other’s lifestyle and culture then judge one another.

“They wear different clothes, so they look different and hence we don’t feel comfortable talking to them.” “They try to look like foreigners!”- are some of the views gathered from the mainland mass. But are they aware of the ASFPA and the torture the local people have to face every day? Even today, people of Manipur do not dare to step out of their houses after 7pm. The price of gas cylinders rise up to Rs2000, as the only highway connecting the state to the rest of India is often blocked by goons.  Irom Sharmila is still fasting to protest against unlawful killing of localites and zero investigation. There hasn’t been ample effort to develop the area, it has been constantly neglected, and the people have been living under constant fear of the army and insurgency. Hence how can we the mainlanders, judge north-easterns calling them ‘unsocial’, ‘foreigners’ and ‘snobs’? Ponder on the issue and act wisely. According to Shakespeare the rising generation must be “Young in limbs, in judgment old” and thus break down the wall of discomfort.


In the video of ‘Kodaline- All I want’, a message has been clearly delivered to the audience, that being different is not wrong, rather it a challenge, and a challenge to be carried off with responsibility and beauty. The beauty that lies in the video is incomparable to all the beautiful ladies out there in the world or some of the best-looking men on earth who can bring thousands of women down to their knees out of admiration. Beauty ultimately stands out to be a feeling, not something that one can see or touch but experience only by feeling it.

How often do music videos actually touch the heart bringing out that emotion from within and teach us a lesson which we have been taught over the years but have never bothered to learn? When it comes to music videos, a very common question arises, ‘Why a music video? Music is supposed to be heard and not seen…’ it is true to an extent, but don’t we always say ‘audio-visual’ together? Audio and visuals complement one another, hence there are videos along with music. On hearing a song people picturize a story in their own way, but once there is a video, it gets easier for the artists to convey their message directly to the audience. Over centuries there have been critics critiquing different works of Art and Literature, but had there been an explanation to the works of the artists would there have been any such confusion? Studying would become so much easier for students, not to learn and understand numerous theories and interpretations of the same work of Art or Literature. Since music is a form of Art, the musicians have all the rights to create an impression of their work to the audience directly and save all the confusions that might occur in future. The videos that told sweet stories through the melodious songs like ‘Meri chunar ud ud jaye’, ‘Aankho mein’, ‘Teri chehra jab nazar aye’, ‘Leja Leja re’ and many more did wonders in the Indian music world. The stories shown along with the songs, to some extent brought out the artists’ imagination and helped the audience experience it.

On the other hand, there is a different part of the argument, which brings the creativity of the viewers in question. To some it seems that the audience is spoon-fed through the readymade music videos. Many listeners have created their own videos in respect to their favourite songs to reject the official video or to challenge the artist’s creation. According to a research, it was found that when such videos are compared, many people prefer the fan made video of the song rather than the official video.

‘Is there any regulation to check imagination?’ the question arises, to which many seem to be ignorant. Does it really matter which video is better, or which tells the story more beautifully? What should matter is how the viewer feels about the video and the song together. One may like both the videos, while some may have a preference. Each individual has their own way of representation, which cannot be and should not be brought under rules. One should probably enjoy and feed on the extremely gorgeous levels of creativity displayed through music videos.

Necessity is the mother of inventions? Or inventions mother all unnecessary necessities?

It has been travelling to our ears for ever since, that necessity or requirements are the major reasons behind all inventions. When people needed to carry heavy loads they invented the wheel, when they required to keep themselves warm they invented machines called room heaters, when they needed to talk to their near and dear ones from far away they created the telephone. The telephone got updated in various ways and now we have mobile phones, which are not just phones, but calculators, alarm clocks, banks, gaming console, camera, music system, computer, torch and what not! But do we really need that many accumulation of technology to survive?

Almost everyone has a smart phone grabbed tightly in their palms, but how many are smart enough to use it? Or rather need to use it? If people could spare some valuable time out of the useless schedules on their phone and ponder whether they really need it, it would be very clear that they are using smart phones and 3G internet connections, dual sim cards just for the sake of using them! They do not really need such techie stuff to make them feel important in life.

I was a sole believer of mobile phone to be a 3 in one device – calls, messages and music. I know you caught me at the music thing, but the first time when I bought the phone, I had no television at home, as mom had cut off the cable connection to secure my academics, no computer and had recently spoiled the only radio by overhearing it! Hence my only luxury was am MP3 player in my new phone. After four years due to peer pressure from Whatsapp addict friends and disturbing old battery, I bought a new phone. A SMART one. How is it smart? Well, it is big, quite big as I have to hold it with both my hands while texting! It is pretty, and it has room for two sim cards and 3G services, a front camera, a 5mega pixel back camera with flash, Whatsaap, Facebook, Gmail, Google maps blah blah… but the battery life is poor. Someone had told me that a smart phone without internet connection is just another phone, therefore on trying out the internet connection my life turned upside down! Every now and then the phone beeps and I have to waste my precious time in texting my friends and playing candy crush. This sudden addiction for candy crush has simply engulfed me, God knows how. Whether I am going out or preparing to go out somewhere, I am always getting late by a few minutes answering via Whatsapp to my “worried” friends.

Even then, I can’t resist the urge to get an amount spent after the internet service from my phone! Plus, I have become lazy as a log! That partly happened soon after I got my first mobile phone, to walk up to the landline connection where we get almost 100 free calls felt like a huge exercise when I had my tiny handset on my hand!

The solution to this diseasing which is eating up my time is to try and ignore the smartness of the smart phone. We should use the minimum technology every day, the more we depend on technology the more stupid and lazy we become. Spend some days without Whatsapp, Candy crush and most importantly your phone. There’s a more beautiful world out there, explore it without any technical help. (By without any technical help I mean with the least possible ones, but don’t start on foot for a world tour!). Well I tried that for two days, believe me it is not hard, but you get a different feeling of freedom, though sometimes you might miss those annoying message tones. But definitely you will discover a new you in the process.