Love happens…

Love is everywhere on Earth, you just need to recognize the correct time and form to find it. Love is not a mere kiss or a bouquet of roses, rather it is a feeling- A feeling that will reside deep within your mind forever and ever. Love never gets old, and neither does love give birth to jealousy.

People often venture out in search for Love, but dear ones, that’s not something you should search for. Let Love find you, all you need to do is search yourself! Lovers cannot be hooked up by agents and neither can Love be bought with money. The beautiful emotion within one invites Love to their life and lives forever. Love may not be remembered by everyone the way Mahabharata or Ramayana or Iliad is remembered but it will be there, every moment to enhance the lives around.

Love is the beauty residing in the heart of a little girl, and that poor orphan’s fetish for the motherly lady kissing her son. And Love resides in the eyes of that mediocre girl who might never be able to express it but will continue loving the guy for ages. When the young man cries for the loss of his lady love, hiding his face, he may be shocked to find Love alive in him once again when he sees a little baby smiling at him.  Love is not just a girl-boy holding hands and singing in the rain! There’s a lot more in that little four lettered word.

Happiness may be just another synonym for love, or may be a part of the whole. Love is not confined to a certain boundary, be it social, political or sexual. Love is blind and ageless and recognizes no gender. Feelings have neither colour nor shape, they travel ubiquitously. There is more to life than making love or kissing. Explore the world through others’ eyes and travel when you are able and strong. You’ll find Love in every corner of the world. You only need the Eyes to feel and believe. Love the soul, the rest would not matter in the course of time. Love is not about pleasing or impressing someone, it is about pleasing your soul and making that someone smile. Originally you need to Love yourself, before wondering or crying over not having a lover. One who is self contended is more capable of being loved, if you cannot Love yourself, do not except to be loved by another.

Any individual who finds himself/herself in a state of isolation does so owing to certain tangible situations, and that individual solitariness is merely a phase, one leading to a climax, and is never a universal human plight. Hence do not ever go hunting for Love because you have nothing else to do and are suffering from loneliness! Love is also a State of Mind, just like fear, it does not matter whether the other person is feeling the same way, what matters is- Are you feeling strong enough what you are feeling?


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