Her Sky

She was melancholic, tired and done with weeping
She wept night after night to everyone’s oblivion
None but one, heard the cries, felt her sorrows
It was Sky who loved her without her perceptions
It was Sky who understood her without a word being spoken
When the world was blind to her tears and deaf to her mourns
It was Sky who bore her scars every evening
Showing them to the world, but they called it “the canvas of nature”
He turned red in anger and in grief of her,
But they said “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight”
Sky wept for her, every now and then to share her grief,
But they danced in his tears and kissed each other not knowing of His and her grief.
The day she discovered his admiration for her, She fell in love again
This time with more love and less pain,
He was trustworthy, strong and loving
All that she desired of having
Days ahead appeared sunny, and never was she seen with a red nose running
She felt divine with him, She could feel his presence 24X7
She kept smiling all the time, lost in his devotion
She was graceful once again, yet they called her with a different name
When they found her smiling at nothing but a brick
They proudly declared her Schizophrenic!

– Lahari Basu

The Burning Sky

The Burning Sky


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