Having a bad day? Watch out for kids

Journeys in local trains are horrible, no wonder, but if you have some time to spare to look away from the ugly floors, ignore the unwanted gazes, and struggle to make space for balanced stand, you might get to view some outstanding scenes!
Today, unwillingly again like every time I had to take a local train to visit the doctor, and witnessed some memorable sights. Since the train was very crowded we had to fight and get on board. Then getting a place to stand I somehow clung to the hanging holders for support, beside me stood a lady with her husband. She was a bit shorter than me, and could not find any proper grip, so what shall be the best way to get support?? She simply clipped her fingers to her husband’s trousers belt hooks, and pulled the trousers along with him every time the train halted with a jerk!! The sight was quite funny, but something else worsened my mood. A man old enough to be the father of 5 kids of my age was staring at me like a baboon. I was so reminded of a particular social ad in which the girls who get subjected to such unwanted sleazy gaze make the beholder behold their own disgusting face tactfully by mirrors or sunglasses. The first thought I had was to hit him right on his fat nose, but then I decided to apply my cold stare, it worked partly, because these guys are trained and experienced in sleaziness. So at last I gave up all my “goodness” gestured a “f**k off” at him. I so wished to go back and blind him!!
Well, things went well the rest of the day, and while returning we got a nearly empty train compartment there were only about seven women scattered around. The train dragged on to the next station, and a lady got up with her little son. The boy had a small packet of fried peas in one hand and the other was tightly grabbed by his mother. They walked about here and there for a while uncertain where to sit, because all the seats except 3 where empty! They finally occupied two seats facing each other. The boy thought he needed the window to be open, so he swiftly pulled up the glass pane, and as soon as he did this his mother scolded him, and said he might catch cold from the cold wind coming in. So he attempted to shut the pane down, but little Hercules wasn’t as mighty as he thought himself to be, so unfortunately he was not successful in keeping the cold wind from coming in, so they both moved a bit inwards in their seats. Then the boy started chewing the fried peas one by one as if he was keeping count of them! It’s fun to watch the actions of children; he started to imitate his mother. The lady had taken off her sandals and was resting her feet on the other side of the seat, so he took off his shoes too and jumped carefully onto his mother’s side of the seat and tried to lay out his tiny legs and rest the on the other side just like her. But the gap between the two seats was actually larger than the length of his legs so he could not keep balance. Failing at this attempt several times he finally crossed over to his original place. By this time his packet of fried peas were finished, and he needed rest. The best way to rest in an empty train compartment? Lay out flat on the seat and sleep. he supported the head on his little joined hands and laid straight on his back on the seat and stared out of the window with wide open eyes. This position remained unharmed for about….. a few seconds. Then he turned to an arch position it seemed as if he was trying gymnastics while laying down and looked at me, his face upside down and a big yawn occurred to make him change his sleeping position! Then he lifted his left leg on the head rest of the seat and kept his right leg hanging and swinging from the seat! But because of the woolen clothing, his left leg continuously slid down… so he gave up this position and tried something more experimental. Now he put both his legs on the head rest and allowed them to hang onto the back side of the adjoining seat. But suddenly he slipped and was almost about to fall; now his mother calmly told him that if he did not sit properly he would probably fall off the running train. Fearing to fly off from a running train he sat up quickly and gazed out of the window trying to concentrate on the road lights running backwards. It is obvious that a kid will never find interest in dullness; he would rather run around doing nothing than to sit and stare at the darkness outside. He was the perfect example. After some futile sessions of concentration he jumped up on his seat and started spot jumping! Then he climbed onto the top of the headrest and crossed over to the adjoining seat and repeated the process until his mother called him back to discipline. All this exercise made him pull out his red monkey cap. Believe me he was so cute and little, he didn’t even know how to undo a cap. He struggled with the cap from every direction and finally managed to pull it out and develop a deep red colour of frustration on his chubby face. I so enjoyed watching him today that I could not resist myself from writing this experience down.


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