Yesterday before leaving my home I was working at the desk, eyes fixed on my computer as usual. Perhaps I was checking some of my recent photographs just then I heard a noise. Mind it I heard a ‘noise’, not a mere sound, I ignored it but the noise continued. I assumed it was a bird perched at the window, that it was, but this little bird was too loud, and attention seeking! As soon as I turned to look at the source of the sound, I discovered a Martin sitting at the window grill, fluttering its tail and squeaking loudly staring intently at me. It seemed as though this tiny bird was out of companionship and wanted me to spend some time sharing my photographs and chatting with him. No sooner than it noticed me looking at it, it simply turned its head sideways as if to ignore me! I found this action quite funny. To test the bird I turned back to my computer screen, and it began squeaking again very loudly. I turned and it looked away, as if it was playing hide and seek with me, only the intensity of the hiding was limited to the eye contact we might make!

Oh goodness what timing! It was so fast, sporty and attentive, that it kept record of the very sudden movement of my head and turned its face away from me in just appropriate time. I tricked it twice and what happiness I got from that little game we shared! I took time in facing the noisy bird, and it seemed impatient and kept on and on squeaking until suddenly I turned towards it and it was caught red handed staring widely at me! And to manage the situation it quickly faced to its left, but then realized that it was a wrong decision and that I could watch it more vividly. So then immediately it rotated it head half way round the window and faced its right. Then this weird surprise game continued for a while until we both lost interest on the uncommonness between us and my little bird and friend for minutes flew away.


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