Today all of a sudden I cried a lot, but now I am feeling better. We all take time to understand the rules of life, but once we get to know them we never forget them. Life is not short or boring, life itself has lot to offer you, it is your job to see the right things waiting for you and never let go of an opportunity. Today while I spilt a lot of my precious tears I understood or rather realized it once again that I am in a much happier state than many others, after I watch ‘Lootera’ in the evening. Now it may sound silly to gain wits from a film, but it is very true in my case. I may not have acquired everything I have wanted to but I did get some of my wishes fulfilled. There are many who lead worse lives than me, some do not have homes to live in, some don’t get food to eat, while some get every luxurious thing in life, but the most inexpensive thing which can never be bought, live a life without love. Many of us having all of this whine about not having a dress like our neighbour has, or not having a boyfriend to go out on a date with and such other unimportant things.
What is it if you could not continue your relationship with the man/woman of your dreams? At least you got to experience the love and care he/she gave you, and of course the inexpressible feelings of falling in love, once in life. Think of the souls who never had anybody to love them but just got wasted away their entire life. You definitely live a better life than them.
May be you had expected more from life, but never let go of your faith in yourself, because a shattered love story can never be an end of your life, but it can always be a new beginning. Now, new beginning doesn’t mean that you’ll have another man or woman in your life but it can mean that you start accepting and dealing with life all together in a different way. The wound in your soul is the very instrument that has made you strong and taught you to live a new life.
I might not have got what I thought I deserved, but then I have to accept time and life that way it is. I cannot change the rules of the universe. And I might always have a melancholy memory buried deep in my heart and that may also become fresh at different intervals of time, but I have learnt to live freely and with God’s grace I have successfully divided myself into two beings. One, that is always lost in his thoughts but never lets another soul understand my mind, and the other, which counters every action my one part does. The latter part is the part that the world sees and examines, while the former is the part that is meant only for me to enter into. No one can ever penetrate into this part of me without my permission.
There’s always such two parts in every one of us. We just have to secure one of them with our mental passwords.


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