Walking on the streets is not always a bad idea; you often come across many extraordinary sights worth noting in your memory. While heading back to the metro station from the office I am interning at, today I witnessed some very cute scenes of action. On the wide footpath, dwell a lot of less fortunate people. They sleep, eat and enjoy their simple lives there. There lay a little boy wrapped up in his tattered shawl sleeping, and towards him was approaching an even tinier figure or rather one of the fabled cloth ghosts with its baggy hands up on the air. The boy was suddenly up and looked terrified in his trance, but with the faintest of his presence of conscience he tried to look into the straightened striped clothing towards him intending to scare him. No doubt it was his younger sibling, a very small figure walking, almost strutting blindly towards the little elder brother covered fully in his disguise. The horror in the face of the elder child was worth watching, though I couldn’t catch a glimpse of the younger one’s face, but the intelligence he/she showed was very worthy. You may be rich or you may be poor, but every kid enjoys their share of good time with their siblings. Then again moving ahead in my journey towards the metro, I caught a glimpse of a very small head, with comparatively large eyes, and a very pink pair of open lips in the shape of an ‘O’ which is even smaller than the tip of my finger! The head of this baby was covered with an orange woolen hood, and the baby looked so engrossed in looking at everything, everything its eyes could get hold of! As if it had to scan and experience all visual pleasure with that outing it had on its mother’s arms.
I know these sights are quite obvious and common, but how often do we actually stop by and notice what is around us? Rarely! But sometimes when we do we cherish that decision in the core of our heart and recapitulate that we haven’t become all mechanical, deep down we all fall prey to emotion and very humane.


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