To Think is so Tough

Thinking is such a complicated process. I think that what I think I understand, but actually what I think is often not fully understood by me!! Who says some people have simple minds? Mind itself is a very complex matter, well I exactly cannot say it is a matter at least not a feasible matter, for yet no one has come up with the actual location of the human mind, or what it looks like. We might assume it resides in our chest or in our head, but we are not sure, and how can anyone be? When we cannot find out the mere reason of our survival how can we find out such a minute detail of our Psychology- the undefined branch of science? The thought process and the process in which we find out solutions for our problems are not quite clear to us, yet we think that we know ourselves the best. But do we really know so much about our own self?

Once I started to think about a story I have read recently, but thoughts piled upon more thoughts, and heaven knows from where I collected so many thoughts. Thoughts that seem like you have never thought of before, or things of which you have heard but not imagined well enough to prepare mental images of, but still they reside in you and haunt you or disturb you or sometimes even connect you to important links in your general thought process.

Once if you sit quiet and try to search your memory, you’ll see it has much greater capacity than your computer, and just then you’ll recall “After all man had made the computer, so that’s natural”, but it is not. Knowing so much we do not rely on us but on machines, why is that so? Well to that I have no solid answer, (but I guess we are too lazy) because even I am in the process of finding matters related to the heart.

There are things about us that we think no one knows, or cares about. But there are also things that people know about you that you are yourself unaware of. That is why it is said that the human mind is a complicated thing to discuss about..

Suppose you are desperate to come to a solution regarding a matter that has been bothering you for a long time. How would you do that? It is not an easy job to know your mind, and as far as stuff like “Close your eyes to know your choice” are concerned I don’t think they really work. Then what? Why leave it to time? Wouldn’t you like to know and discover yourself more? Ask yourself the questions, what you actually like? Who is that whose speech calms your mind? etc. You will get the answers from within. But this won’t happen in just a click, it will need time, but not immense time. If you want to do something with all your gratitude and strength then you will be successful, and then you will find that which is often in need to the happiest looking people- Happiness Or immense Mental Peace.

Play games with your mind and with your loved ones. Mind it loved ones doesn’t necessarily mean your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be your mother, father, teacher, best friend or anyone whom you trust and rely upon. You should also build yourself up to know them, and what is in their minds about you. Ask them directly, “What do you think, what kind of a person am I?” and make sure you have made yourself strong enough to hear the truth, because if that person realizes that on hearing the truth you can despise him/her or get detached from him/ her, they will never confess. And for you, the honest confession and judgment is more important, so cast aside your ego and indulge into their version of truth. Since truth is never one, it has many versions and perspectives , all can be true or all can be false, it only depends on the person who has perceived it and realized it. That which is true to him may not be true to you, but put yourself in his position to find out. And trust me you will definitely get to understand people and with time also develop a quality of judging them in some little time. Ask yourself questions, and the correct answers to them are always the first answer. Believe me I have tried it several times and my first answer has been the correct one. Remember if you are not happy yourself you can never make others happy, no matter how hard you try you will fail. So I would suggest without failing try and win the game. Start with yourself, be your own doctor (Mental doctor or psychoanalyst, I am not referring to a physician) and mend your mind.


3 comments on “To Think is so Tough

  1. true and inspirational words… really motivating…. atleast for me…. Lahari…….. KEEP SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE…… KEEP WRITING….. and for us readers…. HAPPY LEARNING 🙂


  2. This is a very insightful piece, as we all want to know our characteristics from a third party’s perspective, but then we aren’t ready to face the facts 😦 At least it is so for me 😦 Thanks for the read 😀 ^_^ keep up the good work sweetie 🙂


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