Upside Down – finally!

Hell broke out at Mayurakshi’s place when Rajat broke the news of his brother’s situation. “This is not the time to support your brother and his boy. We have a life as well, I had plans of holidaying at the beach and now you say this”, said Mayurakshi with disgust.

“Well, we can take him along”

“You know that’s a bad idea, tagging along another man and a month old baby in a luxury trip! Furthermore, why can’t he just stay there and adjust?”

“You know how my sister-in-law is. They wanted a girl child, but they held my brother responsible for the boy. Don’t you think they should be just happy with a baby in the family?” argued Rajat.

“I’m not interested in your brother’s family drama. It is just so unfair. I’m so done with you. If you don’t want to come along, don’t. My friends and I will go out on the luxury trip on the scheduled date” said Mayurakshi as she turned away from Rajat in their bed.

After Priyasha had taken her husband and son back to their home which was about three months later, one fine day Rajat sees a bunch of papers lying on his desk. Divorce papers form Mayurakshi!

He could not trust his eyes. They had been married for only eleven months, and this is how intolerant she has become of him! He manned up the courage to ask her about it and banged opened the door to their bedroom. Mauyrakshi gave a cold look and asked him to sign it up and get out of her life as soon as possible. He felt lost without her and tried to reason with her but she would not listen, rather she pushed him aside to walk out of the room…


Rajat wakes up with a jolt and realizes that he’s sweating profusely. Looking around the room he finds out that he is at his home. Mayurakshi enters with a cup of tea and the morning newspaper. She keeps them by the side of the bed and attempts to leave when he suddenly catches her hand and looks at her lovingly. “Good morning”, he says. She seems a bit perplexed with this loving wish, which she had not received from him in the late few weeks of marriage.

“Are you alright? Or do you need something?” asked Mayurakshi with a judgmental look. He apologized to Mayurakshi for his recent negligence towards her. She wasn’t contented with that one statement, she looked on expecting an elaborate explanation.

“You know that I love you, it’s just that I get weird sometimes and take you for granted. I forget about your priorities and restrict you from doing things you like, because I felt superior to you… But it won’t happen anymore. I promise”, explained Rajat. Mayurakshi smiled and kissed him.

“You can go to your friend’s wedding for the weekend. I won’t mind. I love you… You know what?” paused Rajat.

“What is it? Did you dream something bad?” asked his wife.

“Well… It was kinda spooky and dangerous… ”and Rajat narrated the whole dream to his wife who went rolling on the bed laughing!


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