Upside down 3


They argued quite often as Rajat started to question Mayurakshi about her life and her not spending enough time with him. She said he was becoming nagging and complaining like the typical house-husbands! Things went raw one day, they had a fight and eventually she slapped him! Instantly she regretted doing so and apologized to him over and over again, but the mark remained for a couple of days. The next day he went to work wearing a pair of dark sunglasses in a public bus, as he refused to take a leave or travel by her car. On the way he met his troubled friend and colleague Tejesh. The two shared their sad stories and went off to work. On the way back home they booked a cab, and Tejesh told him about their boss and a notorious woman, Ambika who stalked him. “Why don’t you lodge a police complaint against her?” asked Rajat.

“She’s a dangerous woman, and acquires a higher rank in the office. Nobody’s going to believe me, I may even loose the job if I complain against her”, said Tejesh.

“But you need to do something, she is simply exploiting you. Does Sonal know about her?” asked Rajat.

“No, I’m scared. I don’t know what to do, what if she gets it wrong?” said a thoughtful Tejesh.

“I bet she’ll understand you. I think you should talk to her about this matter and get things clear. She’s quite understanding, she’ll be able to help you somehow…”, suggested Rajat.

“But why did she hit you Rajat? I’m so shocked with this behavior of hers… you guys were made for each other…” enquired Tejesh

“Marriage changes everything, I wish I could be happy. She has become so unpredictable and short tempered these days. I think she’s having a tough time at work… she said she was sorry, it will pass… ”

A couple of days later, when Rajat had stopped giving conjunctivitis as an excuse for the dark shades, and had abandoned them, something big happened at the workplace. He heard a loud commotion at the office, something broke or maybe somebody fell! Their boss and the notorious woman, Ambika who made unprecedented sexual advances to Tejesh and had stalked him was being beaten up by Sonal, Tejesh’s Fiancée. Everyone at the office seemed surprised at Sonal’s action. Some even wished that their wives and girlfriends had done the same to this annoying old tormentor.

No one at the office tried to save Ambika ma’am or help her by calling the security. Everyone simply enjoyed the show. Sonal being young and strong was definitely winning it, as she sat on Ambika’s back and pulled her hair with one hand and punched her face with the other!

“If you ever, ever take a step towards Tejesh, or any man I bet you, you’ll be dead meat”, Threatened Sonal banging Ambika’s head on the table and kicking her butt!

This outbreak and the obvious threat to never stalk her boyfriend worked well. Ambika was nowhere to be seen in the office for a few days now and everyone worked at peace. All the men felt slightly jealous of Tejesh for being so lucky to have such a beautiful, courageous and supportive girlfriend. “She’s a complete woman!” exclaimed Karan, a new employee. “Hey! Back off junior. I AM her fiancé”, said Tejesh proudly.

…To be continued 😉 …


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