Upside Down 1

Rajat, is newly married and has moved to a new residence with his wife, Mayurakshi. They lead a somewhat independent life, which is without the interference of his in-laws. Both of them are working individuals, she’s a doctor and he’s an IT employee.

“Darling did you bake that coffee-walnut cake today? I am so dying to have it”

“What? Oh my God! I had completely forgotten about it honey. Let’s go out for dinner tonight, I’ll prepare it some other day”, suggested Rajat.

“What work do you do anyways? All you need to do is to warm up a chair all day, and even then you can’t prepare dinner. I have so much work at the hospital and then I have to face this! Why will I have to spend almost every day to eat out? You are MY husband and you can’t even cook dinner for me! It is your duty ”, complained Mayurakshi.

“Why? I just wanted to go out on a romantic date with you after one whole week. You can’t even do that much for me, and you say you love me…” sulked Rajat.

“Oh! Please. Not that sentimental stuff again. Okay, we’ll go out for dinner tonight. But let us cut it down to once in a month now” negotiated Mayurakshi.

Of course Mayurakshi earns double than what he does, and that was one major reason for him to marry her sensing his job’s insecurity in the IT firm. It was both a love and an arranged marriage, his parents had chosen a well settled and rich wife for him in case he can let go of his job and stay at home later. She drops him off at work in the morning while he gets back home in public transport mostly due to her heavy working schedule.

Life was quite smooth for this couple, but things often got quirky when Mayurkashi had extra work pressure. The flimsy happy married life seemed to shatter very often these days as she had to spend nights out at the hospitals and at times with her friends. He felt lonely and dejected. They often had quarrels over tiny details as to why was the entrance door not double locked, or why was Mayurakshi staying up with her friends when her hubby was alone, or why was he not allowed to go out with his friends that often.

Guys have a tough time in life and blame the matriarchal society constantly. Women rule the society and are the bosses. Women treat men like labours for their mere physical strength and as a mere resource supplier for child birth. Women are intelligent, strong and independent. They can teach, build bridges, invent machines, treat patients, drive trains, planes and buses apart from cars, and they also own companies. A man owning a company and running it is like fighting a war against all odds. Women are preferred for almost all jobs in the world, while men are given priority for labour jobs and as escorts. Men also undergo sexual exploitation for being the minority in the society but they tolerate everything quietly in order to survive. They have decided to revolt against the exploitation of men in the society and pledge for new amendments in the law…

…To be continued 😉


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