Gen-Y retaliates

“Be arrogant with arrogant people; this is the only language they respect, as they confound kindness with weakness.”Paolo Coelho

With another inhuman terrorist attack in Paris in the beginning of November, the united anger in the common people and the governments has risen. While many Indians got reminded of the similar 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008, many think that the world has to face more disrespect and get bombarded due to the loopholes in the national security measures. The Indian sentiments were hurt once again after the black day that killed several innocent people in Mumbai. The condemning of the incident and prayers by various Indian leaders has not done enough to keep the people of the world safe. There have been series of such incidents around the world, where it is always the innocent common people losing their lives and families. The social media went rampant on the issue, with hashtag movements, shameful messages against the attackers and the French tri-colour flag filters on Facebook. Numerous Indians have actively taken part in these movements in shaming the terrorists and letting the sufferers know that they are by their sides. With many strong messages against terrorism from leaders from all over the world, it is for the citizens to watch out for the good times hopefully.

Terrorism is not a religious issue, and neither can any particular religion be labeled as inhuman or anti-social. It is the violence in an individual that is cultivated through certain activities like these. The young generation however does not believe in radically making judgments or speak on matters form an emotional angle. Rather due to certain technological developments people are well informed and have extensive knowledge. On one hand when the world is turning against Muslims and calling names to Islam, there are numerous non-Muslims who believe that a religion is not to be blamed.

“Terrorist attacks do not happen without the participation of some civilians, during the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack, some Indians in high official ranks were involved in helping the terrorists. These traitors are equal to them, even in the Paris attack some French people were involved. Condemning one organization is not the ultimate step, the fraud people who often do not get caught are to be blamed as well”, said a young fashion designer, who wished to remain anonymous.

“Terrorism is an act, one cannot simply call Muslims terrorists. In that way I would say that the world has become an unsafe place for the Muslims, as they are being blamed and attacked for every mass killing. Anybody carrying out illegal activities and killing innocent people is a terrorist, and that person does not represent any particular religion. One cannot only blame some organizations, the French government just bombarded Syria, and they killed so many innocent people as well.  That is not a good deed wither”, said Julfikar Rahaman, 2nd year B.Sc. student,  Barasat College.

It is to see whether the world is heading for an ‘eye for an eye’ society or is there still some sanity and patience in us enough to get things back in shape before it is worse by understanding the cause and effect of events with logic and not being run by emotion.



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