How to be beautiful…

Can you be more beautiful to others? Well, I’m not an expert in suggesting that… but with what little experiences I have gathered till date, it is for sure that people love to laugh! And everybody loves a beautiful person…

If you can make someone laugh, you’ll be considered as a near important or very important human being among your peers. And if someone holds the ability to make you laugh or lighten up your mood in dark times, you better give that soul some importance, because he/she is special!

The one who listens patiently to all your problems and complains, and understands you, is as well a very crucial character in your life. You learn to depend on and love that person, ask for his/her opinion and gradually become the closest minds.

To be beautiful, you don’t really need to be good looking. You would not need to have large pretty eyes or pouty lips to be beautiful. Those are mere parameters to measure one’s prettiness.  Rather you just need to be you. Trying to be someone else all your life, you’ll just remain a ‘wannabe’. You cannot be someone else. But you can be a better YOU. I guess that’s a better consideration. A genuine smile and true eyes can make you the most beautiful person on earth.

To find the perfect person for you, listen to your heart, but also do not forget to look into the clues and facts that your brain is pointing out to. The one whose wavelength matches with yours, the one who laughs at the same jokes like you do without pretending, and the one, who has similar choices like yours, is the right person. That individual may not be good looking, but he/she’s that beautiful soul you’ve been searching for all your life.

You may not be able to impress others by these simple qualities initially, but trust me, people are not stupid. Okay! They are, but not for long, initially human beings are always attracted to glass and not gold, but with time and experience everyone develops the ability to differentiate deceptive from genuine, and glass from gold.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and also in the eyes of your character.


3 comments on “How to be beautiful…

  1. Nice words Elby…

    If today’s people could understand this thing then I think women will be safer in this cruel world….

    But for clapping we use both hands ….

    You can understand. ..


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