Sweetness extended- The journey from a sweet shop to a Bank!

Even though Bengalis have had a poor impression throughout India for being ‘lazy’ and ‘crab minded’ there are some terrific examples of Bengali entrepreneurs and successful business men, who will blow your mind away. Dwarakanath Tagore was the pioneer in setting up a series of business ventures line banking, insurance and shipping companies in partnership with British traders. He became the first Indian bank director in 1828 and in 1829, he founded the Union Bank in Calcutta.

The myth of ‘business is not for Bengali Babus’ has been proven wrong once again as Bandhan, India’s largest Micro finance company received a banking license from RBI recently. Bandhan, was founded by Chandra Shekhar Ghosh in 2001 for lending money to low income women entrepreneurs, Self Help Groups and small scale businesses. Ghosh was raised with limited resources as father had just a small sweet shop as the only source of income.  Ghosh started out as a worker in a NGO in 2001, giving tiny loans to the poor in Konnagar.

In the early days of Bandhan, Ghosh had only two staff members and the group started to give small loans, to poor borrowers in Konnagar and nearby Kolkata suburbs.

Now, Bandhan has 2022 branches operating in 22 states in India while in the race to becoming a bank, Bandhan has beaten some of India’s top corporations and industrial houses.

Among other inspirational Bengali perons, we have Barun Sengupta the founder of Bartaman, Ashok Sarkar the founder of Ananda Bazaar Patrika and Pronnoy Roy, co-founder of NDTV, all successful in the media industry. Amar Gopal Bose founded of the Bose Corporation, famous for its home audio systems worldwide. Arundhati Bhattahcarya, also a Bengali was the first woman to be a chairperson of SBI.

These personalities have taught the world, that all you need to succeed is a strong will power and dedication.


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