The Untold remains Unsaid…

In a documentary titled India’s Daughter, one of the accused of the Nirbhaya case said on camera that girls are “far more responsible for rape than boys”.  That man also added that women should be blamed for going out late at night and “attract the attention of gangs of male molesters.”  According to him, women must not protest to rape rather allow it for the sake of their lives. According to him only 20% girls are good and that the crime that they had committed was a mere accident. The interview had cooked up a storm in the country.

The film was to be telecasted on 8 March, International Women’s Day, but our government stalled it, for exposing the Indian mindset regarding rape. Women are treated as men’s property and objects for fulfilling fetish. The Delhi Police had registered an FIR pertaining to “insult to provoke breach of the peace” while MIB (Ministry of Information and Broadcast) has issued an advisory against screening it on television channels. If the interview in the documentary is a cause of shame for the country, so are the living criminals who are fed and bred in prisons in the name of life-time imprisonment!

Safety for women in India has been an issue forever, but without proper punishment for the unlawful activists, and overlooking of the major cases as minor incidents have given rise to the criminal activities in the nation. And now we have the government trying to cover up their shame! People have the right to know what is in the mind of a potential rapist/ molester. It will act both as a caution and helpful information of the present times. Hence, it is always a wiser option to allow the screening and let the debate begin, for a more strict punishment for offenders. Crime must be nipped at the bud rather than being raised with care disguised in the form of prejudice and chauvinism. The plague must end before it results in ultimate destruction of mankind.

The director, Leslee Udwin had the courage to film the documentary when she followed the news of extensive protests from the mass. She had herself faced sexual assaults at an early age, even then she thought it to be an important task to portray the mind of the accused in her film.


5 comments on “The Untold remains Unsaid…

  1. Very well said Miss Basu…. It’s a shame that we live in a society where “rape” should be allowed but a daughter is killed in the womb…. So days are coming this inhuman people will attempt it on their own family members.


  2. even if it is told n said in broader column…it will remain silent through out generations n that is the tragedy !!awareness is an issue only!!


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