Religion and Spirituality

They, who preach religion and try to brainwash the avid listeners to believe that the religion being spoken of is the ‘best and the most sacred one’, are the worst teachers. Religion is never to be taught or be competed with, it is a way to have faith in the Supreme. Like there are several roads to one building, there are several methods of approaching God. To someone the concept of God may not exist, but a faith remains, while to some the faith takes shape of natural phenomenon or idols. Either way, Faith and Hope prevails through the medium of God. The constant childish fight over the ‘Best God’ and ‘the best religion’ must come to a halt since it is implausible.

There is no fear of being a majority or a minority provided one lives in a healthy society which claims to be secular or unbiased towards any religion. Religion is a procedure to reach a destined height of belief and humanity. A religion happens through humanity not through violence or oppression. The basic principles of all religion are to help the needy and to serve the society in a positive way. Rather we have staunch believers of several religions who call their path ‘the best’, ‘the chosen’, and call ‘their god’ the ‘most powerful’, ‘the ultimate’ and so deem they must gather people all over the world and drag and brainwash them to believe in the religion!

It is time that the globe comes together and follows the ‘religion of humanity’ rather than fight over the similar regulations of different religions stated differently. The age of globalization and the internet must bring in the actual idea of God, mutual respect and trust. One cannot and should not contaminate the divinity of God through wars among ‘religion believers’. Every individual has the right to walk their own way home; one must not be forced to follow one way disregarding the others. Like every artist has their own way of seeing things each human soul has their way of following and believing. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong. A mere human should not show the audacity to judge the ways of nature, or hell breaks loose, which is happening quite frequently now…

Consequently, debating and fighting over religion will not aid to a conclusive victory of peace, rather enhance mistrust and violence. The villagers of the global village should try and encourage fusion and love amongst them, not bloodshed and perception of majority. As said, ‘Divided we fall, united we stand’, we must not segregate communities and religions but unify them. It is good to be spiritual, but dangerous to be religious.


4 comments on “Religion and Spirituality

  1. “For there is god in you, love it don’t search for it. For the one you follow, there is only one supreme with varied names but one face.” – the shiva trilogy.
    I just loved what you wrote 🙂 It’s so true.. it’s no damn neat 🙂


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