Today, suddenly I discovered that I’m in possession of a pendrive for about 6 months of which I had no knowledge! A wide grin brightened me up, and I travelled back to the age of 200 BC when Archimedes discovered buoyancy. If my finding a hidden pendrive can give me so much joy, what could have happened to Archimedes? No wonder everyone feels something similar each time they discover a new road or an easier way to work out something.

The same euphoric feeling dawns on me when I discover 100 rupee notes in my jeans pockets after months, and that’s when I feel rich and think of treating myself with chocolates!

Sometimes when I ponder about Philosophy of Life and Art and Dreams, I often quote myself, “Discovery is an Art, you cannot discover until you are looking for a discovery…” and then I look up at the mirror pretending to be a proud author! You can feel that ecstatic when you suddenly find out the kind of dress that you have been searching for ages, while window shopping and you know it’s now or never “I must grab it NOW.” And then you discover friends with gifts, yet never get to utilize those gifts to the fullest. Hence the discovery remains unsuccessful till you actually get the taste of that god gifted talent.

Like discovery, even dreaming can be considered to be a form of art, (Daydreaming, because we hardly have control over the other form of dreaming!) since it falls under the banner of creativity. You can dream of all your desires. Once I dreamt (while asleep), that I have discovered an island full of otherwise extinct animals, and that I was being rewarded a big fluffy white cat by Barack Obama!


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