In the video of ‘Kodaline- All I want’, a message has been clearly delivered to the audience, that being different is not wrong, rather it a challenge, and a challenge to be carried off with responsibility and beauty. The beauty that lies in the video is incomparable to all the beautiful ladies out there in the world or some of the best-looking men on earth who can bring thousands of women down to their knees out of admiration. Beauty ultimately stands out to be a feeling, not something that one can see or touch but experience only by feeling it.

How often do music videos actually touch the heart bringing out that emotion from within and teach us a lesson which we have been taught over the years but have never bothered to learn? When it comes to music videos, a very common question arises, ‘Why a music video? Music is supposed to be heard and not seen…’ it is true to an extent, but don’t we always say ‘audio-visual’ together? Audio and visuals complement one another, hence there are videos along with music. On hearing a song people picturize a story in their own way, but once there is a video, it gets easier for the artists to convey their message directly to the audience. Over centuries there have been critics critiquing different works of Art and Literature, but had there been an explanation to the works of the artists would there have been any such confusion? Studying would become so much easier for students, not to learn and understand numerous theories and interpretations of the same work of Art or Literature. Since music is a form of Art, the musicians have all the rights to create an impression of their work to the audience directly and save all the confusions that might occur in future. The videos that told sweet stories through the melodious songs like ‘Meri chunar ud ud jaye’, ‘Aankho mein’, ‘Teri chehra jab nazar aye’, ‘Leja Leja re’ and many more did wonders in the Indian music world. The stories shown along with the songs, to some extent brought out the artists’ imagination and helped the audience experience it.

On the other hand, there is a different part of the argument, which brings the creativity of the viewers in question. To some it seems that the audience is spoon-fed through the readymade music videos. Many listeners have created their own videos in respect to their favourite songs to reject the official video or to challenge the artist’s creation. According to a research, it was found that when such videos are compared, many people prefer the fan made video of the song rather than the official video.

‘Is there any regulation to check imagination?’ the question arises, to which many seem to be ignorant. Does it really matter which video is better, or which tells the story more beautifully? What should matter is how the viewer feels about the video and the song together. One may like both the videos, while some may have a preference. Each individual has their own way of representation, which cannot be and should not be brought under rules. One should probably enjoy and feed on the extremely gorgeous levels of creativity displayed through music videos.


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