The joy of fighting… with your Sensei

A long gap of practice led me to think that I won’t have to practice fights anymore during the karate classes, as I have been missing a lot of classes due to the rains. Well, suddenly Sensei(instructor/ teacher) surprised us with his announcements for a fight today! And I did not have a partner, all kids, none to match my height or weight. For a few minutes I thought that I would probably be sitting throughout the class watching them fight and do nothing myself! But lo! Sensei had different plans for me, he always has something set aside for me. 

I had to fight him. The huge 6 feet 1 inch man, whose wrists are triple to that of mine, and whose thunderous voice make kids cry out in fear. The contrast was outstanding. Though my emotions have deserted me long ago, I felt far too many emotions to keep track of! I remember a few- excitement, aggression, fear and fear and fear. Fear of getting smashed on the wall. I knew he wouldn’t hit me as I, nor any of his students can stand to bear his powerful punches and kicks. It was meant to be training, especially for me. I felt blessed. 🙂

Sensei: Kick

I kicked and obviously he saved it as smoothly as one would wave his hand to shoo away a mosquito. In turn I was expecting a heavy blow, and it did land on my abdomen. My hands have never been able to save Sensei’s kicks successfully. They are too strong to be saved, hence I hit myself and also got hit at the same time. 

Sensei: Punch me with all your strength

I punch and he didn’t move an inch! 

Sensei: Okay, now kick me again

This time I tried a mousigiri (round kick), he saved it again, and luckily this time I jumped back a few yards to save myself from an approaching kick. Generally during practicing fights, in Karate a kick is rewarded with a kick, and a punch with a punch, though often the opponent might not do so and that is when pops up the element of surprise. And how can Sensei Mir not surprise you? So to the reply of my third kick he landed a “slight” punch on my head guarded with a head-guard. I felt like I hit my head on a tree trunk!

Sensei: I only touched your head and you fell back several yards away. What is wrong with you? Why aren’t you able to save??

I had no answer.

Now it was time for punches. 

Sensei: Punch me.

I punched him on his chest. 

Sensei: Not here, on the face, always punch on the face. And also try to save all the punches approaching your face.

I obeyed him. The very next moment I wished I  hadn’t done so! He definitely saved the punch, grabbed me from the shoulder and like one tosses a crushed useless paper into the bin, he tossed me on the floor. I landed on the rock hard floor on my back. For a couple of seconds, I couldn’t breath, I felt numb and wanted to cry! I was rolling on the floor for what felt like a very long time. I got up gradually and felt hot, sensing all the eyeballs in the room fixed at me questioningly. Junior Sensei asked if I was hurt. Hell, of course I was. How can you not be hurt if you drop off from a 10 feet tall tree?? That was how I exactly felt, but the distance I had fallen from wouldn’t be more than 5 feet! I said with a smile that I felt dizzy. But the funny thing was, I felt confident after the massive fall! Heaven knows why, but I felt good. something told me that ‘you needed to experience that pain, so it is good that you did fall and now you know the technique of tossing off other people !’ I was elated, later I visualized myself doing the same to a lot of faceless annoying people. I even visualized me trying to pull off Sensei from the floor and toss him, but my imagination got stuck with my attempt to pull him off the floor. I need more practice, in fact a loooot of practice to even think about it.

And here I am facing my desktop and typing my experience of the evening with a sprained ankle. (The pain is from Sensei’s tough hands saving my powerless kicks.) Even then it feels good. I feel like a warrior! (short time feeling)


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