Modern girl vs Behenji

A brief conversation between one of today’s so called Modern girl and a casual Behenji

Modern Girl : Hi behenji!

Behenji : Stop calling me that

MG : what’s wrong? You look like one…

B : Do you mean, I am a Behenji because I do not waste money and time in looking good and attracting male attention by my face, yet I am smart and definitely because I have brains which you absolutely lack!

MG : Smart? Who you? Go look at yourself in the mirror

B : How do you define smart honey? By spitting unnecessary adjectives into each sentence you speak or by speaking wrong English and make yourself appear as desperate wannabies? Or would you say wearing miniskirts and showing off your fat legs are signs of smartness.. Some of you “Smart Girls” can even fast for months to fit into a mini skirt!!

MG : Are you trying to insult me?

B : Any doubts?

MG : You are so backdated, you don’t wear designer and branded clothes, look at me I am so modern…

B : As if you are updated!! Please tell me who’s the minister of Information and Broadcasting of India?

MG : Good Lord! I am talking of fashion, not politics!

B : Which fashion designer has been in the news recently? Any idea?

MG : You know what, you don’t need to read newspapers for that… just scan through the supplements… Learn the brands and be confident and feel high by wear those stuff.

B : Really? You mean spending Rs10000 from yours parent’s wallet, for a pair of faded jeans is worthy to make you feel confident? Why don’t you join some personality development course… Or you may rather appoint a Psychoanalyst…

MG : You are disgusting. You would never understand the importance of brands, this is why we have boyfriends, you don’t.

B : Smart girls have friends.

MG : You wouldn’t have boyfriends because you are not sexy. I am, look at my curves, my hairstyle.

B : Do you mean, that you have to stand in awkward positions to show your bulging out bum to attract your boyfriend?!?!?! Or just because you are half bald, you cut your hair in the crazy manner to make it look fluffy?

MG : To hell with your explanations. He calls me sexy. (introduces behenji with a Hulk!) This is my Baby.

B : My God! He’s double your size. What if he falls on you, you’ll be squashed! Beware, or get something to eat.

MG : Shut up. You are just jealous of me, because I have a BF.

B : Oh! Please, rather I would appreciate cute and normal men other than the grumpy black cats. I have friends to spend time with, and a friend in need is a friend indeed.

MG : So is the case with a BF. A boyfriend in need is a boyfriend indeed. Isn’t it so baby? (Winks at BF and reaches out for his wallet. BF’s smiles painfully, swimming in deep love for MG.)

B : Anyways, I have work to do, you carry on your sweet nothings. (turns to leave, but helpful boy-friend appears)

MD : Who’s that? You can’t have a BF. That’s impossible; your BF would probably be a bald guy with thick glasses on the nose…

Boy-friend : I’m her friend, we have an appointment with so and so company for a job interview. Bye.

MG, turns off her head and plays with BF’s wallet.


10 comments on “Modern girl vs Behenji

  1. too ironic n humorous.. but hope you won’t mind if i criticize a bit! nothing serious..nothing vague… 😉 actually, so called bahenji’s don’t speak in that language..n if you wanted to present’t as ‘even a bahenji can speak in that language if they want to’, then it is perfectly “kuuuuul”… 😉


  2. A very good attempt indeed Lahari and hopefully your narrative and vocabulary skills will flourish in the future. For now… it was good. Liked the plot, but I was really expecting a better climax. Nevertheless, excellent endeavour and I am eager to read your next post!. All the best.


  3. Can you possibly help me. I called a visitor to my blog ‘Bhenji’ thinking it was a term of respect, but she replied by saying “okay… well first of all we don’t appreciate being called Bhenji (you have spelled it wrong anyway.) whatever nationality you belong to have some respect for those who are not from the same nation.”
    I’m white and English and totally unaware of how I have offended her – can you offer me any advice as to how to reply?
    Sorry for the unconventional approach but I read your excellent post and … well, you seem to know a lot more of the subtleties of this matter than me.
    If you want to see the original conversation then it is at: “” (if you search on the page for ‘Hemangini’ then you will find the relevant conversation) but I’m telling you this to give you full information rather than trying to entice you to my site. 🙂
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
    Kind regards – Robert.


    • Thank you so much for liking my blog posts Robert.
      Well, as far as your ‘bhenji’ comment is concerned, the correct spelling would be ‘behenji’ which means ‘respected sister’. It is a positive and respectful term, but I am not exactly aware, why the lady got upset to be addressed as ‘behenji’. In our country, the term is at times also used to ridicule someone, as if she is not smart or competent enough to face the outside world! So, probably Hemangini misunderstood you.

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