A Colourful Holi

My Holi started yesterday, when I went to the market with mom for regular shopping and watched with awe how colourful and happy the streets looked. The first thing mom stopped for was cucumbers, the man selling cucumbers had a lot of vegetables laid about him, and one of them was a majestic looking pumpkin. There were other people around, and a man asked the price of pumpkin, he said it was ten rupees per kilograms, the buyer happily asked him to proceed with cutting a wedge of 500 grams. As soon as he started to cut out pieces the buyer screams, “Not that.. I wanted that one over there, the beautiful one…” he pointed out to the majestic pumpkin. The vendor’s replied “that’s fourteen rupees per kilo”
“Keno (Why)” came in the swift and confused question, cause he had just said ten rupees per kilo was the price.
“Karon eta pumpkin ar ota kumro (Because this is Pumpkin and that is kumro{Bengali word for pumpkin})”, came the intelligent replied from the humorous vendor. The so called Pumpkin was bright orange and huge and I guess a few kittens could easily fit into the center once that was cleared, while the Kumro was a bit pale and not so huge. That’s all the difference between the Pumpkin and the Kumro!
Later on while peeping into some of the shops selling colours my eyes caught a very vibrant punk head! I don’t know whether that’s a proper word or not, but this guy had a multicoloured wig placed firmly on his head. The wig had every colour of hair in it. Okay, not real hair but it seemed very soft! And the false hair was well combed and done so that it stood out only throughout the middle on the head. The hair was too long and when he moved his head it almost brushed against my face! There were many such shocking display of colourful hair all over the market; what colour would you want – they had yellow, golden, green, red, purple, blue and everything!
Today my day started very late, but it started with a bang. My student called to inform how her English exam had been. Then gradually recovering from the sleepiness I realized it was 10:30am and children downstairs have already started splattering and smearing colours everywhere. ‘Oh God! I am so late.” I hurriedly had my breakfast and prepared for different coloured Abir that I had, to smear my fellow players’ face with. I got painted with red, yellow, orange and fluorescent green! No wonder I was laughing madly, just like Rani did in the film Queen on her own silly jokes. The colours were followed by tasty colourful Lemon rice of course cooked by me, but without any supplements.


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