Following the Trend? Not My thing..

When someone is forced to follow the trend, they end up committing silly mistakes. Once I met an old friend on the street, and incidentally we started chatting but I have to admit he was looking awfully ugly he was looking. Well, he never did look very pleasing or handsome but somehow kind of decent, but that day’s appearance couldn’t hold me back from calling him ugly right on his face! I know it sounds rude to behave that way, but if I can narrate to you the conversation some of you might think that what I did was just!
“Hey! How are you?”
“I’m fine. How are you? Which school are you in now?”
He replied the name of his school, and started reciting gossips of the past year which I had missed. Then suddenly I noticed a horrible misfit on his face. “What’s that?” I asked with a horrific questioning expression. He stammered and paused to understand my sudden gesture and then looked around to find what I was talking about and gave me a puzzled look. I explained, “Why are you wearing these ugly glasses?!?!”
He looked as if he had just been slapped in front of a room full of people, I felt sorry because my outburst but couldn’t help it.
His expression changed suddenly, and he took to defending his extraordinary sense of style, and said, “What’s wrong with it? I love my new specs..”
“But they are not good looking….. in fact you are not looking good wearing them..”
“This is fashion honey!”
“What fashion?? Why wear something which does not suit you..?”
“Arree.. This is the trend, I am cool with it. And come on, it’s Fastrack, dude.”
Firstly I am not a “dude”, I wondered why people use terms which do not go with the person they are referring to.
“What Fastrack Shastrack!! How does it matter if it makes one look horrible?” I had logic, but he did not. His reply suggested that.
“You won’t understand, this is fashion. You are too simple for this…” and blah blah!!
“But it’s… ugly”, I muttered.
This is what people mostly do, when they are out of reasoning and sense, they talk rubbish! They try to prove their helpless, senseless and logic less decisions by proving themselves stupid instead! Just like one of my friends, Pratik Lahiri, posted in Facebook, yesterday that “when you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is tragic only for others…It is the same when you are stupid” I often find live examples, of such cases where, when they have nothing else to do, they decide to prove their idiocy by any possible means. Why can’t people respect individualism? Why not make your own choice and be the leader rather than following the mass?

Fashion is one thing which really doesn’t intrigue me, wearing weird clothes or pieces of fabric for show, doesn’t grab my attention, and that too when done for the sake of following the unannounced trend! Another thing that escapes my understanding is the inappropriate usage of the word “sexy”. I can’t really follow it when someone says “Sexy eyes”, “Sexy hands”, “Sexy dress”, “Sexy nose”, sexy this sexy that… But it gets worse when the noun form following this controversial adjective changes. For example- “Sexy Voice!” “Sexy Bag!” “Sexy Hair”, the heights was when I heard “Sexy Headphones!” Really?? I know that sometimes talking nonsense is good, but isn’t this too much of nonsense? Calling everything sexy!!
All I could do was sit bearing a confused look, and ponder on the oxymoron. I mean how on earth can you call a mere headphone sexy? Can somebody please elaborate the thought process to me??


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