The Pleasure of Writing

The pleasure of being a writer is you can change everything about you but still remain “You”. You can change your form, colour, gender, race, religion, being, everything, yet think in your way, write in your way, laugh, talk, shout, scold and debate in your own way! How else on Earth can anybody get this happiness? We often think “What if I was a boy/girl?” or “What if I was to fall prey to this situation?” or “What if I was a princess?” or “What if he was mine?” And so the list goes on… “What if…?” While you write, you can be a cat, a mosquito, a free bird, a lion, may be an elephant if you’d like to sit on someone, a film star, a doctor, a flowing blue river, a car, a diamond ring, a banyan tree, or even a five rupee coin! No one can stop you from being what you want, and the best part of it is you can carry out all you unfulfilled desires through your pen!
Are you angry on someone? Go kill him in your story. How else would you solve problems in life so easily? Want to travel underwater? Just take a plunge in your ink, start scribbling whatever comes to your mind, you do not need to care whether your information is accurate; all you need to do is write to your heart’s content. And the happiness you receive when your friends tell you, that you are their best writer is priceless-ly indescribable! That was a huge compliment I got yesterday from a friend named Anurag Deb, whom I had promised to write about, but till date haven’t got enough info or incidents to write about.
I have always wanted to do a lot of things; I wanted to be a writer, a journalist, a singer, a sports star, any form of leader, an actress etcetera etcetera . I have had many plans for adventure sports as well, and I want to travel the world. But frankly speaking I never really tried or applied for the acting thing, guess I was too shy, and neither did anyone call for me, so what? I ended up making films and acting in them! So you see, you just have to keep on dreaming, and then fulfilling them is your job, no matter who says what, you should live your dream. Whether you complete it by writing or by action is up to you, but never expect others to understand your dream and carry it out for you, for then you’ll become too lazy to dream! This friend of mine Anurag, tells me “Get a boyfriend and add some spice to your life.” I say, “I already have the spices, just need to cook them.”

*Anurag, though I couldn’t write much about you, I guess mentioning you did lay an initial step on the process…


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