A Trip To The Lap Of Nature – Lolegaon

Start your journey to Lolegaon after a quick shower, yes, however cold it is in the mountains never forget to bathe, because especially in the winter your body demands water both internally and externally, or it gets dry making you sick. Lolegaon also offers its travelers some wonderful sights of the town below, a tall statue of Lord Buddha and a lush green, beautiful, majestic, romantic (whatever whatever, I am out of words) forest with a small tower known as the Sunrise point, where you can witness the sunrise. When we visited the place to watch sunrise, due to heavy fog we couldn’t even see each other standing 3 meters apart, but what we got was a gift from Nature, who didn’t want to disappoint me and as it seemed that Nature knew of my wish. Clusters of clouds went past us, and through us. It seemed you could eat puffs of clouds and dance in them making momentary formations of gaps in the dense white form.
Once done with the sunrise point come back to the hotel for breakfast and shower, get ready and head straight to the mysterious forest. Just take a walk from under and above the fallen logs and branches, pluck a few edible mushrooms, only if you know which ones are edible, climb up and take a walk on the hanging bridge. Be careful enough to get out of the forest before it is dark, since the local people say that bears often take strolls in the jungle and tend to break the water pipes and drink from there and attack any humans on sight. We actually saw a brave survivor who had fought a bear with a simple dagger and had spent the following month in the hospital.DSC_1127
We had spent two days in Lolegaon, the following morning we were ready to leave after breakfast for Lava. While we where waiting for the luggage to be loaded in the cars, a cute dog came sniffing and wagging its tail to me. Though I do not like dogs, I developed an exceptional love for this one, I don’t know why. It wore a very innocent look on its face and looked up at me with its helpless teary eyes. Mom bought a packet of biscuits, and we started feeding the doggy. Hell! He was hungry, he gobbled up one full row of biscuits and then as it seemed he burped and looked up happily thanking us for his meal.
We set out for Lava, and once more traveled within the dark mysterious forests. These forests had trees, with labels, stating the name of the tree, the specie it belongs to and the year when the seeds were sown. Something very unusual caught my eyes while others didn’t notice it. The temperature was quite low and there were sheets of ice on the road puddles which broke when the wheels of the car passed over them. Clear sheets of ice, one might mistake them for glasses enclosing the puddles with the water beneath.
to be continued…


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