T.E.T Massacre

The sudden explosion bombarded in the form of breaking news by 24 Ghanta on Saturday lead the state to rise up in protest against the severe betrayal, they have undergone while giving the Teacher’s Eligibility Test (for the primary teachers). The audio tape which was broadcast on the channel; is now being denied by Suranjana Chakraborty, claiming that the voice that is doing all the partial and messy talks is not hers, but a tampered voice, as said by our honourary Higher Education Minister Bratya Basu! “Interview te k 9 pabe r k 2 pabe seta sampurna amader bepar”(Who gets 9 and who gets 2 in the interview is completely for us to decide); after this outrageous statement which examinee will not feel cheated?
Now in all this scepticism where is the famous lady who opens and never shuts her mouth and goes on and on screaming without any solid content? Where is she, who ran into every incident; be it a fire in the market place, or cases of violence against women or supporting farmers deprived of land by fasting? How did she become so quiet all of a sudden? OR is she losing control on her “DAL”? What happened to the “Shatata-r Pratik” (symbol of honesty), where did all the honesty vaporize to?
They pointed to others at every drop of a hat and blamed them for whatsoever evil happenings around the city, and demanded CBI investigation every now and then; isn’t it unnatural for them to believe one of their friend’s words -of-mouth and ignore what the media has to show with evidence? Did the CBI craze just drop off the brave hearts? Are they scared of the leaks those are finally tearing away the tight shell of their “Ganatantrik dol” (Democratic Party) and not “Dalatantrik” (groupism)? Do these people think that the common men are all fools and illiterate? Or do they consider themselves to be over qualified to deal with the mass at all? How could they even think of betraying the people of their basic human rights and carry on with these cheap poly-tricks without getting caught? Finally when a solid and evident incident was revealed, they are nowhere to be found to comment!


One comment on “T.E.T Massacre

  1. dats y i love to call myself an anarchist. n m proud of it. :p
    n i relent govt. jobs as well 😉 :p :p
    neways great article. m good job “pointing it out” !!!


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