There may not be a completely justified reason to this name of the film, but it’s worth a watch. The story is very different from the general conventional line Bengali films of Tollywood. Directed by Gaurav Pandey “Hanuman.com” revolves around a very simple school teacher, Anjaniputra, played by Prasenjit Chatterjee, who is forced to learn computer to cope up with the trend and set question papers using the computer. Getting internet connection to his computer he starts studying thoroughly on Albert Einstein and cockroaches!! Eventually he starts online chat with a mysterious lady named Maria from Iceland and she calls Anjaniputra, her “George Clooney”. One night Anjaniputra, on one of their video chats suddenly witnessed Maria’s murder which shook him well enough that he gave up his profession and suffered internally for not being able to tell anyone about what he saw. Finally he sells his only piece of land for a good lump sum of money and sets out for Iceland leaving a letter to his wife asking her to wait.
Then begins his journey in the delivery of truth, he gets help from several people and finally succeeds in his mission.
The landscapes of Iceland are absolutely mesmerizing, every angle of those shots were beautiful, from the aurora to the snow covered areas. Prosentjit as always stood out on his acting skills, the girl who played the character of Nan-Noori did a great job as well. Personally I felt that there were certain things unnecessarily stuffed into the film to make it more commercial. The kantabai jokes and the gibberish dialogues of the Iceland resident Bengali man played by the director himself were unnecessary.
The timings of the story as indicated by the news regarding Vajpayee did not really go with the internet savvy era of the 2010s. Some sudden sparks of intelligence in Anjaniputra’s wife who couldn’t even recognize Einstien’s name and the fact that a teenager could hack into an important person’s personal computer were not very convincing. There might have been some sequential problem in the script; otherwise I have loved the story. This is a benchmark in the Tolly industry, where this 5crore budget film was partly shot in Iceland and came up with a very different and convincing plot never been found in the industry before. The ending might seem boring to some, while some might find a dream like resemblance of a common man’s return to his old, boring and contented life.
The use of music is absolutely wonderful. The rap version of “ikir mikir cham chikir” the use of “Prithibita naki choto hote hote” in appropriate scenes and the transformed form of “Momo chitte nite nritte” were clever works.
The title of the film might have been derived from the synonymous name of Anjaniputra – Hanuman, the brave Hindu god, the follower of Lord Ram; and the “.com” has been added to it for the internet based effect on Anjaniputra’s life.
This film is an official tribute to Goutam Chattopadyay, the Bengli rock music icon of the 80s whose Mohiner Ghoragulo became very famous.

Direction – 8/10 ; Plot – 8.5/10 ; Acting – 7/10 ; Script – 6/10 ; Cinematography – 8.5/10 ; Music – 8.5 /10


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