The Whining Ailment

Exams are just two days from now, and I am left in the middle of nowhere. All I did today was to flip through the class notes and sleep! I swore to myself that I won’t take a long nap, but sleep defied me, umm… not really, nature did find ways to wake me up but that process was rather disturbing.( Actually it is always disturbing when someone tries to wake you off your beautiful sleep.)
Perhaps I was dreaming about something when suddenly I hear a loud annoying whining near my ear, and the noise penetrated the fat blanket that I had covered my head with! No wonder it was a mosquito. Though I had a mosquito repellent on, it didn’t bother this tiny rebel to sing at my ear, and in your sleep with your limbs partially paralyzed it is really hard to concentrate on the sound and kill a mosquito. No matter how much these “All-Outs” and “Good Nights” pronounce themselves to be the best mosquito repellents with humorous advertisements, the truth is that they get immune to these chemicals. And believe me, you cannot finish a full bottle in just 2 weeks, so the longer it remains, the better it gets for the mosquito families, they breed and pass on the immunity virus to their successors, and therefore every new generation is more immune to your mosquito repellent. Thus this leaves the “All-Outs” and “Good-nights” literally as all-out’s in their field of work!!
At that moment it felt as if the mosquito was whining just like my friends and I do before the exams! It seemed as if it was complaining about not letting it enough space to enter under the blanket and bite my forehead, and it also seemed that Mr. Jazz singer was portraying me suffering from all sorts or pre-examination tension and dancing to an intolerable opera, right above my ear finally waking me up!
Well, you know what, I actually thought of writing so many things when I was in a trance of sleep and the jazz being played by the mosquito, but now when I am in front of the computer I am suffering from something called… the writer’s block!
I took out about 5 minutes to type this gibberish article on err… whatever the topic is, since my mind is floating around everywhere apart from my books. So this little typing helped me fan some freshness into my mind before it gets all blocked and jammed with the difficult, confusing & techie terms from the books…


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