Time for some re-adjustment

Recently people have forgotten to say “excuse me” or even the most colloquial “ektu side deben” but they will simply push you aside and stamp on your foot and make their own way! This disgusting and uncultured behaviour has recurred again after the Pujas.

Today I had to go out with my mother for some marketing, and had to face the crowd pouring in for the Laxmi Puja preparations. I got pushed and hit about four times! and Two of them were deliberate acts. Once, a fat woman was going to enter a shop, by the gate of which I was standing, in place of asking me to move aside, she just pushed me with her sweaty hands and made her way into the shop. The immediate feeling I had, was to drag her down the stairs and order her to ask me for forgiveness.

The next time, it was a man somewhat in his 50s. He was walking dramatically with a folded umbrella in his hand and hitting anybody and everybody in front of him with it while marching on the crowded road. As soon as his annoying umbrella touched my back I spun around and hit him in his ribs with my elbow. To my utter surprise, he never bothered to question this act of mine; rather he kept on walking the same way hitting another man in front of him. After a while, mom and I had moved on to another shop, while she was buying vegetables I was looking here and there and caught sight of that man again, this time it seemed that he was doing, what he was doing, deliberately. He found immense joy in poking or hitting others with his umbrella, and also being hit back! As this time I was glaring at him he might have felt uncomfortable to continue with his silly deeds, so he moved a bit away, but my glare didn’t have long lasting effects. On the other footpath I thought I saw him trying to poke another woman with his umbrella. I have a feeling that this sort of people has nothing called shame or repentance. They continue doing things which annoy others and get paid back the same way but they don’t hold the wisdom to even understand the cause of their misfortune. They even get verbally abused and sometimes even the mob might charge them, but they won’t stop their perverted and sadistic activities.

Once in a bus, or rather a mini bus, a woman was standing with a child in her arms right in front of the door. People in front of me and I had to get down in the next bus-stop, so we started moving forward. Since the bus won’t stop for long, people were in a rush to get down or getting ready to hear a mouthful from the conductor. A woman who was just before me, looked at the woman with the child and gestured her to move aside, but she didn’t, and not just she didn’t, but also she stood in a way as if she owned the place, stretching out her large self and standing like a wall in the way of the passengers to get down the bus. Now, with no other option this lady before me had to make her way out with as much less trouble as possible. Then the woman with the child let out a scream and said “Why, can’t you see I am holding a child??”, with an angry expression. This lady was so frustrated with her behaviour that she didn’t bother to reply her and waste her time. Since I was just behind her, I had to find some solution to this screaming since I have a high disliking for loud noises! So I calmly suggested her, “Why don’t you move aside and stand sideways? That way  you can also stand comfortably and others can also get down freely.”

“Where?? Where shall I move??” came in the swift and sharp reply.

“Here, stand sideways.” I had to literally show her how to stand!! And suddenly her angry face gave way to a relaxed one. This drastic change made me laugh as soon as I got down from the bus; her high pitched scream resulted down to a barely audible “Okay…” And there she stood normally allowing the others to walk in and out.

Some people cannot and do not want to adjust, rather they will try to prove others wrong and quarrel and make issues out of things of trifle importance. If you adjust with the rest, it will be your own benefit rather than wasting your energy and time quarreling and scuffling with them. But, yes, on certain cases you do need to protest and do what you think should be done, but never forget to keep your calm, because once you lose it you wouldn’t know what you are capable of; and there wouldn’t be any difference between you and a criminal.



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