Egyptian Glory enters Tollywood

The plot of Mishor Rahasya revolves around Hieroglyph, an ancient form of ancient Egyptian writing system which used pictures to describe words and actions. An Egyptian business man hires Raja Roychowdhury to decipher the meaning of some hieroglyphic writings by his teacher, Mufti Mohammad, during his sleep, thinking that he might have written his will, giving information about treasures. To decipher the meaning of the pictures Kakababu has to take a trip to Egypt himself to track down the mystery while he cannot tell anybody the meaning of the writings. Kakababu sets his adventurous feet on Egypt along with his nephew Shontu declining all the pleas of an CBI official who suspected that another disciple of Mufti Mohammad is trying to kidnap Kakababu and force him to tell them the meaning of Mufti ‘s will. Things take a turn when they land up in Egypt and Kakababu gets kidnapped by Aquadi’s men.

This film directed and scripted by Srijit Mujherji, and based on the story written by Sunil Gangopadhyay, is a master piece; everything seems well planned and executed. Prosenjit Chatterjee has proved his acting skills yet again fitting extremely well into the role of Raja Roychowdhuri aka “Kakababu”, starting from his attire and appearance, to allowing himself to become the character he has excelled in the art of acting. Devdaan also has done a great job as Shontu. No wonder Indraniel Sengupta can be one among the best villains in the film industry. His journey from “Dashami”, and “Kahaani” has given him a twist in his career, to focus more on negative roles.

The dialogues are as usual, very unique, given the patent of Srijit, they are entertaining and yet informative. Though the actual story is based on the 1960s-70s, Srijit has given his film a contemporary look. One should really look out for some scenes, like in the one when “Kakababu” fights two men with his stick and the action sequence is frozen to bring the comics-sketch effect; the scene just before the interval when Hani Alquadi is shown form the back and the camera pans and moves to a different angle covering the whole of Alquadi’s physical feature standing out in the desert rock background, and definitely the surprising scene of Alquadi’s disguise. It also has a spine-chilling climax underneath a pyramid.

The music by Indraadip Dasgupta, no wonder, has matched every sequence of the film making your heart brim up with adventure and fun.

This puja, watch out for this wonderful adventure packed film, and make your holidays worthy. I would love to declare this as one of the best Bengali films that I have watched.

mishor rahasya


5 comments on “Egyptian Glory enters Tollywood

  1. The trailer looked lame to me.. But youre reviews seem encouraging… im free tomorrow… maybe i will go and catch this movie in a theatre… 😀


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