Atonement – To compensate your mistake?

Though the film ‘Atonement’ release in 2007, but I only got to watch it today, and what a wonderful work of art! Credit goes to both the author of the book and the director of the film, Ian McEwan and Joe Wright respectably.  The story deals with the wrong assumption of a teenager, Briony Tallis, for which her beloved elder sister’s life gets spoilt. This guilt made her live through out, she did try to atone for her errors, but it was too late, she lost love and happiness from her life and her sister’s. The story is based in the 1930’s, and concentrate on the psyche of a teenager, who is seldom trusted and is ignored by the boy she falls for, which eventually leads her to take life in a different way, and the victims of her grave mistake-Cecilia and Robbie.

Mistakes once made leave a mark, especially when your loved ones are affectedatonement. And that mark can never be scrubbed off you, however hard you try. It just stays and eats you up from within. The actors have no wonder done a great job. Keira Knightly who played Cecilia as usual was amazing, Robbie played by James McAvoy was a character full with emotion and suffering, and the little roles that Venessa Redgrave and Romola Garai played were so wonderfully presented that you might get torn up from within by watching the girl regret her deeds. Since emotion was of major importance in this film, all the actors had given their best to bring out the character and facial expressions.

The music was stupendous, it is probably the first time I have heard the use of typewriting sounds in music. It was obviously beautiful and also went well with the scenes. The use of frequent flashbacks worked well, thought the beginning of the film was a bit confusing it picked up pace with time, and the end delivers to you a pang of guilt and remorse, from the part of Briony.

Do watch this film to understand the emotions of people. It is not obvious that one who does something does it to harm you, but often they themselves die out of pain they have given to others by one little mistake. Human Psyche is a very complicated issue; it is quite difficult to judge one’s decision on a given matter, though it is also difficult to assume things just by seeing them. There is no ‘correct assumption’ or ‘Truth’ or ‘Right’. Truth is just how people define it, and right is based on perception. What may seem right to one may seem wrong to another. So judging someone or jumping to conclusions is a defect in the human behavior, but we do so, we do such things very often, without knowing how many are left affected by our decisions and quick assumptions.


2 comments on “Atonement – To compensate your mistake?

  1. I have always imagined what it would be like to discuss this film with at least one of my friends! And I’m soo glad that it happened 🙂 Everything you wrote brings back various moments from this amazing movie! Thanks for the read bestie! 😀


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