Freedom at stake

Yesterday, while dining at a city restaurant, something constantly pricked my eyes- the sight of some fancy fishes jailed in a tiny aquarium. They had outgrown the space and the little pond was over populated, it was very clear that they required more space to live. All of them gathered on the top and mid level of the water body, since the lower portion was occupied with prickly plastic plants used to beautify the aquarium and give the inhabitants a false impression of their natural habitat. There were about 10 fishes in there; some were too large for that size of the aquarium. One of the inmates, which was somewhat triangular in shape was so scared that it just remained stagnant at its place, and was just flipping its tiny tail and breathing occasionally to keep floating. But none dared to go to the lower water level, because the artificial fiber plants would tear off their skin from their bodies, and so all of them struggled to fit into the minimum space an organism may have to live in.round-aquarium-962x1193

One of them constantly wandered about one area trying to hit against the glass and find a way to escape. Once or twice another fancy fish’s tail glided over its head and distracted it from its current motive, but then again it was back to breaking free. The eyes looked so troubled and horrified, that I desperately wanted to carry these fishes to a large pond where they can live and swim freely and happily. But I guess a part of me that is highly influenced by human civilization lessons, have suppressed my desire to help the weaker ones in need and release them in their appropriate environment. While the other part wanted to scream and point out the flaws of the so called “the most civilized creation of God”, in keeping innocent prisoners at confined space to fulfill their idea of beauty. If beauty is of such importance then why not encourage Eco-tourism and watch real marine life enjoy in real habitation? Why this made up scenario that kills the living from within and makes them live life as a living dead?

It may sound of trifle importance to many, but try to put yourself in the position of those imprisoned lives and think. Would you feel like living in such confined space, gasping for air of freedom? Or would you stare out in the distance waiting for your food to come, whose surety is often under question mark; and then fight for it with your inmates with most of whom you don’t know how to converse? How would life seem to you if you were separated from your family, your clan, your root, and ripped off into a tank of unknown water with unknown species? Even the oxygen bubbles are artificially monitored to give you the least of living expectant, ‘Air’.

People may love to take care of pets, but that number is very less, most of us do so because we have had a friend or an acquaintance having a tank full of pretty mariners. But doing something for the sake of doing is not what the educated society is expected of; rather they should feel for the situation and take care of what they should actually do. It won’t be a big deal if you don’t have a pet, that is not a necessity in life, but if you have one either try to understand the psyche of your pet of let it go, but do not torture or ignore it.


7 comments on “Freedom at stake

  1. well… If I were you.. i would concentrate on the food more than the fish.. or even let the fish escape into my plate if they delay the food.. 😀


  2. I have felt like that before as well. You can’t really concentrate on the food then. Same thing happens when I see beggars or people who have had their arms and legs amputated 😦


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