Fight out the day’s pressure

Though enjoyment has turned away its face from my college life in the recent few weeks, it suddenly came back today!! I have always been a non-violent person, I never did really like the concept of hurting others unnecessarily, but on this day I realized how much fun it can be for you to win a fight!! Not a mere cat-fight, but a real one-to-one karate fight with a well built boy. The previous time won a fight with this same boy I felt, he had let me win. Since with the two of us standing side by side, it would appear, that  with one of his punch I’d fly and land out of the field!! So, he had sympathy on me let me win, but today I won by myself.

Actually, today I had made up my mind to tell Sir to excuse me from this practice session since I was very tired. I didn’t have enough time to come back home and take rest and then leave for my Karate class, as I returned very late from college. But like it is said every dark cloud has a silver lining, I had one too. I don’t know from where I got so much energy to do all the exercises and then fight, but I did them surprisingly.

Now let me describe how the fights generally happen. You’ll be given fighting partners and made to stand facing each other. First you have to bow to your Sensei (or your instructors who are conducting the fight) then you have to bow to your partner and start off the fight. No matter how hard you try to win, you are not supposed to injure your partner intentionally. I always try to follow the rules as much as I can, because in sports, discipline is one of the most important aspects, and you should also never underestimate or be jealous of your opponent. Till that spirit is there in you, you’ll rise; once my sports teacher at school, Rocky Sir said, “You must have confidence in yourself, but never be over confident.” It is such a true saying. Okay, let’s get back to the topic. We started our fight; I did not wait for my opponent to charge so I took the responsibility of hitting him first. (Once Rocky Sir told me if you are bold enough just jump; it was actually meant for the race tracks, but I took it in for all aspects of life and have found the process quite effective). I kicked him straight on his back and got 2 points. Then we continued moving and eyeing each other. Then he tried to kick me but I saved the kick effectively, these futile trials continued for both of us for a while , then I kicked  him again, seeing him loose patience and standing defenselessly,  straight on the chest,. And there went 2 more points. Now it was a 4-0 match. “It was a good start”, I soothed myself, but like it is always said, never be satisfied with what you have, he punched me on the right shoulder, as I had moved in too close. It was partly because of his clever trick as well; generally a kick is replied by a kick, so I was prepared to save a kick but little did I know a tiny punch will land on my shoulder and give him a point! I appreciated this intelligence. Now it was 4-1. Then the fight continued, we kept kicking and punching each other and saving all of them effectively. Then I decided to punch his head, that would give me 3 points and I would win, as the game was a 5 point winning one. He was not guarding his head and I took the advantage of the situation and punched. The helpless guy moved his head backwards to escape the hit, but my punch was a bit forceful than we both had anticipated and I hit him somewhere near his eye. I felt horribly sorry for had I had done. So I burst out in series of, “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you on the eye, it was intended for your head.” He seemed shocked, and Sir said something to even dishearten him, “You couldn’t save a little punch from this girl??”

Well, had it been a fight during the examination I would have been disqualified. Anyways after a break it continued, without wasting any more time I wanted to get over with it, so I ended the fight with a slight front kick. And I WON!! This would be the first time I had won a fight with a boy, who’s somewhat similar to my weight and on my own confidence. I felt so light and feathery, as if I carried no weight!! May be that’s an effect of experiencing extreme suppressed happiness!! All’s well that ends well. So my day did go well, and to some extent I’m a bit proud of myself. (But I shouldn’t be, as this feeling always ruins the future….  so let’s say I’m not very proud of me but I’m proud to have the best Karate instructor – Sensei Mir)


4 comments on “Fight out the day’s pressure

  1. well… you never know youre potential untill youre pushed against the wall…. or youre opponent pushes all youre buttons… this is exactly what happened to you today…. So i would say…. WELL DONE…. and applause….. 🙂


  2. Sometimes pressure gives us that extra oomph and makes us do the unexpected. A grand salute to you. Well done sweetie. Didn’t know u had this hidden talent too 🙂


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