Thriving in emptiness

Sometimes life brings the unexpected, and puts you in situations when you are left in the middle of nowhere.  You want to cry out your heart but you can’t, in the fear of exposing your mind to the world. You have everything but you still lack that something which would give you happiness and tranquility. Even in the middle of the common humdrum of life you get reminded by a strong old memory, which seems as new as a freshly baked cake, that you are forbidden from being satisfied and happy. Even though you have all the reasons to be happy, you are not, because you constantly feel that pain, the pain which tears you from within and hurts your chest, every time you want to fight back your tears or you want to forget “Him”. That is when you may realize that your mind is actually situated inside your chest, maybe somewhere close to your heart, that is why it always hurts in there when you are reminded of a sad memory. Life sometimes gives us more than we deserve and to keep things balanced often snatches away from us what we should have had. At one moment you may feel highly excited or contented but immediately in the next moment your mind is shattered by that long lost thought of a special sight you always longed for. And you feel that you are supposed to live your life in the memory of the most awaited call or answer which you never got. You know that you can never forget certain things; you can never erase them out of your mind, they are painful; yet you want to cling on to them all throughout your life. May be you are addicted to that pain, and you find yourself deserving!! And then comes the time when you feel like leaving everything behind and just disappear the same way your happiness left you….



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