When the rain turns evil

“Rain rain go away, come again another day”- That’s what I want to scream out when the horrible rain attacks me whenever I step out of the house! I have been observing this rainfall for almost 2 months now, looks like it has some kind of grudge against me. I say so because whenever I step out of the house, of college or whatever place of shelter, it pours down and gets ends my jeans and my feet wet with all that mud water and also gives me enough reasons to walk slowly and I have to hold a big round umbrella above all to protect my head- only the head, the rest of my body gets drenched from either the wind blowing with the rain or the racing cars splashing out from puddles, natural rainwater harvests. I feel so, so angry. I want to run out to rain, if it were human and jump over it and go on hitting it till it apologized to me for ruining my day.

Okay, I know sometimes it is good to feel the rain, but that’s when you are in a romantic mood or you are probably thinking of your beau or you have nothing else to do than get drenched in the rain. But definitely not when you are going out for work or you are out for some shopping or coming back home tired carrying all the huge bags with you. That is when rain actually ruins your day and shows its evil effects. I have loads of examples on how unwanted rain actually makes you feel that it is bad, very bad. Just today in the morning, I had to go out for some official work. The weather was quite good until I got ready to leave, it turned cloudy and windy. By the time I could reach the bus stop, came down several tiny drops of the heavenly water. And even though I raced down the road to get into an Auto-rickshaw the stupid rain came down heavily and got hold of me and successfully made dark blue spots on my sky-blue t-shirt and drenched my shoes completely. And whatever was left of me got wet by the dripping rainwater from the sides of the auto-rickshaw! Guess what, it continued till I entered the bank but just after that it stopped! What would you call it apart from the evil intentions of the rain? I sometimes really cannot stand the rain because it ruins my mood like this. After finishing the work as I stepped out on the road it was not raining anymore, I immediately got onto a bus, but misfortune doesn’t leave you soon. No sooner did I step out the bus did the rains start again and I entered home with a grudging look on my face and made my mother wonder what had happened that had turned me off completely.


3 comments on “When the rain turns evil

  1. in short… you spoke my mind… the bottomline is rain is the cause of troubles specially if you live in kolkata which entertains puddles of mud along… 😀


  2. I guess this is the ‘complaint of the year’. We all feel attacked and bruised by the rain individually. God knows how that is humanly possible. Great piece of writing. U bring out the thoughts of the drenched and the abused 😛


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