Can happiness be bought?

Alik Sukh means “baseless/false/empty happiness”. Alik Shukh is not a film that you may call “Beautiful”, but this film brings out facts and shows how people commit silly mistakes and bear the burden long enough to blame themselves for the rest of their lives. Mistakes may happen, and it may also seem that, one mistake wasn’t of much importance, but little do we know how much our tiny negligence can affect another soul.  The story is about how a simple choice of booking a luxury apartment over operating a patient in time brings about a turning point in the life a gynecologist, Dr. Kingshuk Guha (Debshankar Haldar). His patient dies of certain post operational problems after a caesarean delivery as he could not reach in time for her treatment. His wife (Rituparna Sengupta) rushes to meet him at the nursing home on hearing the news that the patient party had started accusing the doctor and damaging the nursing home, and then she sees the deserted corpse of the lady. She feels as if she could hear the lady’s troubles and sorrow of dying. Back home, the doctor comes up with several excuses and tries to prove himself innocent, also stating the ‘risk factor’ in an operation, but his wife, in her unconscious cannot trust him and she starts hallucinating the dead lady Kabita (Sohini Sengupta). Things get worse when Kabita’s husband files a case at the consumer forum against the doctor.
Alik Sukh (2013)

The Film is directed by Shibprasad Mukhopadhyay and Nandita Roy. The former himself had faced certain similar problems in his personal life due to which he could portray the situation so well, with the help of a novel of the same name. Acting has been unquestionably to the point, no melodrama and no dragging. Sohini Sengupta looked really scary in some scenes, and according to me she was the best actor in the film given to her less screen time. Suddenly on seeing her one would definitely think her to be some apparition. Rituparna Sengupta is no doubt a wonderful actor, she has once more proven herself in this field, and the same goes with Debshankar Haldar, he carried out the part of the frustrated and self justifying doctor pretty well.

We do face several situations in life when we treat certain things as less important, and simply forget about how our deeds may affect others. When we find the horrifying consequences brought about by us, we are dumbfounded and to cover up the misdeeds we justify ourselves to the fullest and try to convince others of our innocence. Moreover the convincing factor arises for one’s own conscience. How can a person ever lie to himself? He/she simply justifies his/her tasks to make it feel important or trifle as the situation calls for. We run after money, everybody does, no fault with that. As it is said love and compassion cannot meet anybody’s daily necessities, money is required. But in that marathon we often loose our happiness and cause of living. People want to earn more money to life a better life, and so they spend their lives earning, and forget to live! When the time for living finally comes they realize that “Life’s almost over, I forgot to live, enjoy and smile. All I did was earning” Earning what? – “Happiness”- which ideally cannot be bought. So what are these people left with? Just an empty box of money and busyness. They do everything but gain nothing. This is what the film is basically about, I may not suggest anything today, regarding justifying oneself or treating situations. These are very humane, no one situation matches with another, so no problem has the same solution. Since every individual has a separate life they have separate problems and solutions. All that could be said is, whatever you have done till date is your past, there’s no point in pondering on that, rather concentrate in your present and future, and try to be reasonable in all the events and situations in your life, think from both the ends of the matter. It is then that we understand someone else’s troubles when we face something similar. So, do not just bark-out solutions from your side also think of your opponent, in whatever matter concerned. At least try. If you try you will have a true alibi for yourself, and self containment is very important, no matter how much guilty the world finds you, if you are clear to yourself you will be happy. And this happiness need not be bought, it will be free.


2 comments on “Can happiness be bought?

  1. Basically, d fim z rely rending nd leave behind a deep ambiguous note….bt d controversies still continues….”money, love or happiness”…??? Wat wld u go for…..


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