Have you ever wondered how your shoes can betray you? Well I have experienced their betrayal. Do choose your footwear wisely after reading this, as I am sure you will become more protective towards your feet. I’ll share a few incidents with you regarding the uncanny behavior of shoes. Always make sure your footwear hugs your feet tightly, or else it may slip away anytime, anywhere and embarrass you.

I was at school, and I used to come back home on foot from my English classes every afternoon. On my way home I had to pass by a three point crossing, which had both a bus and an auto rickshaw terminal stop. One day as I was walking down the road, an auto rickshaw passed by my side and was about to stop at the terminal, when I noticed the man sitting in the front beside the driver stuck his left leg out in order to run out as soon as the automobile would halt. But unfortunately his shoe jumped out off his foot and landed on the ground before even the auto could stop, some 20 meters away. The man’s face was worth watching!! I couldn’t resist myself from laughing; I burst out giggling in the middle of the street, I didn’t care who saw me or what people thought, I just laughed my heart out, and narrated the story animatedly to all possible friends later on. A friend even asked how he walked back to his sandal; I did not have an answer to that question. Trust me I did not have the energy to look back and laugh even harder, I just covered my face and walked off fast to hide my embarrassment.

Then some day, after three years perhaps it was my turn. Again, all the hilarious incidents seem to take place in the metro. I had two large bags with me, and I had to wrestle up into the compartment with all the others. In the pandemonium I sensed someone kick at my right foot resulting in the flip-flop fly out of my hold. I tried to turn around and find my sandal, but the heavy flow of human bodies resisted me from reaching my favorite sandal, and the doors closed on my face. All the people inside the compartment stared at me blankly; a lady sitting in the corner seat had sympathy on me, and offered to help me by wanting to hold both my bags. She was so kind. A man in front of me suggested me to stand at the corner lest someone would stamp on my foot. I waited all the way with one sandal on. As the crowd got thinner, I could feel people staring at my feet questioningly, but I ignored it. All I had in my mind was that I would rush out barefoot and enter the closest footwear store and get a pair of shoes quickly. Luckily just beside the metro station there was a ‘Bata’ store. I picked up the lone sandal in my hand and came out of the metro compartment, and ran up the stairs; running barefoot was easy, no slipping, actually the grip was quite good. And as soon as I came into the road I walked up to the store and demanded for the “cheapest wearable shoes”. The salesman’s eyes rested at my feet for a while, I explained that I lost my shoe in the metro crowd. While paying the bill of ‘rupees one hundred eighty’ for another mere flip-flop (since I couldn’t afford a better shoe at that moment), the cashier said he had seen many people who had lost their shoes similarly while getting up or down in and from the metro. My embarrassment lessened, he was so sweet to have applied some soothing words to my ruptured mood. Whatever happens, happens for a reason, i felt, i got to learn a lesson. Never wear the flip-flops if you have to travel with the crowd.

After this incident I bought a very tough and tight fitting pair of shoes for rough use. So friends, it is a wise suggestion to choose your pick of footwear patiently, do not go on the show, because at the end of the day it is the durability that keeps you up, not the beauty.


3 comments on “Betrayal

  1. wear woodland and then feel free to kick others in the metro.. 😀 hehehehe.. just kidding… it was very well narrated… 😀


  2. Damn this is soo true! and yup I remember that incident regarding the guy! When you told me about it, I laughed like hell, and was as eager to tell mum and didi about it 😀 😀 Keep up the good work, Love reading your write-up. it’s like reading a diary! Relatable incidents but still unique in a way ^_^


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