Be a part of the Sprinting Glory

Bhag Milkha Bhag- is not just a film but is a detailed poem on The Flying Sikh’s life. After a long time I have felt this inspirational wave run within me again, after ‘Chak de India’. What a film!! And what beautiful shots had been captured- be it when the little Milkha runs to reach home on the hot sand, or when the rubber ball containing love messages drops on the bucket full of water, or when underwater, a pair feminine legs approached that of a masculine, one will enjoy the full 3 hours film gripping the sides of his chair in excitement. You’ll triumph in his victory and feel cathartic in his defeat. Farhan Akhtar has proven himself once again. I would love to call him a versatile actor since his transformation from “Zyndagi na milegi dobara’s”  ‘Imran’ to ‘Milkha Singh’ is really worth noting. Divya Dutta has done a great job as well, how often can you see a lady cry and laugh simultaneously with so much passion?  Even the Jabtej Singh, playing child Milkha has out done all the odds and made his mark in the world of acting. The film not only is an inspirational biography but also the result of the joint hard work of the director (Rakesh Omprakash Mehra), DOP and the awesome actors. This is a film portraying human spirit and willpower.bhaag-milkha-bhaag-2a_0

I remembered one incident in my life after coming out of the film hall, it has nothing to do with this film but it helped me memorize once more the saying “Where there is a will there is a way.” One day while coming back from my evening biology classes I realized that I had no money. And I did not have the courage or wish to ask from anyone. My home was about 4-5 kms from the class. And on the way lay a place which was equally feared by the adults and children due to the darkness and uninhabited eeriness of that region. I was 16, it was 6:30 pm and I was scared. I knew I had to walk fast to reach home or to at least reach a safe place nearby home. So I started walking, or rather racing. I raced down all the way with whichever vehicle fell by my side be it a bicycle or an auto-rickshaw or a bus, I raced with all of them as per my strength. Believe it or not I reached home within 15 minutes. I did not breath heavily nor did my legs pain. It was the fire of fear that burnt in me that drove me all the way. So I say, never think anything is impossible for you to do. All of us have a fire within us, it is the life force that drives us through the good times and it is this same force that pulls us out of perilous situations, but we only have to awaken the desire. Without a desire there cannot be a noble act. And this same noble act can give us a moment of a lifetime.

I know walking a 5 kilometer road in 15 minutes isn’t a big deal for many. But what I achieved that day was more than the speed. I overcame fear. I was definite then, if anything approached me or attacked me I would fight it with all the strength within me. I was alert and ready all through out those 15 minutes of my life, eyes swinging at every direction and glaring at any unwanted stare, warning them. Once I entered the door I smiled, it was over, and since then I have achieved a confidence within me, and have influenced a few of my friends. Never back off from any situation, face it and overcome it because “Dar k aage jeet hai” (victory lies ahead of fear ie. by overcoming fear you gain victory). Trust me it is very true, and I salute the person who coined this term. I would suggest “Bhag Milkha Bhag” as a must watch, especially for those who think life has been unjust to them. Watch this film, and you’ll understand that there are many who are in worse situation than yours. It is best to judge your life scrutinizing that of others, because it unfolds many untold miseries which some bury deep within them and welcome the days to come with arms spread out. When you come to know of others’ stories you’ll definitely thank the Almighty for the luxury you are living in. If I had any authority I would surely send it to the Oscars and Academy Awards 2013, if  ‘The Slumdog millionaire’ can win an Oscar then the Flying Sikh’s life WILL win one or two too.


10 comments on “Be a part of the Sprinting Glory

  1. excellent use of words along with an excellent review 🙂
    your writing makes a person watch the movie
    Looking forward for your next article


  2. I agree with you! Amar arekta scene khub touching legeche when farhan, sitting on the lonesome bridge, lets the red scarf fly away, realising that his first love will remain forever unfulfilled..the movie is really very inspiring! (Y)


  3. i havent watched this movie yet so i cant say anything about it… apart from thr part that it is eating up the crowd well… i shall post my reviews about this movie after wednesday… so far.. this movie has drawn my attention and has made me wanna watch it.. so…… so far… so good… (Y)


  4. Great choice of words…..Well written……Looking forward for your next article
    We are all with you…..Keep writing..LOL…


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